iWRITE Ambassadors


What is an iWRITE Ambassador?

“i” The Guy Ambassadors are the backbone of our “i” The Guy Writer’s Journal Program. They are more than volunteers — they’re literacy advocates.

Our Ambassadors acts as a support to teachers in the classroom while making a direct impact on the lives of at-risk students. As an Ambassador, you’ll play a significant role in combating our community’s literacy crisis.

Join us in helping students meet their academic needs and strengthen their confidence in learning.

Why should you become an Ambassador?

  • Gain real classroom/field experience
  • Learn from educators
  • Network with other like-minded individuals
  • Give back to your community

How to become an Ambassador?

Register with a school district (here) > Pick your volunteer site (here) > Schedule your in-school training (here)

iWRITE Literacy Organization

Mission: iWRITE inspires kids to WRITE their own stories and provides publishing and leadership opportunities to our youth. At iWRITE, we embrace both sides of literacy, focusing on the importance of being a reader and a writer at a young age.