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Athletics Day

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Father's Day Stall

Sports Day Practise

Congratulations to all the students that have been practising for the Sports Day in PE classes, sport time and break times. We hope for a good day and remind all students to put sunscreen on at home if possible. Hats are essential on the day. The Uniform Shop have plenty of house T-shirts ready for parents to purchase if necessary. If you are unsure of your child’s house colours please check at the Front Office. Please organise as soon as possible to prevent a rush on the last couple of days.

Parents are welcome on Sports day to purchase a tea or coffee from the canteen with a home-made biscuit or to pre-order their lunch.

Social Media Etiquette (rules) for All Ages

The same rules of decency and etiquette apply online as in the ‘real world’ about how to treat other people. Unfortunately, people of all ages do not always treat each other well online, and you may find at any time that you have unwittingly become the target of cyber-bullying or a personal attack, based on loosely related facts or fiction. People of all ages can have rumours spread about them online, receive nasty messages or even threats. It can happen any hour of the day, from people they know, and sometimes people they don’t know. It can leave the strongest of human beings feeling unsafe and alone. All adults are in a position to prevent events that may cause harm. The Police now have quite strong powers to address issues that involve adults and children in matters that may relate to false or defamatory information being posted on-line to target a person or organisation such as a school. Our students receive constant information to prevent this from happening to them, but for parents the information is sometimes limited.

Tips to tell your children:

  • Keep the evidence. This can be useful in tracking the bully down. Save texts, emails, online conversations or voicemails as proof. This also assists teachers if it is linked in any way to school or in the event the police become involved to assist.
  • Ignore it. Don’t respond to the bully. If they don’t get a response they may get bored and go away.
  • Block the person. This will stop you seeing messages or texts from a particular person.
  • Tell someone. Tell mum or dad, or another adult you trust. Or you can call Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800, visit their website or contact the Cyber-smart Online Helpline service.

You or Your Child May Report it to:

  • A teacher at school—all Schools have policies in place about bullying and cyber-bullying and will always investigate it.
  • You’re ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or phone provider or the website administrator as there are actions they can take to help.
  • The police—if there is a threat to your safety the police will help. Call Triple Zero (000) or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  • Reference:

See our school website for more links to great advice to help stay safe with technology.

Parents’ Club Events

Please start to put aside a few dollars for this year’s Fathers’ Day stall. The Fathers’ Day stall will have a huge range of items for the children to choose from at a variety of prices. Thank you to everyone who supported the 5 cent coin donation challenge and to the extended families that assisted as well.

Parent Opinion Survey

Thank you to everyone who has received the online survey and hopefully completed it as with the new on-line system we have no way to count the returns. It does take time and we appreciate the time taken to complete the survey. If you are yet to complete it please do so and if you have any computer or internet issues there are plenty of computers that can be accessed at school. Just let us know at the office if you require any assistance.

Athletics Sports Day – 23rd August

Keep some time available if you have the opportunity to visit your child on Sports Day scheduled for 23rd August, 2018. All parents are welcome to attend and watch their children participate. Some parents may be asked to briefly assist at some of the events. Cups of coffee, tea, drinks and biscuits will be available at the school canteen on the day. Sue, our Canteen Manager, has a terrific Sports Day menu for parents as well so please order if you wish. Please get in early and have your House T-shirts organised well in advance of the day as we are usually inundated the day before and the morning of Sports Day.

The Importance of Sleep for School-aged Children (5-12 years)

The importance of sleep for school age children cannot be underestimated. Children from ages 5 to 12 often need more sleep than most adults and require around 8 – 10 hours. Poor or inadequate sleep can lead to children with difficult behaviours and the inability to learn. Children that cope best with the busy school day tend to have:

  • A bedtime routine e.g. clean teeth, read a book and settle to bed.
  • A dark, cool room in summer and dark warm room in winter.
  • A quiet room to sleep in.
  • A comfortable bed.
  • No computer, IPad, IPhone or Television in the room. (noise distractions)
  • A warm milk drink, but NOT a caffeine based drink such as coffee or tea.

School Parent Survey

The survey for the parents that were randomly selected was live on line from 23rd July, 2018. We do not choose who receives a survey as it is electronically selected from our enrolment list. We appreciate your time and commitment to the process. Thank you in advance to all the participants who complete the online survey - we are always very appreciative of all parents that take the time to participate. The cut-off date for completion on line is Sunday 26th August, 2018.

Berry Street - Curriculum Day

On Tuesday we had our last day of four professional learning days with Mr Tom Brunzell. We have been learning about the Berry Street Educational Model and have been assisted to seek:

  • An increased understanding and awareness of what sustains a good childhood
  • Wider and more effective action directed at the improvement of adverse experiences.

It is based on the principles that:

  • Strong Relationships matter between students and between teachers and students.
  • Teachers can make a difference to all children if they love what they do and are assisted to do what they do.
  • Every lesson can involve academic and psycho-education. (Self-education using one’s mind and body in a positive way).
  • Visible learning and stamina for academic growth are both vital for growth and well-being.
  • By incorporating safe and predictable structures for students, even the students with the most challenging needs will have them better met.

Thank you to all the staff for their participation in the learning and for its daily application in classes.

Canteen Assistants

Please call in and see Sue if you are able to assist in the canteen even if only once a term (4 times per year). It is a nice way to meet new people and to meet many of our students and staff. We welcome parents with children to participate. Sue has a host of toys for helper’s children to play with in the GP room providing that a class does not need the General Purpose room at the same time.

PREP 2019 – Sibling Enrolments

If you already have children at school and are yet to complete an enrolment form for 2019 for a new Prep student we encourage you to complete the process as soon as possible. We are nearing finalising our 2019 prep enrolment projected list and also staffing projections for Prep for next year.

Curriculum Day 31st July – Week 3 - PUPIL FREE

Next week on Tuesday 31st July, we will have our 4th and final day of our Berry Street Education training. It will be a pupil free day. Berry Street have a very extensive website if anyone would like to read further about the work of our staff.

Mobile Phones at School

Mobile Phones are to be left at the office or given to the classroom teacher during the day and collected after school. We ask that all families support us with this approach as it still allows use before and after school that has been approved by the parents and does not impact on any other students or learning time.

Alpha Show Performance - Sleeping Beauty

Thank you to Mrs Birch for organising the event again this year. Yet again it was a fabulous show for all age groups and staff to enjoy. It always has a message to the presentation and some thoughts for the children to take away and apply at school and at home.

Book Week Day

Again we have a day to celebrate Book Week in our school. This year the theme is ‘Find Your Treasure’. The date is Friday 17th August. With significant notice for all children to prepare it should be an enjoyable and colourful parade. For the Year 6 students it is their last opportunity to dress up and have fun with the other children on Book Day. We have a wonderful reading culture within our school and so many opportunities are opened up in life if students leave Primary School as competent readers and have developed stamina in reading. It is a real pleasure to walk around the school and see so many students engrossed in their books each morning.

Camp Payments

Please begin thinking about finalising all payments so that staff can move on to the finer details of planning. We try and assist all families with the approximate costs at the beginning of the year, provide payment booklets if required and meet with any parents having financial difficulties. Thank you to all the parents who have worked through the payments for what is an amazing camp program at our school.

On-Line Parent Surveys Distributed

This week the Parent Opinion Survey was distributed to our randomly selected families. Log in details have been emailed and posted as needed. They usually take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete and we ask that everyone who received a survey, to please complete all the questions at your leisure and by the stated due date. The de-identified collated results are forwarded back to the school in about mid-September. All the feedback is useful and forms a part of our school being able to celebrate what it does well. We always aim to be ‘The Best That We Can Be”.


Congratulations to everyone that has made the effort to be in full school uniform as we return for the winter chills of early Term 3. Thank you to all the parents who continue to drop in uniforms to Mrs Muller which students have grown out of. It provides a steady supply of good quality pre-loved uniforms that can be available for families in need or for emergency situations at school.

Come and Try Prep Morning

On Wednesday we had our Come and Try Prep morning. This was a lovely opportunity to meet our prospective new Preps and to get them used to the school situation. We have two classes at least for next year.

2019 – Prep Enrolments

Please ensure that all enrolment forms for children starting school in 2019 are left at the front office as soon as possible. The earlier we can finalise numbers the earlier we can plan for the 2019 staffing needs. If you know any families outside of the school that intend to enrol children here in 2019 please ask them to collect an enrolment form within the next week. At this stage we will have two Foundation (Prep) classes planned for 2019. Should we get additional enrolments we are in an excellent position to meet these needs and create a third class.


Congratulations to Josh Furey for representing Sunraysia last Thursday at the State Schools Cross Country Championships. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was pleased with his performance. It is a very challenging competition with many of the competitors that our students run against being a part of Athletics Clubs and many also have their own running and fitness coaches. A mighty effort!

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our families and students for Term 3. We are ready for a big term of learning and extracurricular activities such as the Athletics Sports, Book Week day and many more classroom level activities.

Semester 2 Captains and Vice Captains

Congratulations to the Semester 2 Captains ( Chloe Williams and Declan Gordon) and Vice Captains (Lara Phillips and Destiny Harris). The day to day interaction and good citizenship is of prime importance along with the written application. This is a most important selection. Thank you to all the other students who applied and for their high regard for the position. We wish them all the best in their leadership roles. The appointed students will ready their applications to read at our first Assembly.

Thank you

Thank you to the outgoing Captains and Vice Captions from Semester 1. They have done an outstanding job and increased their leadership and public speaking skills enormously. We wish them all the best as they continue to be strong leaders in the school. We look forward to their daily leadership contributions and additional organisational and public speaking roles during their Year 6 Presentation Evening. All four students have set a very high standard for the Semester 2 Captains to aspire to.

Parent Opinion Survey

This week the details to access the Annual Parent Opinion survey will be distributed to random families selected by the DET’s Computer system. The survey will be conducted from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 26th August. If selected, you will receive an information letter and details to log into the survey. Approximately 50 families are invited by the system to complete the survey and it should take no more than 10 -15 minutes to complete. The teachers have a survey to complete as well as the students.

The responses are matched to the parent survey to gauge trends from the whole school community which is then released in each year’s Annual Report. We are hoping to get a 100% return rate. It can be a very positive way to give feedback. It is not a forum for complaints that should have been directed to the school at the time of an incident in order for it to be dealt with in an appropriate and timely fashion. Thank you in advance to anyone selected by the Department of Education and Training (DET).

One of the areas that parents seem to rate us poorly on, is Extracurricular Activities – it requires some clarification as it does not refer to afterschool care or teacher provided after school activities. It refers to all the things in and out of the classroom that are in addition to the structured Victorian Curriculum - extra to the cognitive curriculum.

We realise that some questions can be confusing in the survey and to assist with the understanding we have listed just some of the ‘Extra-curricular Activities’ at our school that occur most years – this list is not exhaustive but a well-rounded snapshot:

  • School Camps – excursion and incursions at all levels Before school activities e.g. tennis
  • Grip Leadership Course Visiting performances – The Arts
  • Grade 2 School Sleepover Athletics sports
  • Swimming Sports Swimming Lessons
  • WOW program Catholic – Religious Education
  • Major Excursions which include Swan Hill, Rose’s Gap, Melbourne and Lake Cullulleraine
  • Year 5/6 Grip Leadership Course Grade 3/4 Activity Day
  • Grade 5/6 Activity Day
  • Interschool Sport – summer and winter Cross Country
  • Specialty hockey, soccer, cricket, tennis and football clinics held at school
  • Lightning Premiership - Interschool School competitions – Netball and Football
  • Book Week Day Alpha Show
  • Special Canteen days
  • Special SRC Days
  • Art Club during lunch times Library Activities
  • Visiting dog training personnel Choir
  • School Concert/Carols Anzac Day Ceremony
  • Year 5/6 Peer Support Training and program delivery Mini Show
  • Naidoc Week Activities Emergency Services demonstrations
  • Flying Doctor Demonstration

2019 Foundation (Prep) Enrolments

2019 Prep Enrolments are due to be left at the front office if they have not already been completed. We have strong enrolments so far.

Please reassure interested parents that it is of no consequence whether children have attended a particular room at any Kindergarten or Early Learning program at any Early Learning Centre. Often parents’ home circumstances change from when their child starts an early learning situation, compared to when their child starts school. With the addition of such a large number of housing blocks being available near to our school some people have started at inner city Kindergartens, but will soon move into a new residence and wish to start at the school where their children will remain. We are also in quite a unique situation where many parents avail themselves of Kindergartens in town to be closer to parent work situations. Most years we draw children from at least 5 different Pre-School Kindergartens or Early Learning Centres. We ask that all new parents make an appointment to have a chat if they are unsure of their child’s readiness or if they are concerned about friendship groups that they have outside of the school previous to starting. We are developing good contacts with our main feeder providers of Early Childhood services and look forward to a wonderful transition to school for all our new Foundation (Prep) students in 2019.

We receive transition documents from each Early Year’s provider and they provide marvellous information to assist with the smooth transition of the children. Our transition program is well underway and we have again guaranteed two classes with the possibility of three again in 2019. We make a commitment to all our parents that we will always keep classes as low in number as possible according to the funding that we have available to us. We are excited about welcoming our new students to the Come and Try morning next Wednesday 25th July.

Term 3

We look forward to a great Term 3 and encourage all parents to continue their support for all their children and our school in any way that is appropriate for them. We know that everyone is not available all the time for special events, classroom support, Parents’ Club activities and Canteen support, but we do appreciate all the little bits of time that parents and carers give our children and our school whenever they are able to. The listening of children read for even 20 minutes a week is helping to assist the reading development of a number of children. Being on time and at school every day gives every child the best possible chance to be exposed to our ‘high expectations for all’ curriculum. We wish everyone the best for Term 3.