Why back up G Suite?

G Suite has become an important part of personal and professional communication and organization. There is our salvation for our family, friends and office.

Depending on how you use your G Suite, you can store sensitive or confidential data in. These business applications are used on your desktops, laptops, notebooks, and smartphones - and often accessed on the go. At the very least, your G Suite is an essential part of your daily life!


How can I get infected with Ransomware?

If you have the Google Drive app installed on your computer, this will save you time, but it also means that all infected files can be uploaded to the cloud before you have a chance to stop it. Once the files are encrypted, the encrypted version is uploaded to the cloud and replaces the old one. That's why you need Ransomware protection that can come back and restore an earlier, clean version of your files.

SpinBackup Solutions

Backup and Recovery

Protect your organization from cloud data loss by implementing a disaster recovery plan with automated daily cloud backup for secure cloud storage in GCP.

Ransomware Protection

Protect your confidential SaaS data with Ransomware with 24/7 automated monitoring and an advanced incident response plan.

Auditing Risky Applications

Identify and subscribe risky and dangerous applications to your critical data in G Suite to prevent data breach in your organization. Great protection against data leakage and internal cloud threats.

Cloud cybersecurity and cloud backup for G Suite

Protect your organization from ransomware, insider threats and human error by identifying business risks and security threats and backing up your confidential data to secure cloud storage on GCP or AWS. Save time and money by fully automating data protection in your organization.

More than 49% of companies face monthly data loss and leaks due to human factor and ransomware.

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