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Ms. Amber Hall

Marketing & English Teacher, DECA Advisor for Conifer High School

I'm excited you stopped by to visit! This site contains numerous resources for Conifer High School students, their parents and other educators. I hope you will find it useful in your exploration of courses and opportunities in our Conifer community. Additionally, my course information will be posted here for your convenience. On this page are the direct links to the classes I currently teach. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at amber.hall@jeffco.k12.co.us.  

Amber Hall

abhall@jeffcoschools.us; abhall@jeffco.k12.co.us

Voicemail:  303.982-5186    


To access Classroom, go to https://classroom.google.com/a/jeffcoschools.us/#home . The username is your student ID number at jeffcoschools.us (e.g. 0000000@jeffcoschools.us) and the password is your Jeffco password. 

Class code for Seminar & Office Hours: 

Code for Workplace Experience:  

Code for DECA:  3tk3dyl 


Be prepared for higher paying jobs – NOW and laterby gaining training for high demand/high wage positions. 

Be more efficient in their high school and post-secondary experiences. Students will learn skills and tools to work faster and create higher quality products.  They also experience the core academics in relevant, differentiated and application-based ways that help students anchor and transfer their knowledge. 

Be prepared for independence. Students learn to manage themselves, their finances, their personal, professional and academic lives, to interact with others successfully and purposefully, to set goals, fulfill responsibilities and to see the big picture in terms of opportunities and challenges ahead!

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