When you are done with all of your work, here are some great things you can do online.

Go to Google Drive

Organize your Google Drive

Go to Keyboarding page.

Practice Typing

Go to Wonderopolis


Go to History Colorado Online Exhibits

History Colorado Online Exhibits

Go to National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic for Kids

Go to Seymour Simon Science

Seymour Simon - Science videos, news, and homework help

Go to Scholastic Study Jams

Scholastic Study Jams

Go to MetKids

MetKids: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Go to Geography Quiz

National Geographic Geography Quiz

Go to Free Rice.com

Free Rice

Educational Quizzes. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program!

Go to Yellowstone National Park Kids Page

Yellowstone National Park for Kids

Great activities for virtual explorers

Go to NRICH Math

NRICH Math: Free math activities that require mathematical thinking and complex problem solving

Go to Fact Monster


Tons of fun info on topics from math to history to sports

Go to United States Mint for Kids

United States Mint for Kids

Go to The Mariner's Museum

The Mariner's Museum Ages of Exploration

Go to Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

Go to Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids

Go to Geoboard


Go to Color with Leo

Color with Leo Interactive art games