Red Rocks Tech for Ed

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Create an equitable and sustainable model for technology-enabled classrooms that prepare students to thrive in a connected, digital world in alignment with the Jeffco Generations strategic plan.

Each fifth and ninth grade student will receive a new Lenovo 300e Chromebook. Students will be assigned the device to use for four years.

At Red Rocks, all 5th grade students will receive guidelines for device care in class. Students will be expected to bring the device to school each day FULLY CHARGED to be ready for learning. Please help your student find a place at home to safely charge the Chromebook each evening.

Both students and parents will receive information about device care and use. We will focus on different digital citizenship skills throughout the year, and a brief overview can be seen on the Digital Citizenship tab.

To find serial number: open device, press Alt + V

Model: 81MB

LOST CHARGERS: Contact the office. There is a specific model that needs to be purchased that will not cause damage to the motherboard.

2021-2022 RRES Student Expectations & Device Care