Choir Council

Choir Council is the student leadership team for the choir department. Students in the Choir Council are section leaders in their respective classes and represent all choir students at council meetings. Students must apply and be chosen by the director to serve on the council and membership is only through the current school year. Meetings typically take place during Panther time on the second Wednesday of the Month.

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Section Leaders/Choir Council!

Chorale: Soprano: Abby Sawyer and Hazel Rex; Alto: Katelynn Schreffler; Tenor: Camren Hovey; Bass: Jake Fanning

Concert Choir: Soprano:Shyan Rubner; Alto: Valerie Potente; Baritone: Caleb Mittlestadt

Melodia: Soprano 1: Shelby Billips; Soprano 2: Cat Weir; Alto: Kyra Rossi

Men’s: Tenor: Jaden Medrano; Bass: Joel Archer

Soundsations: Soprano: Hannah Brasaemle; Alto: Sydney Harper; Tenor: Ayden Munholland; Bass: James Park

Vocalise: Soprano 1: Daisy Cowley Soprano 2: OPEN; Alto: Maycie Wynn

Librarians: Zifen Huang, Cat Weir

Click here to get directions to sign up for Choir Council Reminders!