Mr. Kelsey Science

I have been teaching middle school science for 13 years and it is the perfect job for me!! I really enjoy this age group and teaching such a fascinating, relevant subject. I am originally from Buffalo, NY and have lived in Colorado for 14 years. Go Bills and Sabres!! I have a beautiful wife, a two-year-old who keeps us pretty busy, and our lovable cat, Leopold.

I absolutely love teaching middle school science and have earned National Board Certification and two Master's degrees in order to be the best teacher possible for my students. I also enjoy practicing yoga, snowboarding, landscaping, hiking, watching movies, listening to music, watching sports, and reading the news.

My goals are to instill a life-long love of science in all of my students and to prepare them for high school and beyond...

Welcome to 8th grade Physical Science. This year's studies will focus on six main units.

They are:

  • Unit #1: Force & Motion - speed, acceleration, force, and Newton's Laws
  • Unit #2: Chemistry - atomic structure, the periodic table, and the Law of Conservation of Mass
  • Unit #3: Energy - chemical, electrical, mechanical, electromagnetic, nuclear, thermal, renewable energies, and the Law of Conservation of Energy
  • Unit #4: Our Solar System - The Big Bang Theory, celestial objects, seasons, phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides
  • Unit #5: Genetics - heredity, punnett squares, pedigrees, complete dominance, incomplete dominance, co-dominance, and sex-linked traits
  • Unit #6: Weather & Climate - fronts, air masses, pressure systems, predicting weather patterns, climate change, and different climates around the Earth