Copper is a new type of productivity product that is designed to do all your work so you can focus on building lasting business relationships.

The crm that works for you.

So you can spend time on lasting relationships instead of data entry.

Goodbye data entry.

This is a different type of crm. For the first time, there is no need for manual data entry.

Seamless integration with all G Suite applications.

Copper and G Suite together.

Copper is the only crm that looks like G Suite because it was built using Google Material Design. Goodbye learning curve, hello sales productivity.

Google calendar

Never miss a meeting again. All meetings with your contacts are recorded and synchronized automatically. Bonus Points: Contacts can book you directly from your calendar.

Google slides

Customize your slide decks in seconds with Copper Slide integration. In just a few clicks, fill in your decks with key data.

Hangouts Chat

Copper Hangouts Chat integration notifies you of important lead changes and updates for leads.

Gmail Contacts

Copper suggests new leads and updates old ones based on your email conversations. We'll also send you notifications directly to your inbox so that nothing gets lost.

Google docs

Working together has never been easier. Just attach a Google document to any lead, account, or opportunity in Copper.

Google Sheets

Copper Custom Report Builder allows you to export Copper data directly to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, reports, and charts that your team will actually use.

Data Studio

Connect Copper and Google Data Studio to analyze, view, and drag and drop data from multiple sources, so the entire team can make data-driven decisions.

Data Enrichment

Copper automatically locates and updates contact details, including: phone numbers, social media identifiers, company descriptions, and more.

Guides and trainings

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