Jarrell ISD

Cougar Curriculum

In Jarrell ISD we believe all students will learn at high levels of mastery. Instruction shall be designed, delivered, and implemented using a standards-based curriculum (TEKS) reflecting student growth and mastery. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners, state law, and State Board of Education rules. Cougar Curriculum ensures all students have an equal opportunity to learn the required grade-level standards.


The mission of the Jarrell ISD Teaching and Learning department is to develop and maintain an aligned district curriculum, support teachers to provide student-centered instruction, create engaging learning environments, and incorporate research-based practices that lead to increased student learning outcomes


Foster the development of the knowledge, skills, leadership, and critical thinking that will prepare students for future success.


  • Create and maintain an aligned and rigorous curriculum that aligns state standards, instruction, and assessment.

  • Ensure equity of resources in the content areas for all students.

  • Establish and support a balanced literacy program at the elementary and middle schools.

  • Establish and support a balanced math program at the elementary and middle schools.

  • Establish and support formative assessment practices that draw data from a variety of sources, and promote teacher collaboration to inform instruction.

  • Promote learning experiences that support the development of 21st-century skills.

  • Provide ongoing, research-based professional learning to teachers that supports increased learning outcomes for students.

  • Establish an instructional coaching program to help teachers develop and implement effective, research-based, student-centered strategies and instruction.

  • Create teacher leadership opportunities to support effective instructional practices and develop a culture of professional learning.

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