Peer Counseling

Welcome RVHS Students!

What is Peer Counseling?

Peer counseling is a program made up of positive and empathetic individuals in the Ralston Valley community. Peer Counseling programs have been shown to create a positive school culture while providing growth and learning opportunities for both the mentors and the mentees. As a peer counselor you will provide CONFIDENTIAL one-to-one counseling as well as finding new and creative ways to benefit the school. Click here to apply!

Who are we?

Our main goal is to make sure that the students at RVHS have more than one support system. For more information about who we are as a group, visit the Our Mission tab. To learn about who we are as individuals, visit the Peer Counseling Team tab.

How to contact us?

There is a counselor available in every block of the day, in the Peer Counseling room in the Counseling office. We also have a Meet with a Peer Counselor form where you can make an appointment to with a specific Peer Counselor.