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Netbook Lease to Purchase Christmas Holidays

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11th December (Tuesday)

School Concert 6:00 PM

Year 6 Transition Day ISC

12th December

Year 6 Transition Day ISC

14th December

Grade 5/6 Activity Day

17th December

Grade 1/2 Activity Day

19th December

Grade 5/6 Activity Day

20th December

Grade 6 Graduation

3/4 Activity Day

21st December

Last day 2018

Assembly 12:00 PM

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Christmas Gifts

Some families may like some ideas for Christmas gifts to start the school year off next year. Things like a pencil case, coloured pencils, textas, a rubber, a ruler and so on. The school will no longer provide a new pencil case at the beginning of each year to every student. The ones available to us were of poor quality and often abandoned in favour of personal ones before the end of Term 1. It is a saving we would like to put toward much needed whole school items and/or ICT programs that can be accessed at school and at home.

Parents’ Club and School Council Thank You

Thank you to all the elected people on School Council and the many volunteers in our Parents’ Club that have assisted the staff and students at our school to be the ‘best place’ it can be in 2018. All attend meetings each month and work tirelessly for our school and it is so very much appreciated.

Snake Alert

Please watch carefully when you are dropping off or picking up your children as another snake has been sighted near the recycle bin again this past Monday. So far all snakes sighted have been brown snakes.

Grade 5 Camp

By all accounts from the teachers attending, the camp has gone well and the children have had a really interesting and amazing time. Thank you to Mr Baker, Ms Hawkes, Miss Chislett, Mrs McNerney and Mr Pettit for their week (or part thereof) away with the children. They were able to enjoy good weather albeit warm.

Classes for 2019

Classes as of the end of Week 9 are:

  • 2 x Prep classes – Mrs Leslie – Unit co-ordinator (Room 1) and Miss Chislett (Room 2).
  • 4 x 1/2 classes – Ms Scholz – Unit co-ordinator (Room 4), Ms Enright (Room 5), Mrs Webb (Room 6) and Mrs Floramo/Ms Melsen – Learning Specialist (Room 7).
  • 4 x 3/4 classes – Mrs Cornwall – Unit co-ordinator, Ms N Gladman (Room 15), Ms Hawkes/Ms Hill) (Room 12), Mr McKenzie (Room 13)
  • 4 x 5/6 classes – Mrs McFarlane (Room 8), Mr Baker (Room 11), Mrs A Gladman – Unit co-ordinator (Room 10) and Mr Bower (Room 9)

Specialist Teachers – Mrs Birch (The Arts), Mr Pettit (Physical Education and Health), Mr Thompson (Information and Communication Technology) and Mrs Kent (LOTE).

For some children there is great excitement about finding out whom their classroom teacher is for the following year, while for others it is a time of concern and worry about the unknown. We have taken all areas of special consideration into account with classes and drawn upon previous paraprofessional, teacher and parent information where applicable. As always, as is the case in any school, not every student’s or parent’s wish can be accommodated for, but every endeavour has been made to place children in the best possible learning situation we have available. Be assured that every child’s wellbeing and learning is our number one consideration.

If your child comes home next week and does not seem happy please talk about ‘change’ as a necessary part of schooling and life. There are few choices available in Secondary School classes and Primary Schools are where students can learn to cope with change in a supported environment. It is also learning about the fact that sometimes you do not always get what you want, but you make the best of the situation and trust that the people who had composed the classes have spent many hours deciding upon final class compositions and that given time and positive parental support, you will be your child’s best asset.


Reports will be available in the last week of school.

Parents’ Club Raffle

Please think about a small donation item to the baskets to assist our wonderful Parents’ Club for their Christmas raffle for 2018. The range of gifts in each basket is a treat to receive as a pre-Christmas gift. There will be two ‘hundred square’ raffles as well on the evening. Please keep some change in order to buy some raffle tickets and help to raise some much needed funds towards our schools ability to purchase large and small items for the children of our school.


Congratulations to Ms Hill on her marriage on the weekend to Steve Menagaldo. We wish her and her family all the best for the future.

Melbourne Camp

Congratulations to all the children who attended Melbourne Camp last week. The activities planned were enjoyed by the students and the learning opportunities were immense. It is a huge camp with an enormous amount of pre-organisation prior to, and during, the event, so the senior staff are to be commended on their work for the children. Thank you to all the parents that assisted their children to be able to attend and a big thank you to Sharon Teague and Jason Gordon for attending year 6 camp and for their enormous assistance

Next Week at Lake Cullulleraine

Best wishes to the Year 5 students and staff for their Lake Cullulleraine Camp next week. We have had great support from parents with this Camp as well, and as always the children will no doubt love their time away. Ms Hawkes, Mr Baker, Mrs McNerny and Miss Chislett will be assisting with supervision at Lake Cullulleraine this year.

School Requisite Payment for 2019

School Council has approved the School Requisite payment for 2019. The Requisite payment for Prep to Grade 2 is $180.00 with the ICT Levy set at $35.00.

The Requisite payment for Grades 3-6 is $180.00 with the ICT Levy set at $100.00. This is for the students who HAVE NOT taken up the Lease to Purchase option.

School Entrance and Waiting Areas

Please be aware that under no circumstances is the double OUT roads to be used as an entry. We ask that everyone please use the entrance adjacent to the Uniting Church on Sandilong Avenue. The current traffic arrangements are for the safety of everyone (pedestrians and drivers). A second area of concern is the parking on either side of Sandilong Avenue as well as children walking and running across the road to get to their cars. As our school grows it is increasingly important to respect the people that live along Sandilong Avenue and not block their entry and exits or park on their lawns. With so many vehicles in the vicinity everyone must be extremely careful to ensure the safety of all children.

Prep Transition Days

As the Prep Transition days have come to an end it is time to reflect on the time the new students have had to get used to being a new student at our school. So far the new students have coped very well with the visits and the new Mums and Dads have had brief opportunities to chat with each other. Many of our new families have taken the opportunity to order their school uniforms and to ask some valuable questions. The children have spent some time in Room 1 and Room 2 with their respective teachers Ms Chislett and Mrs Leslie. The children swapped teachers and rooms this week. We have approximately 40 Preps at this stage of the year and may still have several more as we are yet to show some more families moving to the area around our school in the coming two weeks.

Behaviour at School

We expect very high standards and we ask that families support us with action to ensure that the highest standards of behaviour are upheld. We need all families to know that there will be no compromise to these expectations and that disrespectful comments or behaviour to other students or teachers will not be accepted. We take great care to live by our school values of Pride, Respect, Safety and Learning. We will not be allowing students who are deliberately disrespectful to fellow students and/or staff to participate in the end of year fun activities. The children who do the right thing every day deserve the opportunity to celebrate their year of hard work with a fun day that can be enjoyed from start to finish.

Staffing for 2019

After a number of weeks the teaching positions for next year have been almost finalised. When they are completed and classes are allocated we will advise the parent community via our newsletter.

Melbourne Camp

The children and staff have had a great week. We understand the sacrifices many parents have made to be able to allow their children to attend camp. Costs are always kept the absolute minimum but such a diverse camp is costly.

Christmas Concert Practises

Most classes have commenced a practise session a week and are perfecting their performances. If you have any queries at all about your child’s part in the Christmas program please contact their classroom teacher.

School Concert

The School concert is to be held on Tuesday 11 December on the school Oval. A BBQ tea commences at 6.00 PM with the first act commencing at 6.30 PM. We would love to see you all in attendance for this terrific performance by our school kids. If your child is not attending the concert, please make contact with the classroom teacher to advise them they will not be attending.

Foundation - Prep Orientation Sessions

Foundation - Prep orientation sessions are well underway with the second day occurring this week. Many of the children already have older siblings at the school and will find school to be a familiar environment. It is vital that if anyone is yet to complete their enrolment form that is done this week.

Students Leaving the School

If any families know that they will be transferring with work or relocating for other reason is it vital that we are notified as soon as possible. We can only employ staff based on firm numbers and we are in the process of finalising staffing for 2019. Please phone the school and advise Mr Baird or myself if this applies to you.

Lake Cullulleraine Camp Coming up Soon

All best to all the Grade 5 students preparing for their camp the week after next.

Return to School After a Vomiting Episode

The same rules apply in schools as Pre-schools and Kindergartens as to the exclusion time after a vomiting or diarrhoea event. The child must not return to school for a period of at least 24 hours – time from the last event. Over the last week we have had several students return to school before the 24 hour exclusion period. Without adhering to the exclusion period the infection will continue to be spread throughout the school community.

125th Year Open Day

Last Friday we would have had over 200 people look through the school and the photos in the General Purpose room. There were many very proud past teachers and students and their parents with so many stories to tell. Many took snapshots of our photographs and have sent these on to their friends.

It was such a pleasure to see our Year 6 leaders take people around the school all day and some remained until 6:00 PM to assist with tours. The positive reports of their tours was indicative of the good work the children do in their leadership roles.

A special thank you to Mrs Baird, Mrs Muller and Mrs Humphrey for their huge amount of time that they put in to the preparation for our Open Day and on the day itself. They had assistance from a number of staff who had any spare time during the set up day and actual day.

Thank you to Mrs Dea and Mrs Humphrey who remained in the office till late on Friday.

Also a thank you to Sue Rogers, Nerissa Giddings, Stacey Ablett-Wishart, Carolyn Bateman and others who assisted in the canteen for the duration of Friday and once again till late. The selection of slices and biscuits for our guests was a special addition to the day. Thank you also to Adrian Baird, John and Fiona Carra, Nerrisa Giddings, Rita Valentich, Sasha McClure, and Narissa Spain for cooking and serving the BBQ items.

Bunnings BBQ

Thank you to all the parents listed below that gave up their time to assist with the BBQ on Saturday on behalf of all parents. Once again they cleared over a thousand dollars. A mighty effort by everyone and so very much appreciated on behalf of all our students. After costs were taken out the total was $1,006.81. Many thanks again to the following parents - Maria-Louise Wilmore, Matthew Baker, Ben Stevenson, Matt Leslie, Geraldine Stewart, Brad & Desri Hollis, Joyce Schwarzbauer, Stam Panaretos, Rita Valentich, Narissa, Evan & Abbey Spain, Sasha, Mitch and Charlee McClure.

Melbourne Camp Next Week

We wish all the Year 6 students the very best for their week in Melbourne. Many hours of preparation are required for such a big camp with 5 days of activities, food, safety and accommodation to consider. The children have worked to have the privilege to attend and we know they will make us proud as always.

State Literacy Strategy Training

Today Mrs Baird and Miss Melsen will have completed 5 days of Intensive Literacy Training in the main areas of:

  • Reading,
  • The Reader’s Notebook,
  • Writing,
  • The Writer’s Notebook,
  • Vocabulary,
  • Speaking and Listening,
  • Substantive Talk and
  • Professional Learning Co-ordination

From this work they will, alongside the remainder of the leadership team pass on the professional learning to all members of staff in 2019.