The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (JCUA) is a 501(c)3 organization and does not endorse candidates for elected office. Our longstanding mission is to combat poverty, racism, and antisemitism in partnership with Chicago's diverse communities.

We support the growth of powerful leaders who will shape our region

JCUA provides training, mentorship, and political education to our 2,000 members who come together from across the region to take action for justice. Hear from some of our members about their experiences with JCUA.

We organize for racial and economic justice

JCUA works in coalition with partners to win campaigns that address homelessness, immigration justice, community safety, and more. Our model of community organizing is powerful, relational, and strategic.

We strengthen neighborhoods across Chicago

Through the Community Ventures Program — JCUA's revolving zero-interest loan fund — we fund much-needed affordable housing and economic development projects. CVP has provided millions of funds to create thousands of affordable housing units and hundreds of jobs.

We build a multiracial, intergenerational Jewish community

JCUA celebrates and sustains the diversity within our Jewish community. We bring together Jews of Color in our Kol Or Caucus and bring together young Jews in a number of Youth Caucuses.

We are launching a new electoral affiliate — JCUA Votes

JCUA Votes will build our progressive electoral power and hold elected officials across Chicago and Illinois accountable.

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