ARVADA WEST Athletic Training

If you have questions concerning you Athlete please contact Corey Andrews the Arvada West High School Head Athletic Trainer.

If your athlete has tested positive for COVID please contact Corey ASAP

If your athlete has a concussion please contact Corey ASAP.


Cell: 303-552-8520

Schedule Appointments

Use this to Schedule a time slot to be seen. If you need to be seen right away and there are no slots available come the next day and I will get you in.

Appointment Slots will be 15-20 Minutes to limit exposure and will go from 2pm-4pm.
Anytime after 4pm will be " first come first serve".
You can come in anytime though from 2-6 and just wait to be seen if you don't have an appointment

If the front doors are locked to get into the school come to the side doors at the main gym and knock and I can let you in.

Parents & Athletes if you need to get a hold of Corey for any reason, even to do an over the phone evaluation, please text me 303-552-8520.

QR Code

You can use this code to access the Appointment Scheduler

Athletic Training Room Operations 2021

This year is going to work a little different as far as how many athletes I can treat at one time.

  • If your athlete is feeling sick with any COVID-19 symptoms DO NOT send them to me for an evaluation, I will turn them around and send them right back home.

  • Only ONE athlete will be allowed in my Training Room at a time and then there will have to be a few minutes that I clean everything before another athlete can enter.

  • There is an appointment calendar (Below) that will allow you to sign-up for time slots to be seen. This will eliminate athletes waiting in the hall for me and getting themselves in trouble

    • If there is no one in the time slots I will be taking first come first serve

  • All athletes are required to have a Mask on when in the Training Room and a COVID Screening will be done upon entering.

  • Corey will be wearing a mask and gloves at all times and equipment will be disinfected if it is touched by another athlete at any point

  • Taping will be limited this year as I will have to throw out or give the athlete the tape when I'm done using it due to cross contamination.

    • If I feel your athlete will need to be taped more than once or twice I will suggest purchasing a brace

Want to get a start on preventing common injuries. Is an area of your body starting to feel more sore than usual and you want to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Try some of these common strength & stretching techniques.

Physicals For 2021 are on your own

Get your Participation Physicals done now!

Panorama Orthopedics is partnering with my team doctors to provide physicals for $35.

  • Money goes back to our school's Training Room for supplies to better treat your athlete.

  • Sports Medicine Physicians are seeing your athlete

  • No Insurance required just Cash or Check (NO Credit Cards) at time of appointment

These physicals last a calendar year so if your athlete are planning to play any sports this coming year 2019-2020 they are covered.

These will be held at Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center in Golden.

June 4th & July 30th 5:30-9:30pm

To get your athlete a time slot click here! If you cannot get in or figure it out please email Corey and he will let you know what to do.