How I Screencast


  • Music Library of Youtube:
  • Freeplay music (you must login to save a file and assign how you plan to use the file)
  • Youtube to Mp3 Allows you paste a youtube link which captures just the audio. Note: many youtube artists have specified with youtube whether their music is ok to use. If your video is to be completely public please keep this in mind as not to break copyright.
  • (must be logged in to save a file) this can be used to make an audio sample that is recorded by you.
  • (you do not have to be logged in to save a file. There are options to download in different formats and a QR code option.)
  • (you do not have to be logged in to save a file.) This resource allows you to record yourself, then go to file-save--google drive.

Editing and Creation Tools

  • Screencastify extension is what I use for recording what you’re doing on your screen with students for the most part.
  • WeVideo Tutorial (comes at a cost for full functionality)
  • Screencastomatic is one of my favorite programs to do screencasts, but it does come with a yearly fee to have it's full functionality. Here is a good starter tutorial: Their website has great tutorials as well, including how to do more complex edits such as blurring faces, highlighting items from your presentation, trimming more exact areas etc.
  • DoInk App for iOS devices is what I use to green screen, and I think the ease of use is amazing! I've wasted a few bucks on other items. A green sheet (I've tried other colors but this color with this app turns out the best results) and an ipad/iphone on a tripod with this app seem to work best. Here is a tutorial on how to use the app:
  • I've learned a few things from the Dottotech Channel too: