Classroom Newsletters

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your willingness to try conferences differently. I really enjoying seeing students outside the classroom to get to know them better and learn how to better reach the whole child.

Thank you also for your donations for the class basket for the Community Celebration! The students chose such a fun theme with mystical creatures. I hope to see you all at the festivities, starting at 4:30 Friday afternoon.

Behavior Reflections

Students are working hard to learn academics and appropriate behaviors in a variety of situations. Sometimes, students do not demonstrate appropriate behavior, so they are given a reminder of what we are looking for. On occasion, the behavior does not change, and students are asked to reflect. The student fills out a “Behavior Reflection” page and makes a plan to change the behavior. They return to their learning and share their reflection page with you. Please remind them to focus on what they will do differently next time rather than what they will not do. Then, sign the paper and they return it the next day. The purpose is not to punish but to really use the opportunity to teach students appropriate behaviors at school.


We use “Gator Gotchas” to reinforce positive behavior choices. Students get to shop at the Gator Gotcha store every month! If you are interested in helping run the store, please send me an email!

Math: We are beginning Unit 2: Multi-digit Multiplication in which students will learn a variety of methods to multiply multi-digit numbers. My hope is that they will share with you the different ways to multiply, but not rely on you to help them through it. One way we learn is the traditional way, so by the end of the unit, your student should be confident using the method you most likely used when you were in elementary school. Soon you will see the Unit 1 post-assessment stapled to the pre-test in your student’s Friday Folder. The score is on the front with the percent, and you will see a growth score.

This and that: We are so excited about our upcoming field trip to the Majestic View Nature Center! The field trip is Oct. 11 and we will need 3 parent volunteers from our class. If you are interested, please fill out the box on the bottom of your student’s permission slip (check Friday Folders) and send it back to school ASAP. Money and permission slips for the field trip are due by Oct. 5.

Conflict vs. Bullying: Students are working on identifying conflict vs. bullying with our GT counselor, Casey Gardner. With this social- emotional learning, students are learning the importance of supporting one another and being positive bystanders.

Thank you for sharing your creative children with me,

Mrs. Jamie Magee