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How can you access a School Counselor?

If you know something, see something, hear something that may result in someone getting hurt...

Be a good human,

 call or text it in

Social distancing and online learning can be hard to manage. Crisis Text Line is available free, confidential, and 24/7. Text SCHOOL to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. 

clink link for options 

to call, chat or text

 Trevor Support Center, a place where LGBTQ youth and their allies can find answers to frequently asked questions, and explore resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and more! Remember, if you need immediate support or help, Trevor’s counselors are just a phone call, chat, or text away.

You are not alone. 

The OC WarmLine is a free and confidential telephone service providing emotional support and resources to Orange County residents, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you, a family member, or a loved one are experiencing mental health concerns, substance abuse, loneliness or are in need of community resources, The OC WarmLine is for you!

Orange County Mental Health Resources