The Japan Society of Fairfield County is engaged in a project to build connections and community between the US and Japan - Sakura Manbon.

Sakura (桜、さくら) means Japanese Cherry Blossom. It is the national flower of Japan, a harbinger of spring whose fleeting blossoms represent the fragility of life. They are a symbol of renewal and optimism. Manbon(万)means 10,000, which is a figurative way to say “many!” Sakura Manbon will be a highway of cherry blossoms spreading beauty and hope across and connecting our communities.

In May, the JSFC replaced a tree in New Canaan’s Mead Park along the Memorial Gold Star Walk honoring residents lost in WWII with a cherry blossom tree. We’re grateful that so many from the local community came together to support our effort.

For the next Sakura Manbon project, we will be planting an allée of 22 Japanese Higan Cherry Blossom trees at the Jay Heritage Center in Rye, NY, childhood home of peacemaker and Founding Father John Jay. It is an ambitious project but also a significant opportunity to make an impactful gift.

1838 Jay Mansion

Future location of allée

We invite you to join us in building our highway of cherry blossoms. With the generous leadership of the board and longtime members, we have raised over $6,000. All personal donations received by December 31, 2021 will be matched. If you would like to be involved in planning the dedication ceremony or leading future Sakura Manbon projects, we are looking for additional committee members and ideas to expand this initiative. (Email us at

To donate, click on the cherry blossom photo below, and you will be taken to a Paypal page. Or you may send a check (made out to Japan Society of Fairfield County) to: JSFC, Attn: Nancy Beck, Treasurer, 1 Hobby Drive, Ridgefield CT 06877. Write “Sakura Manbon” on the memo line or enclose a note.