Mission  Statement

Westmoor High School's Student Government strives to unify students positively and productively by planning school activities, encouraging student participation, and building school spirit making high school a positive experience for all.

Vision Statement

Student Government aspires to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere to provide a sense of belonging within our student body and community.

Our 2023-2024 Officers!

Executive Board

View our executive board member pictures, including: 

Class of 2024

President: Venice Tran

Vice President: Jasmine Lavado

Secretary: Leila Laserna

Treasurer: Katelyn Hy

Social Media Manager: Krystall Demeza

Class of 2025

President: Nicholas Au

Vice President: Zachary Lim

Secretary: Adrin Tuason

Treasurer: Madison Yu

Social Media Manager: Chloe Wu

Class of 2026

President: Juleen Grace Mallari

Vice President: Jessielynn Tran

Secretary: Ariel Orlino

Treasurer: Emma Aldarbayar

Social Media Manager: Michelle Li

Class of 2027

President: Ryan Chou

Vice President: Zay Myat

Secretary: Bonnie Gregg

Treasurer: Katelyn Tan

Social Media Manager: Andre Catanyag