Before you apply:

1. Check to make sure you meet the criteria.

2. Prepare the three essays in a word processor and save them!

  • What motivates you to pursue a degree and career in STEM? (500 or fewer words)
  • Tell us about a STEM topic, project, or course that you found particularly challenging or frustrating. How did you meet the challenge? How did you grow from the experience? (500 or fewer words)
  • Tell us more about yourself and/or your activities. (500 or fewer words)

3. The form will need to be completed in one sitting. If you encounter a technical difficulty while working (e.g. internet problems, power outage, computer freezes), it is okay to start a new form.

4. For earliest consideration of your application please apply before the dates indicated below. Applications will continue to be accepted until all of the scholarships are awarded.

IWU – Feb 15

ISU – Feb 15

HCC – Mar 1

5. If you encounter difficulty interacting with the form, please check to make sure you have JavaScript enabled.

6. If you have questions or encounter problems, Professor Roesner will be happy to help you. (, 309-556-3667)