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24th October

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6th November

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ICAS results

Congratulations to the students who participated in the 2018 ICAS testing. Certificates will be handed out at assembly on next Wednesday.

Morning Times at School

There is no time like the present to begin encouraging your child’s independence in all the lower year levels. Some things to assist children in the long term are to have them hang their own bags up, take their lunch boxes out, put anything in the classroom if needed, and have a few minutes to play before school starts. Prep students should now be able to leave parents at a point near the classroom and be met at a particular spot to allow them to organise themselves ready for transition to Year 1. If you need to talk to the teacher at length about an issue at this stage of the year please make an appointment as morning time is an important preparation time in the room.

Photo Day

Thank you to all the parents who have returned the forms and collected family photo envelopes – photo day will be on Wednesday, 31st October 2018.

Behaviour and Attendance Expectations

Last term of the year, for some students, is more difficult to maintain their understanding that every day at school counts. We are especially reminding all students that the functions, farewells and excursions (major and minor) planned for Term 4 will only be attended by students who show the utmost respect to their peers, parents and teachers at all times. Several students in the past have missed out on attending their Year 6 Graduation for not meeting our school expectations. The students who attend a function have a right to feel proud of their achievements and what they have done to earn the right to attend. Please note that if major excursions are booked and budgets need to be met, money may not be refunded if a withdrawal is due to unacceptable behaviour prior to the event.

Concert preparation underway for 11th December

Classes have selected their theme song and are working on their performances from this week. Some parental assistance will be required and each class will notify individually of anything special the children will need for their song. As always we will be mindful of ensuring minimal cost to parents. We are looking forward to a great night. Parents’ Club use this evening as a key fundraiser and will be providing some BBQ sausages, ice-creams and refreshments on the night.


Congratulations to the students who participated at the Regional Sports day in Bendigo this week. Thank you also to all the parents that travelled to enable their child to compete.

Grade 1 Dinner

Thank you to the staff that organised the tea for the children. This activity provided a wonderful opportunity for your children to enjoy as part of our extra curricula program.

Mini show

Thank you to Ms Melsen and Ms Scholz for organising the Mini show and for giving the children the opportunity to enter items that they have made themselves. This year we have included a category for ‘Schooling in the Past’.

2019 Prep Information evening

Our 2019 Prep Information night is being held next Wednesday 24th October at 7 PM in the Library. If you know of any families who are still looking to enrol they are welcome to come along.

125th Birthday Celebrations

On Friday 9th November we will be having an open day to celebrate our 125th birthday. Past students, families and teachers are welcome to come and have a tour of the school from 9:30 AM onward. Photos and memorabilia will be on display in the GP room with tea and coffee available.

Prep afternoon tea

Next Thursday, 25th October, Preps will be having their afternoon tea at school. They will be participating in an Enviro Education presentation and activities. Students are to be picked up by 5 PM please.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the last term of the 2018 school year. This will be another busy and productive term for all the students. It will see us celebrate our 125th Birthday, Year 5s going to Lake Cullulleraine, Year 6s going to Melbourne, our School Concert, Year 6 Graduation, Choir presentations and other special days. Please use the newsletter online and in print to keep informed of the dates and any special notices about requirements for each event.

Prep and New Enrolments

If you know anyone who is yet to enrol their child or children for 2019, please ask them to advise us at the office and collect an enrolment form as we are in the process of organising staffing across the school for next year. It is important also if any families are moving away from Mildura that we are advised as soon as possible. Schools are funded for staff based on accurate school numbers so it is vital that we are as close as possible to the correct numbers by November as possible.


Our first assembly for the term will be on the Wednesday of Week 3 at 2.30 PM in the GP room. All parents and family members are welcome to attend.

Labelling of Clothing

Please label all new clothing to prevent loss. With the changeable weather in spring, children start the day with additional clothing and take it off when hot. Please reinforce to your child/ren that if they take it off in the playground or with a specialist teacher, to take it and put it in their bag immediately. We had many jackets left last term and all reasonably new.

New Canteen Menu for the Summer Months

There is a new canteen menu for the hotter weather and we hope your child/ren avail themselves of the quality food on offer each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Anyone wishing to assist in the canteen is welcome to leave his or her name at the office or to see Sue in the Canteen personally.

Water at School

Please make sure all students have a sizeable drink bottle for the hot weather. Most students are able to fill up at school as well on the hot days. We do not allow anything other than water in the bottles as it helps to assist with a lifelong habit of drinking fresh water. Please ensure that water bottles are washed out daily for school use.

ICAS results

Our ICAS results are still slowly filtering through. We hope to receive them all in the next few weeks.

School Photos

On Wednesday 31st October our school photos will be taken. Please ensure that each child is in full school uniform.


A reminder for all students to wear hats during PE and break times according to our Sun Smart Accreditation. Sunscreen may be applied at home, or brought in a suitable tube for personal requirements if necessary. We have adequate supplies for PE and excursions.

Term 3 – Thank you to Classroom Helpers and Excursion Helpers

Thank to everyone who has come into the school to assist with Reading in Term 3. Another big group of parents have assisted with transport to sporting events and with time devoted to the School Canteen. The school community support we get for all activities is greatly appreciated.

Major Award for Mrs Muller

Last week Mrs Muller was honoured with a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Award for outstanding services to children with additional needs in her Primary Welfare Officer role. We know how dedicated Mrs Muller is to every task she undertakes with our children and we are grateful for this every day. She has been a wonderful support to the children, their parents and carers over many years. Thank you Mrs Muller – you deserve this wonderful recognition of your work with our students!

Learning Specialist – Leading Teacher Position

Congratulations to Ms Melsen for being appointed to the position of ‘Learning Specialist’ at IPS. She will have a key Leadership role in our school with Curriculum planning and development and in supporting our school through our School Review in 2019 where the School Strategic Plan for the next four years will be written. Thank you to the panel who gave so much of their valuable time for the selection process – Mr Baker (staff representative), Mrs McFarlane (staff elected representative) and Mrs Baird (Assistant Principal).

Nightly Reading ‘with’ and Reading ‘to’

Congratulations to the many children that have exceeded 150 nights reading this year. Family times are precious and sitting next to a child and listening to them read or reading to them is something that passes all too quickly as they grow up. It is also a very effective way to develop the marvellous visualisation skills that children can use for improved comprehension. Children from birth to around 12 years of age can be read to with significant enjoyment being gained by the parent as well as the children.


Thank you to all the parents and relatives who have attended our assemblies this term. We are always quite squashed in so we appreciate the flexibility and consideration of our visitors. We celebrate the ‘Effort’ that students put into their learning as well as ‘Academic Excellence’ and the ‘Worker of the Fortnight’ goes to a student with a personal habit each week that celebrate solid learning habits that include ‘persistence’, ‘resilience’, ‘taking risks’, ‘having empathy’ and ‘respect for others’.

Interschool Sports

Thank you to all the Yr 5-6 students that represented our school so well on Tuesday at the Summer Interschool sports. It was gratifying to hear back from the staff that went that the sportsmanship and behaviour of the students was exemplary.

Enrolment Reminder

Please remind anyone that you know that may be wishing to enrol a Foundation/Prep student in 2019, to hand their enrolment form in at the office before the Term break if possible. We will be working on the final staffing allocations first week back next term and need firm and final numbers as far as possible.

Congratulations All round

Well done to all our students academically. All children have made terrific gains over the term. We can hold our heads very high at Local, State and International level. We have a wonderful school community and our strong values of ‘pride’, ‘respect’, ‘safety’ and ‘learning’ are known by all our students. We are very proud of all of our capabilities and are confident that if a parent was to visit at any time we would be happy to take them around without a booking. We look forward to attracting new Prep students each year and offering them the best possible start to their Education with experienced teachers. We are always happy to show new families around and to answer any questions about our school and our curriculum. We are positive and really looking forward to Term 4 and the planning for 2019. This will involve unpacking our ‘2019 Indicative Budget’ and finalising all staffing according to that Budget.

Term 4 Camps

Term 4 sees the culmination of the Camp program for years 3 – 6. Many hours of work go into the preparation and completing all the compliance requirements. We wish all the staff and students a safe and happy time on each of these new learning adventures.

Camp Thank you

Thank you to all the staff and parents that assisted with the Grade 2 sleep over and the excursions to Swan Hill and Rose’s Gap this past week. Staff go out of their way to be available or such incursions and excursions and many have their own children at home as well to organise in order to be able to assist.

Holiday Wishes

We hope that all families enjoy the time with their children and make the most of not being rushed or having to work around the school routine. Teachers and children alike are looking forward to the opportunities to have a break and do some things of interest with their families. Enjoy the Spring weather!

Irymple Primary Finalist in School Excellence Awards

Irymple Primary School has been nominated as one of 4 schools to reach the State Finals of the ‘School Excellence Awards ‘ for the State of Victoria under the category of – ‘Outstanding Inclusive Education’. The winner will be announced in late October in Melbourne with finalists from each category present.

As a school we have undertaken a proud five-year journey that has significantly reduced the barriers to learning for its students with additional needs.

Inclusive practice and culture is at the core of our school’s commitment to deliver an equitable and positive learning climate for every student.

The school has focused on providing a supportive setting which is responsive to student's backgrounds, interests and skills. We have been proactive in adapting its culture, policies and practices to accommodate students with additional needs so that they feel safe and valued at all times.

An intensive period of research and professional development has enabled our staff to design and deliver high-impact inclusive teaching and learning strategies.

Language and Literacy programs have been a key focus, as our school recognises the inherent value of communication skills in student self-esteem and inclusive outcomes.

We have been able to forge strong networks with community agencies in order to provide vital support where complex student needs are identified.

A whole-school vision has encompassed every aspect of school life; to deliver the physical, teaching and social supports needed for our school to deliver a positive learning experience for every student.

Congratulations to every staff member at our great school!

NAPLAN results - Outstanding

We have now had a chance to analyse our 2018 NAPLAN results in detail as a part of our normal School Review. We have a really pleasing range of results across the spectrum, but we as a school have truly received some excellent individual student results.

It is always so abundantly clear that the children who:

  • Have caring and dedicated teachers
  • Attend school each day
  • Work hard throughout the year,
  • Participate in every day’s academic and social activities,
  • Read daily,
  • Complete weekly Homework tasks and
  • Have unwavering parent support

- do extremely well on these external tests that match individual performances to those of the same age children across the state of Victoria and Australia. Generally the results very accurately reflect the children’s capabilities under test conditions and on unseen tasks without the opportunity for teacher assistance.

It is just one more set of data that we use in the whole assessment process, but it is clearly a great testament to the strong teaching and learning that takes place at this school, that so many of our students can individually match or better the results of children across the state. Well done to all the students in Years 3 and 5, their parents and their teachers since Prep.

Uniform Shop

Thank you to members of the Parents’ Club, for coming in to school each week on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, to assist parents with the purchasing of the new school uniform items. We are happy that so many children have purchased hats and are wearing them. From 1st September we are expected as a SUN SMART accredited school to enforce the wearing of hats.

ICAS Results – Still awaiting the results

Our ICAS results are usually delivered by stage of the term, but as yet they have not been received. The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) are independent skills-based assessments with a competition element. Commonly referred to as the UNSW tests, ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments and school tests for Primary and Secondary school students.

Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

Participation is a privilege and results that are given credits and distinctions place students with the tops students in Australia and beyond.

Computer Selections for 2019

Please be on the lookout for the note regarding Year 2 to 6 preferences for 2019. Purchased computers will be imaged with all the latest school software and will remain under strict DET usage agreements. At the end of the period they will be re-imaged with Microsoft Windows and remain the property of the purchasing family.

We are attempting to give every student the access and learning opportunities that we are required to offer for preparation for 21st century learning. In addition to this we are maintaining sets of iPads for use in the junior units with the many teaching and learning applications that are available. If you have any questions please see Mrs Baird or Mr Thompson as we would be happy to assist any families.

Lost Property

There are still at least 30 or more winter tops in the lost property area. Please come and have a look if your child has lost any items as many of the long sleeve tops appear to be near new. There are also a few lunch boxes and drink bottles that someone must own.

Technology at Home Advice

With the use of netbooks, computers and smart phones at home increasing, we often get asked for advice on safe use of technology at home. Here are a few tips;

Parents should;

  • Set rules for internet use including time limits online.
  • Expect your child to always use technology out in the open. They will think twice about browsing inappropriate websites.
  • Talk to your child about what age appropriate and inappropriate websites are.
  • Expect your child to treat others online how they would like to be treated.
  • Stay aware of technology risks by visiting
  • Set good examples with your own technology use.

Parents can encourage positive use of technology by;

  • Spending time exploring the internet with your child to understand how they are using it.
  • Talk to your child about the new skills they are learning on computers and the internet.
  • Maintain good communication with your child and an active interest in their life.
  • Encourage a balance of technology use and physical activity.

We will continue to include regular technology tips in future newsletters!

We are asking all parents to be extremely vigilant if their children are playing the following two games:

  • Fortnite
  • Five Nights at Freddy's

They are both highly addictive games and should not be being played by children of primary school age according the game creators who have given an Age rating of 12+. We are having a number of students having difficulty with leaving the gaming issues between players at home. One game (Five Nights at Freddy's) is a frightening game for primary aged children. In addition to the risk of addiction is the lack of ability and time sleeping that occurs when gaming is daily and for hours on end. Some children as a result of gaming are so overtired that they are unable to make the best learning and friendship decisions at school.