Voices from our community

JCUA brings together the Jewish community from across Chicago and Illinois to become powerful leaders who wil shape the future of our region. Here's what our members have to say about JCUA:

"JCUA has given me an incredible community, allowed me to take on leadership roles, and showed me that my passion for Jewish identity and social justice are anything but mutually exclusive."

Gwen Tucker

"JCUA is one of the most impactful communities to me. I have grown as an organizer, a political actor, and Jewish community member."

Iszy Hirschtritt Licht

"JCUA's become my home for much of my activism work. It keeps me motivated when I'm feeling discouraged by the political landscape and feeling powerless about what I can do to impact change in our society."

Beth Lange

"JCUA provides me with a way to engage in justice work in a way that feels purposeful, non-performative, and helpful. It also provides me with a community of like-minded Jews that I haven't found elsewhere in the city."

Andie Linker

"Being a member of JCUA has provided me a place to interact with likeminded Jews of Color. I've gotten to know other Kol Or members and find fellowship."

— Hilary Felton

"My JCUA organizing and relationships help me turn anger into the joy of solidarity rather than the despair of alienation and resignation to inevitability."

— Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein

"JCUA makes contributing to systemic change accessible for me. It pushes me out of my comfort zone in organizing work for social justice."

— Maris Garcia