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How do students access Virtual Learning?

Guide for Virtual Learning (Chromebook)

Guide for Virtual Learning (Personal Devices)

Can my parents get tech support if I cannot seem to help?

On the chromebook contract parents have a contact email of: Our Technology Department is collectively monitoring this account which is intended for assisting folks who need assistance with a chromebook. The phone number for our ISD Technology Support line is 816-521-5553 during normal school hours.

I don't want my personal number to show when I call parents. What can I do so that it does not show?

dial *67 (star, six, seven) before dialing the area code and number, then your number will not show. Alternatively one can set up a Google Voice Phone number. Tutorial for setting up a Google Voice Number

Screencastify is my favorite screen recording tool for Students and Staff.

Here is a short Screencastify Tutorial.

Video Best Practices:

  • Hold phone landscape

  • Looking at your webcam simulates eye contact.

  • Audio is crucial. Record in a quiet space, and stand close to the device recording video so the audio is clear. If it is an option, a headset mic is a great tool. There are many great headset mics available for under $30.