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Welcome Back to Term 4

Welcome back to the last term of the 2017 school year. This will be another busy and productive term for all the students. It will see Year 3 go to Swan Hill (next week), Year 4 go to Roses Gap (next week), Year 5 go to Lake Cullulleraine, Year 6 go to Melbourne, the School Concert, Choir presentations and other special days.

Please use the newsletter on-line and in print to keep informed of the dates and any special notices about requirements for each event. We have our curriculum day on 9th November 2017 where staff will continue their training in the Berry Street Educational Model. We will do the reminder of the two sessions in the first half of 2018.

Prep and New Enrolments

If you know anyone who is yet to enrol their child or children for 2018, please ask them to advise us at the office and collect an enrolment form as we are in the process of organizing staffing across the school for next year. It is important also if any families are moving away from Mildura that we are advised as soon as possible.

Schools are funded for staff based on accurate school numbers so it is vital that we are as close as possible to the correct numbers by November as possible.

Labeling of Clothing

Please label all new clothing to prevent loss. With the changeable weather in spring, children start the day with additional clothing and take it off when hot. Please reinforce to your child/ren that if they take it off in the playground or with a specialist teacher, to take it and put it in their bag immediately. We had many jackets left last term and all reasonable new.

New Canteen Menu for the Summer Months

There is a new canteen menu for the hotter weather and we hope your child/ren avail themselves of the quality food on offer each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Anyone wishing to assist in the canteen is welcome to leave his or her name at the office or to see Sue in the Canteen personally.

Water at School

Please make sure all students have a sizable drink bottle for the hot weather. Most students are able to fill up at school as well on the hot days. We do not allow anything other than water in the bottles as it helps to assist with a lifelong habit of drinking fresh water. Please ensure that water bottles are washed out daily for school use.

Outstanding ICAS results

Our results have again been outstanding particularly in Mathematics with a high distinction and many distinction and credits. We will keep the students names until they are presented at assembly in Week 3. Congratulations to the entire student group who participated this year.

Grandparents Day

Today with the newsletter you will receive an invitation for Grandparents Day on Monday 6th November. We invite Grandparents to be here at 9:50am ready to visit classes’ from 10:00am. We are hoping that as many grandparents can stay as possible for a picnic lunch with their grandchildren. Bring a picnic chair and the children will be able to eat with you at the same time from 11:00am until 11:15am. Any grandparents with grandchildren in Prep please go to their classrooms first due to the nature of the activates they will be conducting. We have allowed an hour in order for grandparents to visit several of their grandchildren.

School Photos

On 1st November 2017, School Photos will be taken. Please ensure that each child is in full school uniform.


A reminder for all students to wear hats during PE and break times according to our Sun Smart Accreditation. Sunscreen may be applied at home, or brought in a suitable tube for personal requirements if necessary. We have adequate supplies for PE and excursions.

Thank you

This week we fare-welled Ms Hazel who has commenced maternity leave. We thank Ms Hazel for all her hard work in Room 12 and wish her family all the best for the future. Mrs Baird and Ms Hill will be in Room 12 for the remainder of the year. Yvonne Madden

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Thank You for a Great Term

Thank you to everyone in the community that has made this term the success it has been. Parent helpers in both the canteen and classrooms, as well as on any special activity days and excursions, really contribute to making our school wonderful.

We have had huge success with our sporting results, with some of our Senior Department teams qualifying for Sunraysia Divisions, and have received pleasing results with both our NAPLAN and ICAS assessments.

This is all due to the hard work and supporting environment that our students, teachers and parents contribute to.

Other events have included the Wheel's Day Homework Reward, the Grade 2 Sleepover, 5/6 Travel Expo, and the 3/4 Trivia.

Car Boot Sale Cancelled

Unfortunately our scheduled Car Boot Sale has had to be cancelled. Site deposits will be refunded. Please contact the office on 5024 5334 to provide reimbursement details.