Coastline ROP @ UNI

Coastline ROP is the educational provider of the ROP classes that students will take during their time at University High School. There are a few other ROP providers in the area, but Trojans will never have to worry about going too far for classes due to the high volume of great classes available both on-campus and in the greater Irvine area. So many great resources for students, parents, faculty, staff, community members, and other stakeholders are available on the Coastline ROP website, so be sure to head over and see what's happening at ROP.

ROP Registration is CLOSED for Spring 2019

Summer 2019 Registration - Read Below

Registration for the Summer 2019 semester is based on interest. We will not know what the Summer schedule looks like until the end of March (at the earliest) to the beginning of April. What this means... is that students should see their ROP Career Specialist with what classes they are interested in and they will be reminded as to whether or not the class is available. Even the ROP Career Specialists don't know the Summer 2019 schedule until it is publicly advertised!!