AirServer is a program installed on the classroom computer that is connected to the SmartBoard. This program allows you to "mirror" what you see on your iPad and show it on your SmartBoard. Students can also mirror their devices onto the classroom's SmartBoard.

View further AirServer information at their site.

NOTE: When using Chromebooks, use the Jeffco page for guidance on Google Cast for Education, which allows anyone to cast their Chromebook through your main computer using the Google Cast for Education extension.

Uses might include:

  • Take pictures of student work and instantly project to the class.
  • You love that paragraph in a book and want to show it to the class! Simply snap a picture with your iPad and project it to the class.
  • Walk around the class with your device as you demonstrate how 21st century learners search within Google. No need to stay sitting at a chair that's connected to the computer.
  • Project any app from your iPad.
  • Do you access the free digital magazines from the public library? Project the content of the magazine and engage in shared reading.