Lending Library and Experiences


The Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit Lending Library

This community is a resource to enhance classroom lessons and support local educators in STEM and computer science endeavors. 

Please refer to the "Items to Borrow" or "Item Overview" pages on the top menu for a full list of our offerings.

If you would like to sign out a classroom set of one of our kits, please check to see if it is available on the calendar, then fill out the request form.   An IU5 employee will contact you to confirm.  A mandatory prerequisite of the lending library includes a training session with an IU5 employee to properly learn how to use the devices in your classroom.  Each borrower will be responsible for picking up and returning the items to the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit on the agreed upon dates.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to a staff member listed below.

The Lending Library is housed in IU5's Learning Lab , Conference Room F, a space that has undergone a transition from traditional meeting room to an area that meets the multidimensional needs of a progressive training facility and where educators can collaborate, learn and explore with the guidance of the Applied Curriculum team.

Catrina Groner

Educational Facilitator



Rebecca Schauffele

Educational Facilitator



Joy Shaffer

Supervisor of School Improvement Services