Coastline Regional Occupational Program is an exemplary, innovative career technical education program that prepares students for college and career success and contributes to the economic development of the communities we serve. Students move within and across districts to participate in programs. Coastline ROP provides Career Technical Education classes for any kind of University High-School student. Whether four-year college bound, junior college bound or going directly into a career, ROP has value for all students! Students have the opportunity to take an ROP class either during school hours or off campus and after school. Many off campus ROP classes are held at our state of the art learning facilities at Creekside High School, or neighboring high schools within the districts we serve. Great resources for students, parents, faculty, staff, community members, and other stakeholders are available on the Coastline ROP website. Check it out!

FALL 2019 classes in progress...

Spring 2020 Registration - Read Below

Registration for the Spring 2020 semester is based on interest. Priority registration is given to Seniors and for those who express interest before the next semester begins. See your ROP specialist at the College & Career center for more details.