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18th December

Grade 5/6 Activity Day

20th December

Grade 3/4 Activity Day

21st December

Grade 6 Graduation

22nd December

Last Day 2:15 PM dismissal


23rd January

Uniform Shop Open 8:00 AM to 12 noon.


Class lists for Preps will be sent out by mail with other relevant information for the beginning of the 2018 Prep year. The classes are now finalised and we very much look forward to their start in January. This is a very special time in the lives of these children. We love welcoming the new children to our school.

Classes for 2018

We have finalised classes for 2018 and will be advising all the students on the last day of school. The teachers have spent many hours collating and organising the groups. We have had a long list of requests from parents and we have done our very best to accommodate them, but it is near impossible to have all requests satisfied due to having to consider:

  • Gender balance
  • Students requests for friends
  • Students requests for preference not to be placed with another student due to past experiences
  • Teacher knowledge of friendships and the positive and negative effects in a classroom setting
  • Teacher initiated separations of students due to potential incompatible behaviours
  • Sibling separations
  • Staff preferring not teaching their own children
  • Distribution of students with special needs
  • Matching students with particular staff strengths, experience and expertise (training)
  • Class sizes matched within one or two places across the year level
  • Academic mix (all classes with an equal mix of students who are ‘below’, ‘at’ or ‘above’ expected grade level from an academic perspective at the anticipated entry point in 2018
  • Class proximity to toilets and office area for special needs students

As you can see from this list it is a complex process and is not taken lightly. Due care is always taken to ensure the best learning and social opportunity for each student.

School Concert

Thank you to all the staff and students who contributed to such a fantastic night. Thank you to Mrs Birch for co-ordinating the team for 2017. It is such a nice night for all families to relax and enjoy the celebration. It is great to see the enjoyment that students get out of learning and finally performing their dance and song. Thank you also to School Council members and Parents’ Club members for their assistance with the BBQ, food sales and raffles on the night.

Year 6 Graduation - 21st December

A very special night for Year 6 children will be held on Thursday evening 21st December. Some will say goodbye to their school, friends and teachers after seven years of attendance whereas others have come to us more recently. The presentation ceremony will be followed by a dinner then a disco. We hope all parents and friends enjoy the evening. Most of all we hope it will be a special memory for the Year 6 children and their Year 6 teachers. We are very proud of them as their parents no doubt are as well. We know many have had additional challenges at home and at school and they have been supported all the way to reach their Graduation by a team of caring people. One person in particular has been Mrs Muller in her well-being role. We wish nothing but the best for all of our Year 6 graduates as they head into the years that will prepare them to enter the workforce. Every day at school is important!

Final Comments for 2017

Once again it has been a privilege to be the Principal of a school which has such depth and diversity to its educational, community and extracurricular activities. The staff and parents have supported the school and operated as a caring and supportive team with all the best interests of the children at heart. All students get a quality education from the teacher dedication to better learning outcomes as a result of thorough planning.

Thank you to all the School Support Staff (office and classroom support) and Mrs Muller in her Primary Welfare Position (PWO). Schools all need teachers, but without the dedicated support team the work of teachers is near impossible. We thank Mrs Jill Jenner for her many years of dedicated service to our school prior to her retirement in May of this year and we have appointed Mrs Jillian Dea to complete the office team with Mrs Humphrey. Our teacher aides have supported our special needs students with great skill and integrity. Mrs Muller has been the contact person for many students and parents and has had a huge impact on a large number of students as they negotiate their way through life. Mr Brad Lever (Groundsman and Maintenance) has maintained our grounds with great care and enthusiasm. He has also assisted with many other tasks around the school that have been too numerous to mention.

Thank you also to Mrs Midgley in her role to support all funded students and all students with additional educational needs. The daily work has a huge impact on the lives of children who benefit greatly from another significant adult tracking their progress and setting up formal and informal communication with parents, staff, DET and outside paraprofessionals.

A huge thank you must also go to our specialist teachers Mrs Louise Kent (LOTE), Mr Dean Pettit (PE/Health), Mrs Heather Birch (The Arts) and Mr Thompson (ICT). Such passionate specialist teachers enhance the diverse learning opportunities for students in all year levels.

Congratulations and thank you to the Year 6 Captains and Vice Captains who have so ably led the school. They have represented us at school functions and have led our assemblies each fortnight. They will be major contributors to the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony next week.

Thank you to the very hard working, enthusiastic and talented teaching staff for their dedication to all the tasks that are involved in being a great teacher at Irymple Primary School. Like the students we strive to improve every year. We thank Mrs Sherry for a fantastic year in Room 7 and wish her all the best in her return to the English Language Centre as Leading Teacher.

We live in an age where the scrutiny of service providers generally is widespread and open to positive and negative feedback in the public domain. We must never lose the humble ability to praise and thank those who each year place a new piece in the puzzle to create the next generation of citizens in our society. It is always easy to criticise from afar, but it takes a loving and dedicated parent to think of all possibilities and then to talk directly to someone who can assist them. We have on the whole, amazing support from our parents and working as a team and getting to the bottom of concerns is our priority and ongoing commitment.

The Parents’ Club have had a wonderful year raising much needed funds to supplement the schools’ budget. In addition to this they have tirelessly worked to organise and run a Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stall, special lunches and the School Christmas Concert raffle. The members all support the canteen regularly and spend a substantial time raising funds for all the students in this school. They are a small, but much organised team and a pleasure to work alongside for the benefit of our children.

I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs Baird for her relieving of Mr Garry Beer during his extended sick leave for the first half of the year. Between Mrs Baird and Mr Beer the leadership support has been very much appreciated. In addition to this I would like to offer my thanks to the school ’Leadership Team’ including Miss Jess Melsen, Mrs Kerry Cornwall, Mrs Natalie McFarlane, Mrs Alice Baird, Mr Alan Baker and Mrs Narelle Bruhn. Their contribution to their teaching and learning teams has been outstanding. The members of the team represent their teams with professionalism and lead by example.

Thank you to the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (R, R and R, R) team (Mr Baker, Mrs Bruhn and Mrs Baird) who have undergone significant training this year to fulfill our role as a Lead School in the state of Victoria. This has been co-ordinated by Mrs Baird and supported by Mrs Bruhn and Mr Baker who have delivered 10 modules to the staff in readiness for teaching in our school in 2018. Last week an outline of the program was sent home by Mrs Baird and there has been a copy placed on our Website. This program is not to be confused with the ‘Safe Schools’ program initiated by the State Government into Secondary schools.

This year the Leadership Team (all unit leaders) completed the ‘Stronger Smarter” training with financial assistance from ‘School Focused Youth Services’. We are very grateful for this opportunity as the focus of the program is to always have ‘High Expectation Relationships’ with our colleagues, parents and students.

We are part way through whole staff training in the Berry Street Education Model. Our next two curriculum days will be devoted to finishing this training in 2018.

We have had a wonderful 2017 where the students have demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skills across the school. We are in the second year of our 2017 – 2020 Strategic Plan and well on track to achieve our four year targets.

Thank you to Mrs Sue Rodgers (Canteen Manager) and her dedicated helpers (both parents and students) for their help throughout the year. As with every new school year, we will need additional helpers in the canteen to see it maintained for the three days a week throughout the year. A small group have assisted with the big days of the year along with some are ex-parents and we appreciate their support in addition to the normal roster in order for the special order and special events days to be enjoyed by all.

We wish all those families moving with work and relocations all the very best and know that they will take many memories of this school with them whether through learning, friendships or strong school values. We will welcome many new families to our school in 2018 and look forward to all that they may contribute to our highly regarded school.

This will be our last newsletter for 2017. On behalf of all the staff at Irymple Primary School I would like to wish you all a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2017 Concert Videos

Videos for this years concert are now available. They are listed in order of appearance. Enjoy!

IPS Archived Videos

Sometimes it is amazing what we find in old storage cabinets that haven't been opened in years. With big thanks to a previous student of the school, we have found some of our old videos that current staff weren't aware we still had.

Our first find was of a video from 1957, originally recorded using 16mm film. It was converted to VHS format during the Centenary celebrations, and at some point was stored away for safe keeping, where over time, it was forgotten.

The video can be viewed on our School Media page, but a direct link can be used below.

Irymple Primary School - 1957

Irymple Primary School - 1993 School Concert - When the Swallows Come Back

Christmas Gifts

Some families may like some ideas for Christmas gifts to start the school year off next year. Things like a pencil case, coloured pencils, textas, a rubber, a ruler and so on. The school will no longer provide a new pencil case at the beginning of each new year to every student. The ones available to us were of poor quality and often abandoned in favour of personal ones before the end of Term 1. It is a saving we would like to put toward much needed whole school items and/or ICT programs that can be accessed at school and at home.

Grade 5 Camp

By all accounts from the teachers attending, the camp has gone well and the children have had a really interesting and amazing time. Thank you to Mr Baker, Ms Hawkes, Mrs Gladman, Mrs McNerney and Mr Pettit for their week (or part thereof) away with the children. We were lucky the big rains came before the camp.


Reports will be distributed in the last week of school.

Parents’ Club Raffle

Please think about making a small donation to the classroom baskets to assist our wonderful Parents’ Club for their Christmas raffle for 2017. The range of gifts in each basket are a treat to receive as a pre-Christmas gift. There will be two ‘hundred square’ raffles as well on the evening. Please keep some change in order to buy some raffle tickets at our Concert and help to raise some much needed funds towards our schools ability to purchase large and small items for the children of our school.

Classes for 2018

Classes as of the end of Week 9 are:

  • 2 x Prep classes - Mrs Floramo/Mrs Bruhn (Rm 1) and Miss Chislett (Rm 2).
  • 4 x 1/2 classes – Mrs Brown (Rm 3), Ms Melsen (Rm 4), Mrs Webb (Rm 5) and Mrs Leslie/Mrs Birch (Rm 6).
  • 4 x 3/4 classes – Mrs Cornwall (Rm 14), Ms Scholz (Rm 15), Mrs Baird/Ms Hill (Rm 12) and Miss Enright (Rm 13).
  • 4 x 5/6 classes – Mrs Mcfarlane (Rm 8), Mr Baker (Rm 11), Mrs A Gladman (Rm 10) and Ms Hawkes/Mr Pettit (Rm 9).
  • Specialist Teachers – Mrs Birch (The Arts), Mr Pettit (Physical Education and Health), Mr Thompson (Information and Communication Technology) and Mrs Kent (LOTE).

For some children there is great excitement about finding out whom their classroom teacher is for the following year, while for others it is a time of concern and worry about the unknown. We have taken all areas of special consideration into account with classes and drawn upon previous paraprofessional, teacher and parent information where applicable. As always, as is the case in any school, not every student’s or parent’s wish can be accommodated for, but every endeavour has been made to place children in the best possible learning situation we have available. Be assured that every child’s wellbeing and learning is our number one consideration. If your child comes home next week and does not seem happy please talk about ‘change’ as a necessary part of schooling and life. There are few choices available in Secondary School classes and Primary Schools are where students can learn to cope with change in a supported environment. It is also learning about the fact that sometimes you do not always get what you want, but you make the best of the situation and trust that the people who had composed the classes have spent many hours deciding upon final class compositions and that given time and positive parental support, you will be your child’s best asset.

Next Week at Lake Cullulleraine

Best wishes to the Year 5 students and staff for their Lake Cullulleraine Camp next week. We have had great support from parents with this Camp, and as always, the children will no doubt love their time away. Mr Baker, Ms Hawkes, Mrs Gladman and Ms McNerney will be assisting with supervision at Lake Cullulleraine this year.

School Entrance and Waiting Areas

Please be aware that under no circumstances is the double OUT roads be used as an Entry. We ask that everyone please use the entrance adjacent to the Uniting Church on Sandilong Avenue. The current traffic arrangements are for the safety of everyone (pedestrians and drivers). A second area of concern is the parking on either side of Sandilong Avenue, as children are walking and running across the road to get to cars. As our school grows, it is increasingly important to respect the people that live along Sandilong Avenue, and not block their entry and exits, or park on their lawns. With so many vehicles in the vicinity everyone must be extremely careful to ensure the safety of all children.

Prep Transition Days

As the Prep Transition days concluded this week, the parents and children involved got a better idea of what next year will feel like. The new students have coped very well with the visits and the new Mums and Dads have had brief opportunities to chat with each other. Many of our new families have taken the opportunity to order their school uniforms and to ask some valuable questions. The children have spent some time in Room 1 and Room 2 with their respective teachers. The children swapped teachers and rooms this week. We have 40 Preps at this stage of the year and may still have several more as we are yet to show some more families moving to the area around our school.

Year 6 Melbourne Camp

The Year 6 Melbourne camp is now complete with very good reports as always regarding the student’s behaviour and involvement in the learning opportunity. Thank you very much to Mr Beer, Mrs McFarlane, Mrs Gladman, and Mr Carra for attending the camp with the children. We appreciate the fact that staff are away from their families for a whole week as well. We thank all the parents who gave their children the opportunity to go. We realise that families often go without themselves to ensure that their children have such opportunities. Thank you to Mr John Carra for assisting as the parent on camp.

Behaviour at School

We expect very high standards and we ask that families support us with actions to ensure that the highest standards of behaviour are upheld. This applies to students that have come to our school more recently from other schools for a fresh start. We need all families to know that there will be no compromise to these expectations and that disrespectful comments or behaviour to other students or teachers will not be accepted. We take great care to live by our school values of Pride, Respect, Safety and Learning.

Staffing for 2018

After a number of weeks the teaching positions for next year have been finalised. We do not have any new staff members in 2018 and will operate with 14 classes. We will continue to Offer LOTE (Italian) Prep – 2 and PE, ICT and ART from Prep – 6. Classroom teachers will be published in a future Newsletter once the allocation process has been completed.

Farewell to 2 of our International students

Telek and Teyai have been at our school for the past 12 months after a short time at the English Language Centre. They came to us from Thailand in 2016. We have enjoyed their contribution to our school and we have been proud of the way that they have made friends and worked so hard to achieve so well academically. The boys have travelled each day from Robinvale to attend our school and we wish them all the best with their future studies as they transfer to Irymple Secondary College.

Uniforms for 2018

Please start placing your order if you are in need of replacements as the Uniform Shop is fully stocked and will allow transactions to be undertaken before the rush of items for the new Preps. Thank you to Kerryn Harberger, Nerrisa Giddings and Stam Panaretos who are in the uniform shop to assist parents for two afternoons every week. As the year draws to an end, I would like to thank the ladies and any other parents who may have assisted them as needed. They volunteer to assist all students at our school and it is very much appreciated.