Google Extensions

A google extension enhances the functionality of your Google Chrome Browser. To get an extension you must go to the Chrome Store to download them. Disclaimer-- Some extensions can be malicious in character. The one's below are one's I've personally used and had good luck with:

Extensions on my browser:

Move it--puts a random physical activity every set # of minutes

Speak it--reads text out loud from your browser

Tab Scissors--splits a tab from your chrome browser

Tab Glue--reattaches split tabs (good with extended screens)

Crafty Text--blows up text so you can see it larger

Extensity--allows you to enable/disable extensions easier

Google Translate--translate a whole webpage

Apps Launcher--gives quick access to apps

Sidekick--allows for tracking email/sending at scheduled times

Mixmax--allows for tracking email/sending at scheduled times (imo can be a bully of other apps)

Share to Classroom--gives ability to share url’s with your google classroom with less clicks. Tutorial

One Click Timer--timer that shows in upper right of browser

Share to Classroom Allows teacher to push a website to all students.

Add to Google Classroom Instantly create an announcement or assignment by sharing a website

Classroom Split This pushes the students work to the left and opens Google Classroom to the right. When using multiple Google Classroom classes, this can be particularly helpful to students.

Google Dictionary Extension --Define words.

Keep Awake--keeps your computer from going to sleep

Momentum--gives you a calming new background with other info

Spanish Characters--copy past spanish letters correctly

Superpack--If you want to be motivated

Hey Girl-- make all your pictures Ryan Gosling