Pre-conference Workshop

EXPRESSIVES. Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to the Expressive Content

20 September 2022

The Pre-conference Workshop will be hosted by the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Genoa (Italy).

Topics of interest for the Workshop

The last two decades have seen a surge in interest in the formal semantic properties of expressive content, as well as how expressives relate to other phenomena at the pragmatics-semantics interface like presuppositions and conventional implicatures. However, little experimental work has aimed to test between formal accounts, or provide psycholinguistic accounts on how expressives are used, and what this can tell us about the nature of expressive content and about the cognitive processes behind comprehending and producing them. This workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in different aspects of expressive meaning, and to provide an updated state of the art the current debate on negative expressives in experimental pragmatics.

We invite experimental, corpus-based, and theoretical works addressing the following questions (as well as other related ones):

- What are the formal grammatical properties of expressives?

- How is expressive meaning represented by the comprehender?

- How does processing of expressives unfold over time?

- How can we empirically test theoretical accounts of expressive content?

- How do expressives interact with other phenomena of language use?

Information concerning the submission procedures for the Pre-conference Workshop is available on the Call for Papers page.

Pre-conference Workshop Invited Speaker

(Aoyama Gakuin University)

Programme of the Pre-conference Workshop

programma Xprag_workshop.pdf

Registration for the Pre-conference Workshop

The registration procedure for the Pre-conference Workshop is now open!

Participation in the Pre-conference Workshop is free, but seats for in-person attendance will be limited.

Pre-conference Workshop venue

The Pre-conference Workshop will be held in the Aula Magna at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Genoa, located in Via Balbi 2, 16126 Genoa (Italy).

The Faculty of Humanities is close to the "Genova Piazza Principe" railway station, which is directly connected to Pavia and Milan by train.

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