Mr. Montanaro

Welcome to the 2019- 2020 School Year

It is with great pleasure that I welcome our students, parents, guardians and community to the 2019-2020 school year.

Here are some items of note for the beginning of the year:

1) Mr. Chris Edison has left his position as principal at Rock Creek Elementary School. He has been named the new superintendent for the Pymatuning Valley Local Schools. We wish him the very best in his new position.

2) Mr. Steve Candela moved from his position as Principal at Jefferson Elementary School to replace Mr. Edison as Principal at Rock Creek Elementary School. Mr. Candela has spent the past two years as principal at Jefferson Elementary School. Prior to coming to Jefferson, he had a 32 year career in education. He spent 20 years as a middle school teacher in the Buckeye Local Schools. He then joined the Geneva Schools as principal at Geneva Elementary School and subsequently as the assistant middle school principal and principal.

3) Replacing Mr. Candela as Principal at Jefferson Elementary School is Mrs. Tara Reed. Tara has 13 years of experience teaching in various states and Germany. Upon being hired she said, “I have a thorough understanding of how educational systems work to build safe and supportive learning environments. As an educational leader, I have a passion for ensuring all students receive a quality education rooted in research-based strategies that are student centered, inquiry based, and data driven”. Tara most recently served as a grade 4 and grade 5 teacher at Jefferson Elementary School.

4) Our school district will continue with the safety and school environment initiatives that we began last year in response to community engagement with parents, staff and students. There will be an armed security guard at both Jefferson Elementary and Rock Creek Elementary School. Jefferson Police officer, Mr. Tim Blon, will return as our Resource Officer at the junior and senior high school.