Arts, Humanities & Performing Arts Academy

In our 21st century world, creating connections between aesthetics and communication is increasingly in demand. The Arts, Humanities & Performing Arts Academy encourages students to express their creativity through a variety of different mediums while exploring career options. The Arts, Humanities & Performing Arts Academy emphasizes creative problem solving, public performance, cultural enrichment, art appreciation, communication, and critical analysis. Click here for the AHP Overview.

The Film and Video Production Pathway is a comprehensive look at film and video production. Students learn about the various stages of film, including pre-production, production and post-production while learning the skills to create their own reel.

The Humanities Pathway combines study of languages, literature art, music and philosophy to help students learn how to examine the common issues, ideas and themes that run throughout different cultures and throughout human history.

The Performing Arts Pathway prepares students for further study in vocal music, instrumental music, and theater.

The Studio Art & Design Pathway encourages students to explore a range of media including drawing, graphic design, painting, photography and print making.

Each pathway has the AHP Student Pathway Worksheet on the back of it.

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