about us

The AGENTS project brings together researchers from Iscte-Iul, INESC-ID and Carnegie Mellon University with the goal of exploring how humor can be leveraged to create more naturalistic and lifelike interactions with social robots and virtual agents. To achieve this goal, we will employ a top-down approach of humor that can be modelled to match each user’s preferences. The end-goal of this process will be the implementation of user personalized humoristic interactions in the context of a group card game involving more than one human and more than one social agent. This is expected to lead to better interaction outcomes and increase the value perception of the agent, by contributing to greater task enjoyment, improved perception of the agent and greater intention to interact again with these social agents in the future.

This project is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia within the scope of the Exploratory Research Projects (ERPs) supported by CMU Portugal (CMU/TIC/0055/2019).