Battle Lake Preschool is a 4-star Parent Aware rated School Readiness Program.

Welcome to the Battle Lake School Readiness program! We are excited to meet your family and have you join ours! The Battle Lake School Readiness program focuses on the development of the whole-child.

Using a Hands-on approach to learning, your child will have the opportunity to grow in all areas:


Children learn how to handle emotions in a healthy way, make friends, use manners, and be a respectful individual in our community. Some of these skills include:

    • Display self-control/self-regulation
    • Understand various feelings and express feelings using words
    • Listen and pay attention
    • Take pride in self-accomplishments
    • Have positive self-image
    • Ask for help when needed
    • Establish relationships with adults and peers
    • Show an awareness of others' feelings
    • Share, take turns, make choices

Cognitive: The "Thinking" skills

A child’s ability to think, understand, communicate, remember, imagine and work out what might happen next. Some of these skills include:

    • Sorting objects by color/shape/size
    • Sequencing events (3-step, 4-step, 6-step)
    • Classifying objects (bigger/smaller, longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, etc.)
    • Negotiating
    • Following multi-step directions (2-3 steps)
    • Predicting (what will happen next)
    • Cause & Effect
    • Understanding real vs. pretend


These are the basic skills children need to develop to become independent and do things all by themselves!

    • Feeding self (using utensils, pouring drinks, opening milk cartons and other objects)
    • Using the bathroom independently (wiping, flushing, washing hands)
    • Getting dressed (zipping jackets, snowpants & boots on, buttoning, etc.)
    • Opening/closing backpack

Fine & Gross Motor:

Gross (large) motor: As children grow and develop they strengthen from the core out... developing arm/leg muscles allow us to eventually refine our fine motor skills. Imagine a baby laying under a mobile... first they learn to reach, eventually batting at a toy. As they grow, they are able to hold an object using their hands. Eventually a child learns to roll over, hold their head up, crawl, walk and so on... Gross motor development is important in the development of fine motor skills/strength. Some of the gross motor skills include:

    • Kicking, jumping, galloping, skipping
    • Pedaling a tricycle
    • Balancing on 1-foot, hopping on 1-foot
    • Throwing overhead, catching a ball (1st using whole arm, later using hands only)

Fine (small) motor focuses on the development of those finger muscles important for writing, etc. These skills include:

    • Building a tower of 10+ blocks
    • Buttoning/unbuttoning, zipping
    • Cutting lines... straight, rounded, etc. Using 2-hands... one hand to grab paper, other to cut
    • Pinching, grasping, squeezing objects (opening glue bottles, building with legos, using tongs/tweezers, writing/drawing eventually using a 3-finger grip
    • Refining strength from whole arm motion to finger/wrist movement (while writing/drawing)


Focuses on speaking, listening, reading, writing, and communication (expressive & receptive) skills

    • Increased vocabulary
    • Using sentences of 4-6 words
    • Engages in conversations of 3+ exchanges
    • Interest in books, listens to, asks & answers questions about stories
    • Letter recognition
    • Writing name
    • Rhyming & Alliteration, Phonological awareness
    • Basic print concepts: Top to bottom, left to right, letters make words


Having basic pre-math skills before entering Kindergarten gives children the basic skills & confidence needed to continue advancing and staying on track. Some of these skills include:

    • Rote counting
    • 1-1 correspondence
    • Recognizing simple sets of objects
    • Identifying basic colors & shapes
    • Recognize and extend basic patterns of two colors or objects
    • Measuring & Comparing
    • Sorting & Classifying objects

Commonly asked questions...

How do I sign-up? Is it too late?

Can we come for a visit?

    • Absolutely! We'd love to have you see the classrooms and meet the teachers! It is important for you to feel comfortable with the environment and people who may care for your child! Contact Ms. Julie to schedule a visit today! Call: (218) 864-8994 or email:

What do I need to do to register?

  • You will also need to have your child complete an Early Childhood Screening. If he/she has already completed, include a copy along with the above forms. If your child has NOT completed an Early Childhood Screening, it's easy to do! Contact Ms. Julie to schedule an appt. Your child has 30 days to complete once starting Preschool.

How much does it cost?

    • 2 FULL DAYS/WEEK: $970/year or $108/month
    • 3 FULL DAYS/WEEK: $1455/year or $161.75/month

Are scholarships available?

How do I know if my child is "ready" for preschool?

    • Your child is READY!!! There are no prerequisites for preschool... Preschool is intended to help prepare your child for Kindergarten... from Social/Emotional skills like sharing, taking turns, self-regulation & self-esteem building.

My child has special needs (food allergies, medical condition, other), can you accommodate?

    • ABSOLUTELY!!! Contact us to share your worries/concerns.