Mr. Ekern's K-4 Physical Education

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Homework - encourage students to get at 60 minutes of accumulated exercise per day. Starting March 31st encourage students to fill out distance learning survey once a week, and view educational resources on my web page. Two new resources will be posted every week.

Distance Learning parent Letter

Dear Families of La Crescent-Hokah Elementary,

With the challenging times we are facing, it is very important to be mindful of how important diet and exercise are in order to stay physically healthy and boost the immune system. As we move forward to a distance learning approach, the focus of the K-4 physical education curriculum will be providing resources to families as to how students can exercise safely and effectively in a homebound situation. The resources that will be provided will closely align the current physical education curriculum being taught in the school setting.

K-4 Physical Education Distance Learning Curriculum:

  1. Strive to have students get 60 minutes of accumulated exercise throughout the day.
    1. This can be done as brain breaks between classroom based work.
    2. Daily resources will be provided on how to accomplish this safely.
    3. Safety is the priority when completing this task (please follow CDC guidelines as it relates to COVID-19).
  2. Students are encouraged to fill out the Distance Learning Survey (Google form) once a week.
    1. This can be accessed on classroom teachers’ sites or my teacher web page:
    2. If students do not have access to internet technology to fill out the form, they will be encouraged to create a daily fitness log recording daily physical activity duration.
    3. Students also should have a hard copy of this form in their take-home materials.
    4. This survey will not be used in grading. The goal is to create a fitness log for individual students and provide me with data on the activity level of La Crescent-Hokah Elementary students.
    5. Most students (grades 2-4) will be able to complete this task independently; however, many of our younger learners (K-1) will need adult assistance to complete this survey.
  3. Twice a week physical education resources will be posted on my website, classroom teachers’ sites, and emailed to families.
    1. These resources may be in the form of videos, fitness workouts, or physical education links.
    2. Unit-based theme resources include bike safety, homebound fitness, web-based fitness learning sites.

As there is no specific timetable for return to school, other units of study will be developed and more information will come on these units if needed. I also understand that in this challenging time, more important priorities will arise that will conflict with this distance learning plan. I encourage all families to do their best in assisting in the educational progress of their child with the resources that are made available. However, the safety and health of our families will be the utmost priority as we move forward.

Thank you for your assistance and support,

Carl Ekern