Google Forms

Use Google Forms in a variety of ways:

Create a single form with your essential question from a content area and email the form to parents.

    • Encourage parents to write using language appropriate for the grade level you teach. Use parent answers as a place to start classroom discussion with students. Revisit parent answers at the end of a unit and see what information students can add to the answers, thereby giving you the chance to see how their understanding has grown.

Ask students (and parents) to gather a set of websites or online resources for you. Students submit links to you through a Google Form.

    • We often put too much effort on ourselves to locate sites for students to use. 21st century learners use tools like Pinterest and Diigo to create collections of many sorts. Use classroom opportunities to help students think about key word search terms and evaluating the quality of websites so they submit high quality links. Help students to ask the question, "Where would I search to find the best information about the topic we are learning about?" Too often, people don't consider how to access reputable organizations.

Use forms to solicit feedback from parents.

    • Send home a piece of writing and ask parents to provide feedback to their child's writing based on the rubric. This involves the parent in the feedback loop for student work.
    • Gain feedback on the effectiveness of your at-home reading processes, such as monthly reading calendars.

Here are 79 other ways to use Google Forms in the classroom. Does one ideas strike you? Give it a try!