Jakarta International Baptist Church

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 7, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia (click for map)

Phone : +62 21 71794624

General information : ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id or deacons@jibc.or.id

Prayer requests : prayer@jibc.or.id

Member enquiries : elders@jibc.or.id

Breaking info - July 29th, 2020 :

Dear (church member/attender)

Thanks to God that we are gathering for church again on Sundays. For six weeks now we have been gathering and enjoying the body of Christ at JIBC. While still practicing the Covid protocols we can observe the call of the Scripture not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25). As more of you are comfortable coming to church, we are going to need to have two services each Sunday morning. (The auditorium has 60 chairs while we adhere to social distancing.) To make this work, I am asking you to contact the church and let us know which service you will be attending. When one service is filled, we will ask you to attend the second service. It is our plan to implement this beginning Sunday August 9th. You can send a WhatsApp or email to 0812-906-7817 or ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id indicating the service you are planning to attend. You will get a response that the service you want to attend has room or asking you to attend the other service.

The two service times will be 9:00AM and 10:45AM. This will give us time to clean the church between services. The young adults and the ladies Bible studies will still be at the regular times.

While I regret this inconvenience, for now it is the way to meet under the best conditions possible. It is our plan to continue recording the service for awhile and having it ready by Sunday morning on Facebook and on YouTube. Our ultimate goal is to record the music and the message live and then to upload them Sunday afternoon.

Many of you have prayed for your church during this time, please continue to do so. Overall, the church is still healthy and we are thankful. We have recently seen a young woman come to Christ and her mother has begun to come to a one-on-one Bible study. We have three to four people awaiting baptism. Opportunities for serving Christ abound, and we are thankful.

So, before church on Sunday, August 9th, remember to text or email to 0812-906-7817 or ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id to sign up for the service you want to attend. The only purpose of this is to make sure we have space for all who want to come until the protocols change. JIBC is your church, you make up the body. As we gather, we rejoice with one another, edify one another, pray with one another, worship God with one another, and just enjoy one another.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve


As we come together to worship Christ, we do so as a community of believers across space and time carrying on the praise of the One who has given us life, by sacrificing His own. We are glad you are here with us at Jakarta International Baptist Church (JIBC).

Our purpose is to glorify GOD

upwardly through worship

inwardly through discipleship

outwardly through evangelism


10.45am : General Sunday Service and JIBC Online Ministry

9.30am : Sunday Schools for Adults and Children

8.45am : Sunday Prayer Fellowship

Note :

Parallel with every sunday service, we have :

Bahasa Indonesia Bible Fellowship


Children Church Service

There are also some Small Group Fellowships at congregation's homes.

Please contact ministry.assistant@jibc.or.id for schedule.



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