AQ low-cost sensors & Environmental Informatics

This is the web site of the Air Quality low-cost monitoring R&D activities of the Environmental Informatics Research Group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

We are running an AQ monitoring intercomparison exercise with instruments installed at the rooftop of building 12d at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, AUTh. The intercomparison started early 2018 and aims at the investigation of the performance of AQ sensor nodes under mediterranian conditions. The physical location of the installation is at 10 m height within the heart of the city, with a typical city traffic background (location map).

The Aeroqual instruments providing input to the AID system

The PM10/PM2.5 sensor node of Comonet Sp. z o.o

The AQmesh Pod

The Vaisala AQT 420 sensor node

The Airly sensor node

The AQY Aeroqual sensor node (currently moved to another location)

The PurpleAir sensor node

MONITARSENSE, an air quality device coming from Portugal, that monitors NO2, CO and O3 as well as PM10 concentration levels

The prorotype aerosol sensor node

(MSc project, FMI, curently offline)

The Libelium sensor node (curently offline)

Scientifically Responsible:

Dr. Kostas Karatzas (email: kkara and then add the proper symbol and eng[dot]auth[dot]gr

PhD students

  • Nikos Katsifarakis
  • Theodosis Kassandros

MSc students

  • Dimitris Nikolis. Project title: analysis and modelling of low-cost AQ sensors (cobpleted)

Graduate students

  • Dionisis Theodoritsis. Diploma thesis on: AQ low-cost sensors