Falcon Bluffs Middle School

2021 - 2022

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"Soaring with Pride"

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Use the information below to help plan for the start of school. You will find important dates and links containing a variety of information. Our online registration window opens on 8/5/21. Please complete on-line registration before 8/13/21.

( Visit all 3 sections below: Important Dates, Informational Links, Registration)

Important Dates

Please make note of the dates listed below .

  • 8/5/21- Website Online Registration, Schedule Release and Fee Payment Begins (detailed below)

  • 8/13/21- Student Pictures & Supply Drop Off - 9-Noon (please bring a copy of your student's schedule with you)

  • 8/13/21- Student Pictures & Supply Drop Off - 1-4pm (please bring a copy of your student's schedule with you)

  • 8/17/21- First Day of School & Orientation - Only 6th Grade Students - 8-12:25pm

  • 8/17/21- Back to School Night - 6-8pm

  • 8/18/21- First Day Back to School - ALL Grades - 8-2:25pm

  • 9/6/21- Labor Day - No School

  • 9/23/21- Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences - 4-8pm

  • 9/24/21- Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences - 8-Noon

Informational Links

Use the following links to locate a variety of FBMS information including school policies, bell schedule, school supply lists, sports, immunizations and more.


Beginning 8/5/21 FBMS families will Click Here to Register for the 2021-22 school year. Among other things, registration items include updating emergency contact information, paying fees (Fees are pulled from student schedules), reviewing the Jeffco technology agreement, and adding money to school meal accounts. Note the registration link will not be live before 8/5/21.

You will be directed to JeffcoConnect to complete the registration process. Sign in with your parent account (Username and Password), NOT your student's account. If you forgot your login credentials, do not create a new account and instead click the link next to the login box that reads "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password".

(If your student has never attended Jeffco Public Schools, click here to set up a Jeffco Connect account.)

Step 1:

After logging in, click through the links in the navigation bar titled USER INFORMATION on the left side of page:

  • "Edit User Information"- to review and update your contact information.

  • "Edit Security Information"- optional to update password and security questions.

  • "Campus Portal"- This link will access student schedules. You can login as either student or parent using your jeffco login and password. Schedules are located under the Message Center. Be sure to print or download a copy.

  • "Meal Payments"- to add money for school lunch accounts and review menus.

  • "Jeffco Student Fee Payment"- to pay school fees for all students in your family. (Fees are pulled using classes listed on student schedules for 1st semester only)

Step 2:

Next, review & update STUDENT INFORMATION:

  • Under STUDENT INFORMATION, click on the name of each student in your family. Be sure to hit the SAVE button with each change that you make.

  • Visit all navigation links below:

-Student- Complete specific student details.

- Residence- If you have moved, please update your home address for your student to match with the parent(s) that he/she lives with.

-Contacts - Click "Edit" next to each contact. Under "Access Preferences" be sure to check mark the appropriate boxes. Under "Notification Preferences" be sure to check the best way to receive communication including emergencies, attendance, events... Under "Contact Residence Information" be sure to update mailing address.

-Enrollment- Update grade level and attending school.

- Health- Update immunization and health information.

-Language- Complete language background information.

-Agreements- Scroll down through the entire agreement section as there are many acknowledgments to review.

Here you will be required to choose FERPA directory information and have the option to either "Opt In, or Opt Out", acknowledge our Code of Conduct/Student and Family Handbook, and review/allow student to use Jeffco Instructional Network (internet network). Please be certain to sign off on these important acknowledgements.



Step 3:

Now that you have completed the registration process:

  • Make certain students have a copy of their schedule.

  • Thank you for registering your student!