RamTime Purpose

The GMHS Ram Time Advisory course meets twice a week on block days, Wednesday and Thursday. When possible students will keep their Ram Time teacher all four years at GMHS, receiving .5 credit per year. The Ram Time course has three purposes:

  1. Create positive and caring relationships among staff and students which promotes an emotionally, physically safe and inclusive environment for all students; and

  2. Promote high levels of learning for all students through multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS); and

  3. Explore college/career readiness by engaging in the Academy program.

Roles and Responsibilies

The Advisor (Teacher)

  • Act as coach, advocate and role model

  • Encourages students to participate in the life of GMHS

  • Encourages students to achieve their highest academic potential and engage in their Academy of choice

  • Obtains answer to extra-curricular questions

  • Discusses current issues in students' lives and helps them to problem solve

The Advisee (Student)

  • Actively engages and participates in RamTime activities

  • Cultivates and promotes a healthy, inclusive and safe school climate for students and staff

  • Develops, pursues and achieves personal and academic goals

  • Accesses advisors to obtain answers to learning or extra-curricular needs

  • Helps the group (classmates) to solve current issues and concerns

Calendar & Lessons

Wednesdays: Black Days

  • Relationships

  • Academy

  • Career

  • Social-emotional, mental health

Thursdays: Gold Days

  • Learning/academic focus

  • Homework time, interventions

  • Self grade-checks

RamTime and Ram Academy Calendar/Content Links 22-23