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15th July

Term 3 Begins

Take Home Readers

Each year we try to update and clarify around the home reader levels that our Prep to Year 6 students read. The readers that children take home are usually always at what is called at an EASY LEVEL – this means that they can read the words (decode) with 95 out of every 100 words or more being accurate – or if the book has less than 100 words the accuracy level still must be at least 95%.

In addition to this they must be able to have an in depth conversation about the text and recall facts presented in the text (to demonstrate literal understanding) as well as what the author intended us to get, but did not say it directly in the text (to demonstrate inferential understanding). Some questions may be about the ‘big idea’ presented in the text and be wanting an evaluative understanding of the text.

The home reader therefore is a teaching and evaluation tool. It is not to be confused with a pleasure book a child may read at home that appears to be ideal as they can decode it and make meaning of the text. Please talk with your child’s teacher as they will be listening to your child read and be conducting reading conferences and guided reading to confirm the levels on a weekly to fortnightly basis. Several things to note are that:

  • Working through reading levels is not a race – it is about reading maturity.
  • Every level may take a different amount of time – sometimes weeks
  • Never compare the levels to other children in the class as it is important to know every child’s reading history.
  • Children who read every night and talk to their parents about the book tend to progress faster and with stronger reading comprehension that is transferrable to other areas of the curriculum.

As a general rule we like all:

  • Preps at the end of their first year at school to be between Level 5 and 10 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.
  • Year 1 students at the end of the year to be at least Level 15 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.
  • Year 2 students at the end of the year to be at or above Level 20 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.
  • Year 3 students to be above Level 30 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.

All the above must be reached with comprehension between 95 to 100%.

Reading is a complex cognitive process and involves “Learning to Read” and “Reading to Learn”. There is much more to the knowledge and skills required than just the measurement of levels.

If you have any questions please ask your child’s classroom teacher or contact me for an appointment.

Semester 2 Captains and Vice Captains

Congratulations to the new Captains and Vice Captains for Semester 2 who will be announced at the assembly on Friday. We know they will continue the great work started by their fellow class members in Semester 1. They will be presented with their badges next term and they will also read their applications at the first assembly in Term 3.

Canteen and Money for your children

Please ensure that if you are ordering for your children that they know what they are getting in the orders and if an item needs to be collected during the break. Sometimes the children (particularly the younger ones) are not aware of the drink or ice-cream that is to be collected from the canteen. When the lunches are returned to the rooms, the classroom teachers distribute them to the children. If the children believe there is anything missing they are to tell their teacher and go immediately to the canteen. Any time an error is brought to their attention it is always resolved as quickly as possible so that no students are ever disadvantaged. In the unlikely event that an item is unavailable the students will be given a substitute of equal value or their money back. The canteen workers are a dedicated group of parents who give up their time to volunteer and do an amazing job week in and week out. The canteen is run as a service to our children and not as a money making venture for our school. Without the help of volunteers the canteen would not be able to operate for the three days a week that it does. Thank you very much, to all the people who have worked in the Canteen for Terms 1 and 2. It has been really gratifying to have a few new parents join the list this year.

Please explain to all children of all ages that they are not to buy food items for other students under any circumstances as there are great risks when food allergies and anaphylaxis are a real issue. Also parents allocate a certain amount of money to their child and do not ever want another child placing pressure on them to buy an item for a friend – however well-meaning this gesture may be.

Trespass on School Grounds

We had an incidence of trespass last weekend that resulted in the removal of a tennis racket from a bag area and its subsequent damage. Thank you to the public for their assistance to identify the two young men. Sadly a little boy no longer has his tennis racket as a result of its removal and damage. Schools are ‘Private Property’ and if you see any visitors other than staff here please report it to the Police. We want all grounds and facilities to be available to all our children at all times.

Parent - Teacher Interviews and Presentations (Year 5 and 6)

Thank you to all the parents that came to the interviews with the teachers of their children.

Year 1/2 Swimming Program

Thank you to all the staff for the supervision of the Year 1/2 Swimming Program. The students enjoyed the program very much.

School Council Approval to Progress with After School Care.

On Tuesday night School Council approved the progression of ‘Stepping Stones’ to set up an after school program at Irymple Primary school. We will keep you posted on the progression of the process.

Best Wishes for the Holidays

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing everyone ready to start Term 3 on Monday 15th July, 2019. We also thank everyone who has assisted in some way across the school. We get wonderful support from our parents and we are very proud of our students as well.

On-Line Booking System for Parent Interviews

Today again with the newsletter are all the details for parents to place their online bookings ready for parent/teacher interviews on Wednesday 26th June. We hope it will be convenient for our parents in preparation for interviews and to give flexibility when booking. If you need any further assistance contact your child’s teacher with a note. We look forward to seeing everyone come in to talk about their child’s learning and progress in 2019. We will share a range of information with you and the opportunity to ask questions will be a part of the process.

Please remember if you feel you need more time than provided on the day, make another time which is convenient for you and the teacher. It is important that everyone is on-time and finishes their interview on time to be fair to all others who came before and after them. Bookings can be made by using the link on our website or School Interviews Online. The code to use is 9dgy9 then follow the instructions to make your booking.

Eisteddfod Results

Each year a large number of our students enter the Mildura Eisteddfod. If your child has participated and you would like to share the results with the school community please drop in the ‘Name’ and ‘Results’ at the office for placement in the coming Newsletter. We have heard of some results but need to be accurate in our celebration of their efforts.

Enrolment Reminder

Please drop in enrolment forms completed for all children starting Prep next year – this is especially necessary if you already have children at school as we need firm numbers as soon as possible. Please remember to bring a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation Record. If the Immunisation record has been misplaced, a summary from Medicare is acceptable.

School Requisite Payment Reminder

We still have a number of parents that have as yet not paid the school requisite payment and we ask that these be attended to as soon as possible. Reminder invoices have now been sent home in the event the payment has been overlooked. With major replenishment needed across the school the money is required to provide for every child between now and the end of the year. Without the best effort by all, this is increasingly difficult to maintain.

The Game Fortnite

We are aware of a large number of our students playing the game of Fortnite at home from Year 3 upwards. While we have no desire to tell parents what students can and cannot do at home we are wanting parents to be aware of the highly addictive nature of the game and that the free game that starts the journey becomes a game that requires purchases to move up the levels. The difficulties from the school perspective arise when;

  • there are aggressive negative comments made at school about the previous night’s games,
  • children are tired from staying up very late and unable to manage a normal day at school,
  • children are having to be home by a certain time to get on line for the organised game,
  • children are not wanting to eat with the family or come to a meal when it is ready to eat or even more alarming not joining the family at all for meal times.
  • children are staying in their bedroom all weekend, each afternoon and night on their computer gaming.
  • children are sharing with their class during class time that they plan to game all weekend and when Monday comes report that that is all that they have done for two days.
  • children are so attached to the game that they are prepared to boast to other children over a win or threaten other students as a result of a loss.
  • parents are reporting to us that some of the language used during the gaming process is crude and most inappropriate.

We do not wish to be following up incidences at school that result from the anti-social fall out from playing the game. Like all computer use by primary age children the game of Fortnite should be monitored closely and all conversations with other online players in the earshot of parents so that they can ensure appropriateness of the content of conversations.

Without high level parent control and awareness, what seems like an innocent game can become an addiction that can in time potentially rule a family’s every move. If you are unsure of the impact of the game on a family member – enforce a break for a week and gauge the response. Sadly regular antisocial school behaviour is often linked to high engagement (in terms of hours played and the type of games played) with gaming in the family home.

Thank You

Thank you to our school Captains (Josh Mendoza and Shelby Talent) and Vice Captains (Evie Oldham and Cooper Hobbs) who have worked so hard to represent our school throughout Semester 1. Their leadership skills have grown immensely and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They have conducted all our Assemblies and truly made us very proud. We look forward to announcing the Captains and Vice Captains next week at our final assembly for Semester 2, as I am sure they too, will do a fine job on behalf of the school.

CSEF – Children’s School Camps and Excursion/Incursion Fund

If you haven’t already done so and you hold a current Health Care Card please apply immediately to receive the $125 that can be put towards any of the following:

  • School Camps
  • School Trips
  • Swimming, and other school organised sporting events
  • Outdoor education programs
  • Excursions
  • Incursions

It cannot and will not be used for school requisite payments, book purchases, or any other school expenses – these are part of the School Requisite Levy which is duly paid at the beginning of each school year.

The CSEF payment is designed to assist children to have maximum participation in all School Camps, Excursions and Incursions. The form takes less than 5 minutes to complete. If, however you miss the Semester deadline, the money may not be here for you to benefit from until after it is needed. No applications can be made after the 26th June as we need time to add them to the computer data base in the last week of school. It is a marvellous opportunity to get some support for children after the removal of the EMA allowance.

School Requisite & ICT Levy payments

Please call in and update your payment as we have a number of families yet to pay. This is solely used for the materials and requisites that your child uses and is a part of all school payments across the state. Thank you to the parents who have already paid – we are very grateful for the support at the start of the year. Please assist us as it is not fair for some parents to pay and others to allow this to happen and not contribute to their children’s requisites.

Pie Drive

Thank you to all the families and staff that have supported this very popular Parents’ Club Fundraiser. Thank you to all the Parents’ Club members and other volunteers that assisted with the sorting and packing and for helping distribute when the orders were ready for collection yesterday. We hope you all enjoy your pies during this cooler weather.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Bookings are now open for our Parent/Teacher interviews on Wednesday 26th June through the School Interviews Online site or on the link that can be found on our Webpage. Quote the following code 9dgy9 and follow the prompts. Students are not required at school on this day. Please remember when making your appointment that the successful running of the day depends on interviews starting and finishing on time. If you feel you need more time than provided on the day, you can make another time which is convenient for you and your child’s teacher.

Semester 1 Reports

A reminder that reports for Semester 1 will be emailed out next Friday (21st June). Check your inbox during the day to make sure you receive your copy. Contact the school if you don’t receive one for your child/ren. If you’re not sure if we have your correct email address please call in or ring the office and we will check our records for you.

Book Fair

Thank you to everyone that supported the school by purchasing a book last week and early this week. Thank you to Mrs Humphrey for her work to set it up and supervise the sales and for any staff that also helped. The purchase of books is a wonderful start to children’s learning to love and appreciate books. Due to your fantastic support we have been able to add over $650 in books to our Library.

Interschool Sports

The majority of Year 5 and 6 students last Wednesday participated in Interschool Sports activities. Sports played were Football, Netball and Soccer. The students had a full-on day and enjoyed the events.

Behaviour on School Buses and While Waiting at Irymple Secondary College

Please encourage your children to report any behaviour that is causing issues firstly to the bus driver and then to myself on the following day. Just a reminder that no children are to walk across the paddock to Irymple Secondary College without parent consent in writing. We are obliged to remind all children that they must remain seated at Irymple Secondary College and must not under any circumstances wander around the school. There are expansive building works in progress and no children should be on site at all – even if invited by past students from our school.

Parking Before and After School

All parking around the small oval and in the carpark is nose first. Please do not reverse into any car parks. We have a circle system at the end of the teacher car park.

We ask that no parents/carers driving cars are to park in the staff car park as we need to leave room for Agency Pickups and parents who have children in ‘Out- Of-Home Care’ and may have several schools to collect children from. With some dangerous running to cars by children it’s just a matter of time before we will have a serious injury.

Major Works around the School

As you may have noticed we have some major works underway to help with our school beautification. We have the garden areas and all the irrigation systems being updated in order to get water to all areas of our lawn. All should be finalised over the winter months.

School Cross Country

Thank you to all the students who participated in our school Cross Country event. Thank you to Mr Pettit and staff that assisted and thank you to all the parents that visited on the day.

The scores for this year were: BASS 253, CHAFFEY 225, FLINDERS 155, STURT 145. Congratulations Bass.

Toys and Lego at school

As always please ensure you know what items your child is bringing to school as it must be done at the students’ own risk. Due to the recent television program – Lego Masters, Lego has come to the fore again. It is a wonderful example of how to develop creativity, but there are many small pieces and there is a high chance of loss or damage. Teachers do not have the time to follow up distressed children who have lost precious bits to their collections.

After School Care

We are currently in talks with an experienced provider to commence ‘After School Care’ in Term 4 of this year. If School Council receives the appropriate information required to meet our school’s needs, we will be able to begin the final preparations and notifications to parents very soon. This will be an exciting addition to our school.

Enrolments for 2020

Just a reminder to anyone who intends to enrol for next year to call in and pick up an enrolment form.

Respectful Relationships

We work hard every day to encourage all students to engage in ‘Respectful Relationships’ - whether in the playground or in the classroom. We also work hard every day when having conversations with parents to maintain this respectful approach. Phone calls initiated by a staff member or a parent/carer should also follow this same respectful approach.

It is a sad reality that the basis for a small number of phone calls to school each term is to inflict a few unfounded comments to a staff member and hang up. We have amazing and dedicated teachers and support staff at our school who love their jobs and should never be treated in such a disrespectful way.

I will have no hesitation in instructing staff to cease communication in such instances and divert any further communications to myself. I do not want any staff member ever going home thinking about a disrespectful conversation with a parent, when they should be relaxing and enjoying time with their families.

‘Respectful Relationships’ are the only acceptable relationships at Irymple Primary School.

Pick-ups During School Time

There will be times when parents need to sign out their children for an appointment during the day or for an early pick up. Please allow time to collect the child from the room as we cannot interrupt classes with announcements each day. Allow approximately 10 - 20 minutes extra as there is a legal sign out process and we are required to ensure the DET protocol is carried out.