Our Deepavali Drive 2023 runs from 22 Sep to 24 Nov 2023

Deepavali Drive & Distribute: 4 Nov 2023 

Time: 10am to 1pm 

(Approx 1 hour commitment for Drivers and Riders)

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with us and bring joy to our migrant brothers!

Whether you celebrate Deepavali or not, you can make a meaningful contribution by brightening the lives of our workers during this festive season. Join us in our Deepavali Drive on 4 November 2023, Saturday, and let's spread the festive spirit.

We invite the public to participate by sponsoring and delivering pizzas, Deepavali snacks, and treats to migrant workers at their workplaces or to road workers they encounter. Sharing food and treats is a cherished tradition during holidays, and we want to ensure that our workers are not left out of this heartwarming tradition.

Let's come together to make this Deepavali a memorable and inclusive celebration for everyone. Your support can make a significant difference in their lives. Join us in celebrating the Festival of Lights with our migrant brothers this holiday season. 

Here's how you can contribute to make Diwali festive for our migrant worker brothers:

Sponsor Pizzas and/or Samosas

Sponsor Pizzas and/or Samosas for our Deepavali Drive & Distribute event on November 4, 2023!  These treats will be handed out to migrant workers at their workplaces or dormitories. 

Sponsor Pizzas 🍕: Click Here
Sponsor Samosas 🥟: Click Here 

These links will be active until 24 November. Pizzas and samosas pledged after our distribution event on 4 November will continue to be distributed to migrant workers at worksites.

Deepavali Drive & Distribute on
4 November 2023 (Sat)

Donate to ItsRainingRaincoats' Giving.sg page

You may also choose to donate to our Giving.sg Deepavali campaign. 😁

 Our giving.sg funds will be used to purchase pizzas for migrant workers this Deepavali.

Deepavali Treats & Care Packs

Food and communal sharing are hallmarks of any holiday, as it is with Deepavali. 

Please consider sponsoring meals, sweets or chocolates, or care packs for our migrant worker brothers as a festive treat. 

We have workers in groups of 50 to 2000 persons, so you can get together with your friends and family and let us know how many workers you would like to support.  Please sign up here. 

Please visit our general FAQ page to know more. 

For driver and rider volunteers, please check out the respective FAQ pages:

Thank you for your generosity to the workers this festive season!