Middle School Sports Program 

Interested in playing middle school sports for Falcon Bluffs? 

Another school year in motion, means sports and athletics are to follow. 

We are excited to be hosting our sports throughout the year and welcome all new athletes as well as those who have participated in the past!!!

Starting the second week of school, co-ed cross country and co-ed flag football will be starting.

Volleyball registration will be available for sign-up on August 23rd at noon. The season will begin on October 16th. Registration for volleyball fills up quickly, I would sign up ASAP.

Winter and spring sports will be open to register starting on November 28th, at noon. Basketball sign-up is limited and will fill up very fast, please try to be on top of the dates.

The image below has information for all the sports throughout the year. If you are interested in playing use the registration link at the bottom of the flyer.

If you have any questions please contact Shane Bickford via email:


Falcon Bluffs 2023-24.pdf