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Tech Coach / Technology Concierge for ISD

Classwize is a new tool which can allow teachers to view and take control of student chromebooks.  Click the tutorial to learn more!

Classwize Tutorial

Can my parents get tech support if I cannot seem to help?  

On the chromebook contract parents have a contact email of:   Our Technology Department is collectively monitoring this account which is intended for assisting folks who need assistance with a chromebook.  The phone number for our ISD Technology Support line is 816-521-5553 during normal school hours.  


(Other training videos are found in a playlist linked in the SMART IFP Training Section)

SMART IFP Troubleshooting

SMART IFP Troubleshooting

Inking Tools with SMART IFP's

Using Inking Tools with your SMART IFP

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Tech toys I like 

(I do not get any sort of commission off of these.  They make my job easier and some folks ask about them :)

USBC to VGA to HDMI adaptor  (this adaptor is useful in our buildings that may have VGA versus HDMI ports for displaying a newer DELL laptop.)  It cost me $22