Teaching the 4Cs in 477

Princeton Public Schools

The 4Cs in 477 Project was created to get innovative, 21st century skills based teaching ideas and materials into the hands of Princeton teachers. Created and managed by Jodi Burling, Technology Integration Specialist for Princeton Public Schools.

Teachers may select any of the 21st Century Skills projects above to learn more. Each page also includes a form to check out materials for your classroom, teaching ideas, materials and links to connect with your technology integration specialist for co-teaching or planning.

All students can benefit from refining and enhancing their 21st Century Skills at any age. Unfortunately, this is not a focus for most of our students. Time constraints, increasing demands on time, and class size are just a few of the issues that get in the way of developing these skills. Additionally, the need for this extended learning and exploration is too often only offered to our highest performing students, when in reality it’s needed for all students. The activities and lessons shared here and be done at anytime with any students while integrating your current content in a new and exciting way.

Let's work together to bring the 4Cs to your classroom!