Fresh Perspective Friday: Preparing for Changes

Decmber 7, 2018

We like to be comfortable, it's just a part of a nature. Finding a routine that suits us and keeps us in a good mood is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can shield us from some of the great things that are out in the world. By seeking out changes we can discover new things in our surroundings and within ourselves.

The coolest thing, in my opinion, about ROP classes is how quickly they can translate into positive changes in a young person's life. These can be changes in their outlook on the future, changes in their daily attitude, changes in their abilities, or even changes in how they approach challenges that arise. The connection between the theoretical and rhetorical with the real world via career technical education can provide endless benefits for University High School students.

There's a catch! Isn't there always a catch? Don't worry it's a small one. In order to take advantage of the benefits of ROP classes... students need to SIGN UP FOR ROP. Novel concept.

That can be one of the first changes. Changing your schedule so that you can work in an ROP class is a great way to try something new that is both free and familiar. Students have experience with signing up for new classes every single school year, why not make it an ROP?

A benefit that many may not understand when taking an ROP class is how the registration process mirrors that of colleges and universities. The priority-based, first-come, first-served registration process used by Coastline ROP is reminiscent of institutions of higher education. It gives some insight to students as to how they will register for college classes when they get to whatever campus they decide is right for them.

High school is filled with changes, so it's important that Trojans understand the changes that they can use to benefit their futures. Taking charge of the changes in their lives can start by enrolling in an ROP class today!

The First Step

December 6, 2018

We spend so much time in our own heads, running through scenarios and how we would like them to play out. As students progress through high school one of the most prevalent scenarios that they envision are their options for college, career, and life. Often times the most challenging part of their vision is that first step taken towards the person that they want to be. Coastline ROP provides University High School students with the unique opportunity to take an absolutely fantastic first step before they even graduate.

"Before the internship began, I expected it as my first and most important step to my future career... I found that my expectation is definitely right. The intern perfectly aligns with my career goal. "

Yani Liang, UPenn Student

The most exciting opportunities that we offer University High School students are internship courses. These combine traditional classroom education with work in real, local businesses that can lead to paid jobs and careers. The hands-on aspect of these classes is major, as they are tasked with working at a business as if they have been hired. Internships are invaluable for experience, building resumes, and networking.

The internship course is the ultimate connection between the classroom and the real world. Coastline ROP boasts more than 10 different internship courses that are available to University High School students during the Fall and Spring semesters after school. These include courses in many different industry sectors, from Agriculture and Natural Resources to Public Services and everything in between.

Outside of our internships we still carry an extensive range of courses that can suit the needs of almost any desired career path. Every class has a hands-on focus that enhances soft skills for employment, so they will receive an education that benefits their future professional lives greatly.

Choosing an ROP class may be that first step towards a great life and career after high school. Discovering something that you are passionate about early on can pay large dividends later in life. But we get it, not every student is in a mindset to figure those types of things out while they are in high school. That's fine! They should still try to take a couple ROP classes to see what interests them... better to knock out the classes that DON'T interest them early when it's free!

Soft Skill 7: Interpersonal

December 5, 2018

Interpersonal skills are the most broad when it comes to soft skills in the work place. This is what a lot of people would call "people skills." And it can be defined as just that; the ability to understand that you are going to work with people from different backgrounds that have unique experiences. Learning to respect those differences and work through them to create a healthy, productive workplace is vital for employment in Orange County.

Employers want to know that new employees will be able to work well with others as they are integrated into their organizations. They also realize that your own unique background is valuable in tackling problems through new lenses and perspectives that may not have been represented in their organization previously. Being aware of these concerns can help a young person stand out in the search for a new job.

I have heard from many ROP teachers that students are surprised by the amount of time their classes spend developing interpersonal skills. Career technical education is not just a slick sounding name. Irvine Unified School District partners with Coastline ROP as its CTE provider due to the great things that students can learn within the program that they will be hard-pressed to learn elsewhere.

Technical skills for certain careers are a major part of this, but soft skills (or people skills as interpersonal skills are sometimes called) also play an important role. ROP teachers teach students how to apply technical skills to a resume, to the job-seeking process, and how to incorporate them into their work. The interwoven nature of technical skills and soft skills provides University High School students with the unique opportunity to become competitive in high demand industry sectors from an early age.

Ultimately, this series on soft skills was an adventure into how ROP classes can bridge the gap between the abilities they are taught in class and how they can translate into potential career paths. Even rocket scientists have to know how to do paperwork and deal with people, so every single profession benefits from soft skills. We want Trojans to take ROP classes and learn the soft skills early so that they will benefit the rest of their lives and not have to labor over the logistics of securing employment. We want you to do great things, and we believe that this is the way to start.

Defining Personal Success

December 4th, 2018

Everybody defines success in their own way. There are no universal tests for a successful person, nor should there be. We value certain parts of life as being preferential: a good job, living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, having a family, etc. Those are all great things for those who pursue them, but being able to define your own personal success is what will benefit you most throughout your life.

Try as you might, you cannot get away from yourself. Chasing money, chasing fame, chasing status, all of these things can be considered successful, but you have to do them because it is who you are and what you want. At the end of the day you will have to look yourself in the mirror and decide if you still see yourself.

This is important for students to think about as they are planning for their college and career choices. They need to make sure that they are making choices in recognition of who they are and what they want, defining their own personal success. If they want to try to go to Harvard and become a Nobel laureate, they are free to do so. If they want to become a blue collar worker that makes a living by using his hands and solving people's problems, that's great too.

What it comes down to is whether or not those pursuits are what will define your own personal success. It's not about how others perceive you, nor what you think others want you to do. There's not way to completely get away from those factors, but they do not have to be what guides us. We should be free to make our decisions and carve out our own path to happiness.

That can start with an ROP class. A major goal for Coastline ROP is to inspire. Simply seeing a list of class titles can inspire a student to take a chance down a certain career path, and we work hard everyday to ensure that University High School knows as much as possible about the things we have to offer. Keeping students informed is one of our main priorities.

It is only if they are informed that they can be allowed to define their own personal success. Taking a class in Construction Technology or Business or Culinary Arts might very well be that first step towards a long life of happiness. Getting the chance to understand your work and become the best version of themselves is a tried and true method of being happy with your place in the world.

Being happy with our place in the world is something that is invaluable. Defining our own personal success is one way to get to that place, and ROP classes can be where that journey starts for University High School students.

Soft Skill 6: Flexibility/Adaptability

December 3rd, 2018

It's hard to tell what exactly life is going to throw at you. You may be on autopilot for a day, week, month, even a year before something really jumps out and surprises you. Having a routine is something that is desirable in the modern workplace, but that routine is ill-founded if it doesn't include the possibility of new information, updates, and potential crises. It does not serve you nor the people around you if you are unwilling to be flexible and adapt when new things come up.

Getting a job offer for a position that has a well-defined job description that you can wrap your head around is fantastic, there's no problem with that. The problem that arises, however, is the sense of complacency. Don't expect everyday to be simple. There is a major chance that something will come up right away that falls outside of your job description, but that you are expected to work on nonetheless.

In the workplace this is what I like to call "being able to wear many different hats." Sure, you may be assigned to a certain department within a company, but you will be expected to work closely with other departments. Therefore, you will be expected to DO WORK with those departments... which may not be explicitly written in your job description. That job will lose its value to the employer quickly if you are unwilling to take on these new challenges.

This doesn't mean that you are expected to be a jack of all trades. You don't have to know everything! That is far from the point of being flexible and adaptable. It is just important to understand that things change in our modern, dynamic workplaces, and being on the side of "willing to change" can only help personal and professional growth throughout our lives.

Students in ROP classes have this revelation every semester. They sign up for a class expecting this or that, only to find that the scope of the class may be wildly different than what they were hoping for. In instances where there is just no reconciling future goals with current infrastructure of the class, yes, they should remove themselves and dedicate their time to something more beneficial.

In most cases, however, it is good for students to stick with the class and see what they can take from it. Clearly if they signed up for a class in Hospitality or Health Sciences they are interested in the field, and a free semester-long class can help them decide what they really think of that field before they spend thousands of dollars in college. This is part of being flexible, and it will strengthen the ability to adapt for the rest of their lives.

Obviously at Coastline ROP our goal is to provide University High School students with the optimal experience to prepare for their future career paths, but this is a step along the way. If students have the perfect experience where every class they enroll with is the exact opportunity they were looking for and they wouldn't change a thing, that's fantastic! For every other student, sticking with a class despite obvious roadblocks can be a soft skill-builder that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Who knows, maybe after the first few weeks they may change their minds! That's why we're here, to help students with either choice.

Fresh Friday Perspective: Contemplation vs. Concentration

November 30th, 2018

"Give yourself a gift of five minutes of contemplation in awe of everything you see around you. Go outside and turn your attention to the many miracles around you. This five-minute-a-day regimen of appreciation and gratitude will help you to focus your life in awe."

Wayne Dyer

"There can only be one state of mind as you approach any profound test; total concentration, a spirit of togetherness, and strength."

Pat Riley

In our everyday lives it is useful to understand the difference between contemplation and concentration. While both are useful and can be extremely helpful in our work, relationships, and personal growth, understanding when one is useful rather than the other (even posthumously) can bring clarity to our lives and help us solve our problems.

Contemplation is the time that we take to take in the world around us, just existing as a part of the world. We see beauty in art and the natural world, we see patterns forming around us that we may miss on a regular basis, and our eyes slowly open just a little bit more. Contemplation helps us to re-organize our thoughts and appreciate our place in the world, and it helps us to understand how we can bring positive effects to the people and things around us.

Concentration, on the other hand, comes as a result of contemplation. The things we notice while we contemplate our surroundings lead t curiosity and a desire to explore things more deeply. Reaching a true state of concentration allows us to make breakthroughs and utilize our unique perspectives to solve problems, both common and uncommon alike.

That is exactly where we hope that University High School students can get to when they decide to enroll in an ROP class. Coastline ROP works to provide Trojans with as many different career path exploration courses as possible, all while teaching students technical skills that will be immediately useful in the workplace.

Guess what? Students need to make their own choices on the types of classes that are most valuable to them. They've taken time out of their young lives to contemplate the world around them and decide what interests them and demands their concentration. Starting in high school will allow students the opportunity to gain deeper and deeper concentration in their chosen fields througout their lives.

Here's to using the weekend to contemplate all that life has to offer... we will be here for when it's time to turn that contemplation into a concentrated pursuit.

Soft Skill 5: Work Ethic

November 30th, 2018

"I've viewed myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic."

Will Smith

Work ethic may be the most personal of the soft skills. Work ethic shows that a person has integrity and is willing to get the job done regardless of recognition or fear of retribution. Having a strong work ethic means that you are going to work hard even if nobody is watching.

You may even excel when nobody is watching! Developing a strong work ethic is a personal pursuit that gives professional life more meaning. It is not the work that you do to impress a manager or score a new job, it is the work you do that strips you down to your soul and shows you what you're made of. It is the work that you think about on a Friday afternoon driving home from the office, where you tell yourself "you did good."

Work ethic is a legitimate concern in the modern, fast-paced workplace. Finding meaning in work can be elusive, so work ethic should focus on personal growth that can be translated to professional success. It is hard to avoid the disillusionment that comes with the realization in the digital age just how big the world is. That feeling of insignificance is a real, shared experience that we all feel from time to time.

But fear not, for there are ways for University High School students to hold off some of these feelings and developing a fulfilling sense of work ethic in their everyday lives. Coastline ROP provides career technical education, which gives students a head start on certain career paths and jobs that are in high-demand in the local region.

How does this connect to work ethic? It helps students understand the "why" of their work. The first step towards being fulfilled by professional achievements and developing a strong work ethic is understanding the deeper implications of work. By learning about careers at a young age, students who take the chance on ROP classes can benefit for the rest of their lives. ROP students have the unique chance to start early towards the development of integrity in their work.

Hitting the Wall

November 29th, 2018

As I sat down at my desk to write today's blog post, I realized that I was having trouble coming up with the right ideas to develop an interesting narrative. My mind was a bit cluttered with ideas, and it prevented me from narrowing my focus on to just one or two thoughts to explore more in-depth. Then it hit me; being unable to come up with an idea can be the idea itself! Today's post will be concerned with "hitting a wall" in our creative thinking.

There are many different phrases associated with this idea: writer's block, mental block, logjam, and of course, "hitting a wall." It doesn't just apply to writing, it applies to all sorts of projects that we put our minds to. These are the moments when we really learn how we feel about the world around us and how we fit into it.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how passionate or informed we are on a topic, some days are just going to be more of a grind than others. The hardest part about these types of days is resisting negativity and staying focused on the task at hand. It's easy to get distracted and feel a sense of disillusionment in these moments, but we have to work hard not to let these feelings win. We are stronger than that.

One of the best techniques to over come this kind of adversity is to find ways to stay present. Focus on the little things that you can control rather than the deeper meanings behind your work so that you can stay conscious of the moment. Take the small victories in stride. This feeling will pass, and being able to look back on the day and feel productive will be helpful for the next time these feelings arise.

It is one of the goals of the ROP program that students get to "find their calling" for their college and career plans. Being able to do something that you genuinely enjoy can make all the difference in limiting the amount of days that you "hit the wall."

Soft Skill 4: Problem Solving

November 28th, 2018

"All is big, until it is solved to become small."

Mladen Đorđević

Problems persist day after day, and we must find ways to solve them. Being able to put things into the right order and develop a healthy attitude when it comes to solving problems is a trait that will be largely beneficial throughout a person's life. At University High School, students are given the chance to expand their abilities to think critically and problem solve in any ROP class they choose to take.

Employers Need You to Solve a Problem

It's true that there are plenty of reasons that an employer seeks out new employees for their organization. Maybe somebody was promoted. Maybe somebody moved to a new company and now there is a gap to fill. Maybe even, somebody was fired. All of these create opportunities for new employees to come into a company and impart their own unique perspectives and approaches for solving problems.

What is often not bought up as a reason for employers seeking new employees is the idea of problem solving. Essentially, employers have a problem that they need solved, and the only way they can do it is by bringing in a new employee with the right set of skills to solve their problem. Thinking about the hiring process this way may help young people in the workforce find the right edge to land their dream job.

As it was said before, employers may have a problem that involves a missing employee (promotions, moving out of the company, firings, etc.), but that is still a problem that must be solved. The absence of an employee can become a problem itself.

Those aren't the only types of problems that employers worry about. Maybe a new project is coming up and they will need to the help to finish it. Maybe they are realizing that they need to create an entirely new position in order to alleviate the workload on other employees. Maybe they just need a new perspective to solve an old problem.

Long story short, no matter the reason, being a problem-solver will always be a soft skill that employers seek out. Coastline ROP includes"thinking and problem solving skills" in all of their class descriptions. This is because we recognize how useful problem-solvers are in an industry sector and we want to help create the next generation of valuable employees!

Adding Value to College Apps

November 27th, 2018

ROP classes are a great way to add value to college applications. This can happen throughout high school, not just on the final stretch towards college applications and acceptance. That being said, when completing college applications, those little extras here and there can be a major boost to a student's candidacy.

Here's the thing: colleges want students that will contribute to their communities. Yes, academics are first and foremost in ACADEMIC institutions, but that is far from all that matters. Extracurriculars, sports, clubs, personal businesses, and many other things can enrich the lives of students attending certain colleges, and admissions counselors are looking for those students who will bring fresh, new ideas to campus.

You may be thinking: how does this apply to ROP classes? Great question! ROP classes allow University High School students to have more experiences that are more unique than other high school classes. Taking a class with an internship or a class that teaches a student to 3D print or how to fight fires can open doors to possibilities that students may not have realized were there before, and now they cannot imagine a world with that door closed.

Providing students with experiences that connect the theoretical to real, tangible actions can forge connections that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Being able to move ideas from their minds to paper to a final result is what makes the world run, and students who take ROP classes are the ones who are getting a head start in that way of thinking.

Recharging After a Break

November 26th, 2018

It has been 5 long days since we have been at University High School, thanks to the holiday weekend. Hopefully it was filled with time well-spent with family, friends, and all the important people. It wouldn't hurt if there was plenty of good food to be had along the way!

Now is the time for Trojans to hit that final stretch of productivity and good work before Winter Break. We should be recharged and ready to take on the next challenges that are put in front of us. With finals looming, this is the time to stay positive and remember that everything happens for a reason. One bad test grade or a few stressful social situations won't define the rest of our lives.

Being able to get into this sort of clear headspace will be the most valuable thing that we can teach ourselves as we get older. So much happens around us that we don't get to truly appreciate because of the weight of our various responsibilities and personal challenges. If we can develop methods by which we strip away some of the layers of our lives, we can enjoy it more while succeeding in our endeavors.

That is no small task, and in no way would I assume that it is something that can happen overnight. Even as an adult I struggle with these types of concepts, but I know that I am better for exploring them and how they affect me on a daily basis. Being conscious of these things at a young age may not change them, but it may provide some clarity for the stressful moments.

In the end, you have to do what is right for yourself and your own personal growth. That can take many different forms; no two students are alike. Whether or not you are preparing for the end of a semester-long ROP class, we at Coastline ROP wish you all of the success possible in recharging and finding your second wind down the final stretch of this semester.

Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to come to the College & Career Center and take an ROP class... that could be your first step on your future journey!

ROP's Unseen Goal

November 20th, 2018

One of Coastline ROP's main goals is to provide its students with the ability to define their own path and make a mark on the world. They can be empowered early by gaining real experience that can benefit them personally and professionally for their whole lives. This frees them up for the important things in life, like family, friends, and fun.

Ultimately, that's what Coastline ROP is all about. We want to ensure that students are able to experience as many career paths as possible while in high school so that they can spend their free time enjoying their lives rather than stressing about their next steps. The whole point of work is to do something you understand and enjoy so you can head home and spend time with the ones you love!

Being that Thanksgiving is coming up,it seemed like it was an interesting time to explore these ideas. The ability to understand the "why" of a job and not just the "what" of a job can save students a lot of stress and allow them to enjoy their lives more deeply. Getting a head start on a possible career path in high school can pay unforeseen dividends down the road for University students and alleviate some stress.

Long story short, we at Coastline ROP want to do everything we can to enrich the high school experience for our students so that they can enjoy their lives down the road. To this end, we want to make sure that they are aware of all of the opportunities that are available to them before they graduate.

Have a great Thanksgiving break, Trojans... and we will see you when you get back!

Soft Skill 3: Teamwork

November 19th, 2018

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi

Teamwork may seem like the most obvious soft skill in theory, but in practice it can be a major challenge. There are tons of factors pulling people in different directions and leading them to develop their own unique perspective. Coordinating all of these perspectives can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

That is why Coastline ROP encourages its students to learn to work together and collaborate often during their various courses. Every workplace is going to have some element of teamwork necessary, from fire fighter to facilities management. Being receptive to the thoughts and concerns of others that you are working with closely can lift barriers and facilitate the proliferation of new, effective ideas.

Everybody wants to be productive! We live in a society dominated by individualism. The modern workplace seemingly limits that individualism, but we must not let that mentality take over. Individual perspectives are as valuable as ever in the digital age, and being the person who has the idea that nobody else has thought of or the point of view that is unique can be a game-changer.

Teamwork and collaboration can be the vehicle by which those unique perspectives move. Collaborating with others in the workplace may move an idea from hypothetical to real. One person's unique perspective can spark the same in another, so on and so forth.

By teaching students to work together on projects and ideas in the classroom, Coastline ROP provides University High School students the chance to discover their individual perspective in the workplace. They start the process of learning how to work well with others while putting their special spin on things. In the end, everyone benefits!

Fresh Friday Perspective: Figure Out What You Hate

November 16th, 2018

"The law of work seems unfair, but nothing can change it; the more enjoyment you get out of your work, the more money you will make."

Mark Twain

Everyone wants to work a job that they love. It helps us to see the work as a means to an end rather than just an endless cycle of repetition. It gives meanings to our lives and it helps us stay happy day-in and day-out.

Maximizing the enjoyment of the workday is not a luxury that a lot of people have in this world, however. Whether it is because they are not qualified to do the job they truly want, they aren't opening their minds to see things from a more positive perspective, or, more importantly for this post, they chose a career that they thought they would love only to find out that they HATE it.

Maybe it's working closely with people, like in the medical field. As a student it sounded like the ideal profession. They excelled on the academic side, and it seemed like they had everything figured out. Then the reality sunk in; medical professions are people-serving professions. People can get on your nerves if you don't mentally prepare... and it can cause a lot of problems in both professional and personal lives.

Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe the person thought they were fine working behind a desk all day long with minimal human contact. They thought they could bury themselves in their work and emerge everyday without being affected. Turns out that not everyone is wired to do something like that.

Here's the rub; ROP classes are great opportunities for University High School students because they allow them to explore their future career options at no cost. They can find out if that career path they have been interested in since elementary school is the right one for them. They can also find out that they hate it when the stakes are low.

Now, hate is a strong word. They may just end up disliking it. That's fine. The point is... they have the chance to do it now rather than in the second semester of their sophomore year of college when they have already spent thousands of dollars on a major that they are only just realizing doesn't suit them. THAT is what the ROP program can help students avoid.

Soft Skill 2: Communication

November 15th, 2018

Communication is one of the keys to success in any career. Communication skills can actually be the vehicle by which all of the other important soft skills move fluidly through the workplace. You may have one or more of the other soft skills necessary for a job, but without communication, it may be hard to find sustained success.

Communication is not merely the act of talking to one another and moving information back and forth. Truth be told that is an aspect of communication, but it is more nuanced than that. Omnia Group says that there are 5 key components necessary that will facilitate successful communications:

  1. Verbal
  2. Nonverbal
  3. Aural
  4. Written
  5. Visual

All of these forms of communication have their place and when an individual employs the methods of each, they will be a successful workplace communicator.

Verbal communication is the most obvious form; the ability to speak clearly and concisely. On the other side of the coin we have nonverbal communications. This is the ability of the individual to project strong body language and a positive attitude without saying a word. Being able to speak confidently and look the part play well together!

Aural communication is concerned with the ability to listen closely and truly absorb what is being said. It is the person in the meeting or presentation that does not simply go on "autopilot" as other people present them information. It is the way that professionals can have a genuine dialogue.

Written communication goes hand-in-hand with visual communication. When is a simple text the solution? When is it not enough? When does a report have to be spreadsheet after spreadsheet, and when does it have to be a multimedia, audio-visual presentation that fully engages the audience? Knowing how to properly employ techniques of written and visual communication in proportion can be extremely beneficial.

Communications are the way that we prove that we are a key part of any team. It can be how we get the job, how we excel at the job, and also how we stand out. You have a ton of great ideas... knowing how to communicate them properly is the next step on your ladder to success!

Soft Skill 1: Leadership

November 14th, 2018

Everybody should strive to become a leader. Leadership qualities are useful in all levels of an organization, and it doesn't just have to be the person in charge. Skills associated with leadership can be applied in many different ways at many different times.

Leaders aren't just CEO's cashing in the big paychecks and living lives of excess and luxury. Leaders are the ones who are willing to do what it takes to be an asset to their organizations and exercise the necessary skills to fix problems inherent in their industries. They take the initiative and do things not for recognition, but because it is the proper path to take.

Being a leader benefits both the organization that an employee works for and the person exhibiting the leadership qualities. The act of recognizing a problem and working to solve it can be extremely rewarding on both a professional and personal level. Working past a roadblock will facilitate further effective solutions moving forward.

Coastline ROP realizes the necessity for leaders in our local industries. We provide classes in 13 industry sectors and allow students to develop their abilities as leaders everyday. Our approach to Career Technical Education incorporates the reality of what employers want: employees that can cultivate relationships, assess situations, motivate co-workers, build teams, resolve conflicts, and contribute to company culture.

Leadership is a desirable quality in the workplace, and it takes many forms. Students should take ROP classes because it allows them the opportunity to learn what it takes to do the work to become an effective leader.

Soft Skills: Connecting Technical Abilities to Career Paths

November 13th. 2018

It's no secret that it can be a difficult road to find a dream job. High school students are told stories that push them to set lofty goals that may or not always prove to be the most realistic. It is our human nature to strive for the very best for ourselves, but what is often lost in translation is how to make our dreams become a reality.

One of the ways that Coastline ROP seeks to connect dreams to reality is by ensuring that our class offerings give proper respects to teaching the "soft skills" that are necessary in any workplace environment. Soft skills are the personal attributes you need to succeed in the workplace. Taking courses in college and getting a certain degree are certainly steps that all students should take in order to be successful, but soft skills can be much harder to learn and to illustrate when pursuing a job.

Omnia Group: The 7 Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful

The Omnia Group identifies 7 key soft skills that young people need to be successful in the professional workplace:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Teamwork
  4. Problem Solving Skills
  5. Work Ethic
  6. Flexibility/Adaptability
  7. Interpersonal Skills

Somebody who has an appropriate technical background and exudes these types of skills will be the ideal employee. Regardless of how technical a profession is, people have to work with other people. They want to know that they can be as productive as possible when they need to collaborate, and emphasizing soft skills can be that foot in the door to show that you are willing to be part of a great team.

Coastline ROP's Commitment to Soft Skills

In all of the Coastline ROP courses, soft skills are one of the key considerations for curriculum. Communication skills, problem solving and critical thinking, and interpersonal skills are all explicitly written out in our course descriptions. That being said, there are still plenty of opportunities for the other soft skills (leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and flexibility). Students will learn to be a functioning member of a professional team throughout the course of any given semester.

Diversifying the High School Academic Experience with ROP

November 9th, 2018

There are countless areas that students are expected to excel in during the high school years. Taking AP classes, being on a sports team, doing community service, joining clubs, working, and even more things take up all of their free time. Suggesting to a student that they should take on yet another responsibility is a hard sell, but this is one that will serve students well: ROP classes.

ROP stands for "Regional Occupational Program," and the meaning is in the name. The goal of the program is to provide hands-on career and job training (occupational) for the industries most in-need in the immediate area (regional). The ROP provider for University High School is Coastline ROP.

ROP classes are wide-ranging and give students the chance to diversify their academic experience while in high school. Taking classes such as Animal Health Care, Construction Technology, Engineering Innovations, or any other ROP offering can be eye-opening. It can expose students to a whole new world of academic pursuits and open the door to how professionals in certain fields succeed day-in and day-out.

And that is the core of what we mean by ROP having the ability to "diversify" the high school academic experience. Certainly these classes can be seen as atypical, but the atypical is where life happens. Learning the principles of computer graphics or how to fix a car is not only a boost to academic transcripts, it allows students to head down a less-beaten path and become the individual that they always knew existed deep down.

ROP is for all students, and it can be the first step on a great journey.