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Reports and Report Writing Day

Congratulations to all the parents that were able to celebrate the work of Semester 1 with their children while reading their reports and while attending the Parent Teacher Interviews this past Tuesday. Thank you to all the staff for their time on the day as well. Much preparation goes into report writing and Interview Day and it is very much appreciated by the school community. If you were unable to attend please ensue that you make a time to meet with your child’s teacher early in Term 3. Thank you to the senior students that came in to share their learning journey with their parents via a personal presentation.

On-line GAMES of Concern

We are wanting to draw parent’s attention to two games that are causing huge distress to some children in our school.

The first one is:

Fortnite: Please be aware that children (as young as Year 1) are planning to meet on line and engage in these games together. It can be highly addictive and has the potential to cost money to be able to stay in the game. Already we have needed to sort out arguments from children who seem unable to leave the game thoughts and challenges at home. It is a highly competitive game and involves killing.

The second one is:

The Charlie Charlie Challenge: This is a re-emergence of an old Spanish game, but it has evolved to involve dares and threats of death to other children if they do certain things e.g. If your pencil spins to the right you will die today.

Both games are for children 13+ and need constant supervision where the computer is always in sight. So far this has involved about 20 children being aggressive and/or distressed by the games. We want the awareness of the possible negative effects to be made available so that parents are able to explore the games themselves and know exactly what is being said and done on-line when children are so young and sometimes unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.

Captains and Vice Captains for 2018 – Semester 2

The captains will be announced at Assembly on Friday and the 4 captains for Semester 2 will read their application letter during the first assembly of Term 3. Congratulations to all four students on a great effort.

Quick Lost Property Check

With the onset of the colder weather please come and have a look and see if any lost item/s is/are located in the lost property area. There are at least 20 jackets without names on them in the hanging area.

5 cent Coin Competition – Parents’ Club Fund Raiser

Starting day 1 of Term 3 each room will have a sealed bottle for the collection of 5 cent coins. Every class including the teachers will have a collection tub. Parents’ club have offered a prize for the class that wins the competition for the collection of the most coins. The competition only goes for two full weeks. So the challenge is to collect as many 5 cent coins as you can during the holidays to get your class off to a good start. Our target is $2000 in total.

Pie Drive Thank You – Parents’ Club Fundraiser

Thank you to all the parents and families that purchased so many pies at the end of Term 2. A big thank you to those parents that came in for the morning to sort all the pies ready for pickups. It has been a wonderful fundraiser for 2018. To sell over 2,000 pies in total, is a truly magnificent effort by so many families.

Tabloid Sports Day

Thank you to the senior students that assisted with the day – this was a great leadership opportunity for the students. Thank you also to Mr Pettit for his assistance with the preparations for the day. A fabulous time was had by all involved.

Little Day Out

Thank you to Mrs Floramo and Ms Chislett for attending the Little Day Out last Friday on behalf of our school to enable parents to ask questions about our school and to field inquires about potential Prep students for 2019.

End of Term Best Wishes

Thank you to all the staff for a great start to the year and for the hard work of our children. We hope all families have a safe and happy holiday. We will look forward to seeing everyone back for the second half of the year on Monday 16th July - Semester 2.

Take Home Readers

Each year we try to update and clarify around the home reader levels that our Prep to Year 3 students read. The readers that children take home are usually always at what is called an EASY LEVEL – this means that they can read the words (decode) with 95 out of every 100 words or more being accurate – or if the book has less than 100 words the accuracy level still must be at least 95%. In addition to this they must be able to have an in depth conversation about the text and recall facts presented in the text (to demonstrate literal understanding) as well as what the author intended us to get, but did not say it directly in the text (to demonstrate inferential understanding). Some questions may be about the ‘big idea’ presented in the text and be wanting an evaluative understanding of the text. The home reader therefore is a teaching and evaluation tool. It is not to be confused with a pleasure book a child may read at home that appears to be ideal as they can decode it and make meaning of the text. Please talk with your child’s teacher as they will be listening to your child read and be conducting reading conferences and guided reading to confirm the levels on a weekly to fortnightly basis. Several things to note are that:

  • Working through reading levels is not a race – it is about reading maturity.
  • Every level may take a different amount of time – sometimes weeks.
  • Never compare the levels to other children in the class as it is important to know every child’s reading history.
  • Children who read every night and talk to their parents about the book tend to progress faster and with stronger reading comprehension that is transferable to other areas of the curriculum.

As a general rule we like all:

  • Preps at the end of their first year at school to be between Level 5 and 10 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.
  • Year 1 students at the end of the year to be at least Level 15 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.
  • Year 2 students at the end of the year to be at or above Level 20 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.
  • Year 4 students to be above Level 30 – many children are able to read higher than this and this is to be celebrated.

All the above must be reached with comprehension between 95 to 100%.

Reading is a complex cognitive process and involves “Learning to Read” and “Reading to Learn”. There is much more to the knowledge and skills required than just the measurement of levels.

If you have any questions please ask your child’s classroom teacher or contact me for an appointment.

Semester 2 Captains and Vice Captains

Congratulations to the new Captains and Vice Captains who are in the process of being selected for Semester 2. We know they will continue the great work started by their fellow class members in Semester 1. The successful students will be announced at assembly on the last day of Term 2.

Parent - Teacher Interviews and Portfolio Presentations (Year 5 and 6)

We look forward to seeing all the parents of children in attendance at their children’s Interview or Presentation sessions on Tuesday 26th June. If you are not going to be able to attend or if something unforeseen comes up on the day that prevents your attendance, please phone the school immediately and make a firm time to see your child/ren’s teachers in the near future. It is important for future reference that the school should be notified through a quick phone call if attendance is not possible as a matter of courtesy – we have had some instances in the past where whole families have not turned up and as many as 3 or 4 teachers have had other parents waiting unnecessarily. It is very important to maintain the contact with your child/ren’s teacher/s. Children across the school have done some challenging and high quality work during Semester 1 and we are proud of their effort and achievements. Mrs Baird and I have now read every students report across the school and there will be many very proud parents and carers.

Little Day Out

Today Mrs Floramo and Miss Chislett attended the “Little Day Out” to showcase our school and what it has to offer our prospective Prep students. They fielded inquiries and questions about our school from students who will start next year and in the next few years. Thank you to our Prep teachers for the support of this event.

After School Care - Trinity Lutheran School

Please make sure you read page 4 of this newsletter regarding changes to the Management and Operations of the After School Care Program at Trinity Lutheran School.


Please ensure that if you are ordering for your children that they know what they are getting in their order and if an item needs to be collected during the break. Sometimes the children (particularly the younger ones) are not aware of the drink or ice-cream that is to be collected from the canteen. When the lunches are returned to the rooms, the classroom teachers distribute them to the children. If the children believe there is anything missing they are to tell their teacher and go immediately to the canteen. Any time an error is brought to their attention it is always resolved as quickly as possible so that no students are ever disadvantaged. In the unlikely event that an item is unavailable the students will be given a substitute of equal value or their money back. The canteen workers are a dedicated group of parents who give up their time to volunteer and do an amazing job week in and week out. The canteen is run as a service to our children and not as a money making venture for our school. Without the help of volunteers the canteen would not be able to operate for the three days a week that it does. Thank you very much, to all the people who have worked in the Canteen for Terms 1 and 2. It has been really gratifying to have a few new Mums and Dads join the list and who will be available into the future.

On-Line Booking System for Parent Interviews

This week, details for parents to place their online bookings ready for parent/ teacher interviews on 26th June were sent home. We hope it will be convenient for our parents in preparation for interviews and to give flexibility when booking. If you need any further assistance contact your child’s teacher with a note. We look forward to seeing everyone come in to talk about their child’s learning and progress in 2018. We will share a range of information with you and the opportunity to ask questions will be a part of the process. Please remember if you feel you need more time than provided on the day, make another time which is convenient for you and the teacher. It is important that everyone is punctual and finishes their interview on time to be fair to all the others who came before and after them.

Addressing Inappropriate Use of Facebook

As Principal of Irymple Primary school, it is my role to ensure the safety, security, health and wellbeing of all of our staff and students.

I am committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect, fairness and dignity. I expect all employees, students, parents and people within the school community to act accordingly.

This approach is supported by Department of Education and Training policy. The Department’s Dignity and Respect Statement confirms that unacceptable behaviour, harassment and threats will not be tolerated in Victorian Government schools. A copy of this policy can be found on the Department’s website

This approach is also clearly communicated in our school policies which see inappropriate use of social media as being contrary to our school values of “Pride, Respect, Safety and Learning.”

Any incident where a student or staff member from our school is subjected to unreasonable and disrespectful comments will be dealt with immediately and in accordance with DET Policy and according to State and Federal Laws.

As such, unreasonable and disrespectful behaviour cannot be tolerated for the following reasons:

  • It is contrary to Department and School Policies.
  • It is contrary to the terms and conditions of Facebook.
  • It may also amount to a criminal offence under State and/or Federal law.

This may include the following:

  • Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence (Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth))
  • Stalking (Crimes Act 1958 (Vic))
  • Using an on-line information service to publish or transmit objectionable material (Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Act 1995 (Vic))

It may be grounds for other legal action such as defamation proceedings.

Schools have an obligation to report all such incidences to the Department of Education.

We can request immediate removal of any content that makes inappropriate comments regarding the school and school staff. We can also contact the Facebook administrator and request that the offensive Facebook post or posts be removed. Some comments would see automatic referral to the police for their consideration of whether any of the behaviour on the Facebook page would amount to criminal activity.

We always encourage parents to contact the school to discuss any matters that relate to children’s education, safety, health and wellbeing. However, this should be done by contacting the school and arranging a meeting with the appropriate staff at a mutually convenient time and place. This works very well for the majority of parents and carers for the majority of time and any issues can be discussed and addressed very quickly and amicably. We are guided by DET policies and procedures and we take pride in our daily and respectful interactions with parents and carers.

Eisteddfod Results

Each year a large number of our students enter the Mildura Eisteddfod. If your child has participated and you would like to share the results with the school community please drop in the ‘Name’ and ‘Results’ to Mrs Humphrey at the office for placement in upcoming Newsletters. We have heard of some commendable results but need to be accurate in our celebration of their efforts.

School Requisite Payment Reminder

We still have a number of parents that have as yet not paid the school requisite payment and we ask that these be attended to as soon as possible. Reminder statements have now been sent home in the event the payment has been overlooked. With major replenishment needed across the school, the money is required to provide for every child between now and the end of the year. Without the best effort by all, this is increasingly difficult to maintain.

Assembly Presentations

As a result of queries from parents each year I will outline the background to some of the awards offered each fortnight. For new parents this is a new question for them and needs some clarification.

‘The Worker of the Fortnight’ is based purely around the ideal ‘Habits of Mind’ that are evidenced by:

  • Good Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Persistence
  • Getting Along and
  • Confidence

Academic Effort – is awarded for outstanding EFFORT during the past fortnight. It can be awarded for example, for a move from a very low base to a higher level, but essentially rewards a student for having an exceptional effort in addition to what is expected every day.

This can be awarded by:

  • The Classroom Teacher
  • The LOTE Teacher
  • The Arts Teacher
  • The ICT Teacher
  • The PE Teacher

Classroom and Specialist teachers have a minimum number of awards to give and sometimes a student may receive two awards at assembly as each teacher selects in isolation. Names are then placed in the Newsletter, transferred to the certificates and readied for presentation at assembly. Each child always receives a typed reason on their certificate stating what they have achieved their award for. In addition to the presentation we are training the Captains and Vice Captains to develop their public speaking and presentation skills. With our mid-year (end of Semester 1) change over, this allows eight students to develop their leadership skills rather than the same four all year.

I can assure you that if a student receives more than one award or children from the same family receive awards on the same day, it’s purely coincidental because as stated above, no two teachers have any access to anyone else’s nominations.

Enrolment Reminder

Please drop in completed enrolment forms for all children starting Prep next year – this is especially necessary if you already have children at school as we need firm numbers as soon as possible. Please remember to bring a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation Record. Immunisation Records are to be a print out from Medicare.

Thank You

Thank you to our two Captains (Kacey and Morgan) and Vice Captains (Madison and Richael ) who have worked so hard to represent our school this semester. Their leadership skills have grown immensely and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They have conducted all of our assemblies and truly made us very proud. We look forward to announcing the Captains and Vice Captains shortly for Semester 2, as I am sure they too, will do a fine job on behalf of the school.

Book Fair

Thank you to all the staff, who gave their valuable time during the report writing period to operate the book fair – especially Mrs Humphrey. Thank you to all the parents who supported their children to buy books to read. It is a great way to show children how much worth is in daily reading. Thank you to both Mrs Humphrey and Mrs Muller for making the Saturday morning opening possible to enable family members to select books with their children. This year we were able to add over $600 in books to our Library through the commission we made. Again, a big thank you to all.