Our Mission


Our school purpose is to create a stimulating learning environment where each student can achieve their personal best academically and socially.


Our school values:


The provision of a comprehensive curriculum with high expectations to develop critical thinking skills, deep understanding, quality decision making, healthy life styles and creativity by engaging children in meaningful learning using modern technologies.


Pride in our community and our school, in the persistent efforts of students and staff to “be the best that we can be.”


The shared responsibility for respecting the rights of others, individually and collectively and for respecting our local and global environment


The creation of a safe, caring and non threatening environment that fosters the well being of students and staff.

There is no greater resource within a school than the staff. At Irymple Primary we rely heavily on the professional commitment of staff to work individually and collectively towards presenting the best education for our students.


We are committed to increasing participation in ‘learning ad play’ of all our students. We aim to provide an inclusive and supportive setting which is ever responsive to students’ backgrounds, interest, experiences, knowledge and skills.