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Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 2. We hope everyone enjoyed the company of their children while not having to work within a school timetable. The weather was certainly kind for outdoor activities with our extended warm autumn. We wish everyone all the best for Term 2 at school.

Term 2 is a busy term and includes: Anzac Day, School Cross Country, NAPLAN assessment, Mid - YearReports, Prep Open Days, Education Week, hosting student teachers from La Trobe University and many more extra curricula activities as well.

Healthy Lunches Essential to Learning

Keep providing the healthiest lunches as possible for all children as it is a great marker of success in theclassroom. The ‘5 Food Group Checklist’ is a helpful tool to evaluate the best lunch possible that includes the following:

  1. Vegetables and legumes/beans
  2. Fruit
  3. Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fibre varieties
  4. Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes/beans
  5. Milk, yoghurt cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat

Please refrain from sending snacks that are high in salt, sugar and fat. We often hear children say, “I have a special treat today”, and this consists of a lolly or chocolate which unfortunately remain on the teeth from lunch time (11.00am) until bedtime. Nutritious food is an investment in a ‘long and healthy life’ for our children. We are pleased to see many children bringing sandwiches, wraps and a variety of fresh fruit for their lunches. We maintain a healthy Canteen that is State Government compliant for the provision of lunches to children. Sue updates the menu to align with the seasons and we are lucky to have such a healthy range of foods that are enjoyed by the students and staff. Even her homemade biscuits are modified in sugar content in order to comply with the Canteen guidelines.

NAPLAN testing

The Mathematics and English testing that is Australia wide will take place WEEK 5 on 15th, 16th and 17th May, 2018. It will involve all Year 3 and 5 students in our school. It is important that all students have an early night before each of these days and a substantial breakfast as they are concentrating for long periods of time under test conditions. It is a series of tests that cannot be studied for and are based on all the teaching and learning that has happened to that point in time for each student. For Year 3 students for example it is all that has been learned from Prep till May in Year 3 and for Year 5 students all that has been learned from Prep to May in Year 5. We do our best to prepare the students for the test taking techniques that go with NAPLAN so that they are not disadvantaged by lack of exposure to the types of questions sprinkled through each test such as multiple choice questions, choose between given answers, one word answers etc.

Some parents request that their students be exempt in exceptional circumstances and sometimes the school will contact parents as children who have a particular disability and/or learning impairment may not benefit from the testing regime and may not cope with the situation at all. If your child is exempt due to a particular learning disability you will be notified by the Principal and/or classroom teacher before the testing takes place. We have in the past done quite well in both Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN areas and this is largely attributed to past and present teachers and the time parents spend with their children in normal day to day activities at home. It is essential that all children are present at school unless genuinely sick as by the Friday we are required to have done our best to catch up all students that have missed a day for any reason.

Interschool Cross Country

On Tuesday 8th May, 2018 the Division Interschool Cross Country will be held in Mildura and our top female and male Cross Country runners in Years 3,4, 5 & 6 will be participating. Selection will be based on the results of tryouts that will be held during lunchtimes during the early weeks of the term.

Success at the Interschool Cross Country event can lead to an invitation to run in Melbourne in several months time. Children who qualify will be given a note to take home, asking for parent permission to attend and parent assistance with transport. Any child travelling with any teacher or parent must have express permission to travel to and from the event in a private vehicle which must have comprehensive insurance. This NOTE must be returned on 4th May. Parents are welcome to attend the school event and are most welcome to assist with marshalling at checkpoints and marking laps for students – Please let Mr Pettit know if you can be of any assistance.

Snake Care

Over the last two weeks of Term 1 at least three juvenile snakes were seen and removed from school grounds. With the continued warm weather over the break please remind all children to be aware of their surrounds when moving to and from school until the conditions cool off consistently.

Parent Provided Tissues

Thank you to the parents that have donated already to their class - we very much appreciate your support to maintain the best possible health standards in our rooms. We have had wonderful support this year and appreciate every donation made to our school.

Morning Arrival, Encouraging Independence and Late Arrival Information

Please be aware that if you drop your children at school too early there is no formal supervision before 8:30am. From 8:30am onwards is ideal to ensure a steady drop off rate from the car park and for the general safety of all children arriving by car.

Please encourage your children to take their own belongings to the classroom and unpack items themselves. We want the students at all year levels (Prep to Year 6) to be as independent as possible. If parents carry the students bags, unpack them for them and carry them home in the afternoon, this is not creating strong and resilient children.

The 15 minutes before school is vital teacher preparation time to interact with the children, so it is not a time for conversations about major concerns, rather time for a quick greeting or explanation. It is not appropriate to dominate the teacher’s attention at 8:50am as from this time onwards and after the bell has gone; this is the precious time of all children in the class with their teacher’s full attention. If you bring your child to the class late after signing them in whether you have attended an appointment or just running late, please drop them quickly and leave promptly as a long explanation after the lesson time has started places the teacher in a difficult position as they do not wish to be disrespectful, but it is disruptive to the whole class’s start to the day. The children in the class do not need to know the reasons why another child is late and unfortunately sometimes hear unnecessary private medical and family information. As you can appreciate such an interruption always requires the class to be refocused and for instructions to be repeated to include the late arrival as far as practical.

Late students must be signed in by their parents at the front office without exception. They will be given a red ‘Late Pass’ to take to class to let the

classroom teacher know that the parent has signed them into school. The class roll must record that a child is late as all roles are marked first thing in the morning. If a serious matter has caused the delay or is causing a delay each day please do not hesitate to ask to see me and/or Mrs Ann Muller our P.W.O (Primary Welfare Officer). We will do our best to assist or engage services that can assist.

Assembly Date

Our first formal school assembly for Term 2 will be held on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 due to Anzac Day public holiday being on the previous Wednesday 25th April, 2018. All parents are welcome to attend.


Mrs Baird will be Acting Assistant Principal for Term 2 and Term 3 (when the Assistant Principal position is advertised). We are unable to advertise the Assistant Principal position until Term 3 when Mr Beer officially retires.

Mrs Dilek Colak, an experienced teacher, will fill Mrs Baird’s classroom position for Terms 2 and 3. Mrs Colak has done quite a bit of relief work at our school, has children at our school and is a member of the Irymple community so is a wonderful asset to our teaching team.

Years 6 to 7 Open Nights

Each of the Secondary Schools is trialling an ‘Open Evening for Prospective Year 7 Students’ to showcase what their school offers in their Year 7 to 10 Program. They are have finalised the dates and information session dates were sent home last term. If any Year 6 parents did not receive the note please ask your child to get a replacement copy from their teacher. They will all be on a different evening to allow for parents and students to look at several schools if they wish. We encourage parents to take advantage of this offer by the Secondary Schools in our vicinity. Some Year 5 parents avail themselves of the process so that they have time to think about Secondary questions when the real time comes up.

Emergency Contact Details

We often get parents who move over the holiday period or have changing family circumstances and there is a need to advise us promptly of address and phone number changes. There is often little time in an emergency and having to ring several people to locate a parent or carer can take more than 20 minutes. It also allows parents to make decisions in the event of an emergency and for us to provide updates, if an ambulance is required. It is a legal requirement that we have emergency contact details for all students.

Easter Raffle – thank you

Thank you again for all the wonderful donations and for the assistance of the Parents’ Club as we clearly had the biggest lot of donations ever and they were of exceptional quality. We sincerely thank all the parents for their donations of items and for the purchase of tickets in the draw.

ANZAC Day Service

We would like to extend a warm invitation to all families and friends to come to our School ANZAC Ceremony on 24th April at 10.00am under the shade sails. The service will go for approximately one hour. A local RSL representative will be attending and all classes will lay a wreath. Parents are welcome to involve relatives and friends in the service.

Canteen will be selling cups of tea and coffee along with some homemade ANZAC biscuits.

Easter Raffle

Thank you for all the fantastic Easter donations that allowed for such a diverse range of prizes to be awarded tomorrow at Assembly. It shows that when everyone contributes a small amount, that we can achieve a terrific outcome in terms of a fundraising total and variety of prizes. Well done to all the families that supported the Parents’ Club on this occasion and congratulations to all the prize winners!

Secretary of Education and Deputy Secretaries visit our school with locally based Education leaders

Last Friday we hosted Gill Callister (Secretary of Education in Victoria), Sue Butler (Assistant Deputy Secretary in Victoria – Regional Services), Katy Haire ( Deputy Secretary – Early Childhood Education and Schools) for a visit to our school along with Mrs Jane Maine (Area Director of Education for the Mallee and Andrew Ough (Senior Education Improvement Leader for the North West Region).

The visitors had a tour of our school and a meeting with Mrs Baird (Leading Teacher of Curriculum/Learning Specialist) to discuss the Curriculum areas of our school that have been the subject of our key work in recent years. These discussions included elaborations on our ‘Peer Support Program’, ‘Stronger Smarter’ teacher training, our ‘Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships training (particularly our Lead School role) and the Berry Street Educational Model that we will complete teacher training of later this year.

We also spoke briefly, on what we see as successful transition for children from the 4-year-old Kindergarten facilities to school. DET are currently looking at ideas and new information to support Kindergartens to reduce the barriers for children who may go on to experience obstacles to learning early in their school life due to such things as changing family circumstances, accessing quality health checks/assessments (for eye sight, hearing, speech and language), disability or learning difficulties.

Our School’s Captains - Morgan Anderson and Kacey Butler, also met the visitors. Alongside Mr Beer, they met the guests at the door, proceeded to assist with the school tour, and answered many questions posed by the visitors.

We have had some specific feedback from the visitors and they wished us to pass on their positive impression of our high performing school which has high expectations for all staff, parents and children. This is something that we strive towards each day and clearly made possible with the excellent parent support that we get.

Canteen - Thank you

Thank you to all the new and past parents that have assisted in the Canteen over the term. Any support, however small, is appreciated by Sue our Canteen Manager and the whole school population. It can also be another nice social occasion for parents as well and a good opportunity to meet new people. It is a positive work place and Sue is a very friendly and competent manager. We especially ask that personal school conversations about staff and other students and individual school concerns about staff and other students are not discussed at any time in the Canteen. It would never be appropriate for Sue to be placed in a compromised position as an employee of the school. It could also lead to other parent helpers feeling under pressure to have an opinion one way or another on any give topic and that is not something that we would wish to ever occur.

Thank you also to the Year 6 students who have assisted in the Canteen over the term. We are thrilled with the support Sue has given them around customer service, money control and food handling. This is another opportunity to develop good leadership skills in our senior students.

Camps and Excursions to Come

Please look out for the notes for the following out of school camps as preparations are well underway:

  • Swan Hill Camp
  • Roses Gap Camp
  • Lake Cullulleraine
  • Melbourne

It is important that numbers of definite attenders is received as soon as the first note is due for return. We have to budget exactly for each Camp and if children do not return notes or pull out late in the organisation it is difficult to cover the cost of the event. CSEF recipients should check with the office to see what money they have available to put towards the camp as some may have residual funds left over from 2017.

They are very well planned and enjoyable camps and we want as many children to participate as possible. Some Camp Payment Booklets will be available or BPay can be used for payments prior to the excursion.

School Council AGM last week

Congratulations to the New School Council Office Bearers for 2018;

President – Warren Lloyd

Vice President – Aaron Oldham

Minute Secretary – Robert Thompson

Term 2

Term 2 is a big term for all schools with such things as:

  • NAPLAN testing,
  • The Parent Opinion survey,
  • The Student Opinion Survey
  • ICAS Testing
  • Parent Reporting Conversations
  • Formal end of Semester Reports and
  • Interschool sports

STOMP Concert last Friday

Thank you to Mrs Birch for organising the event for our school. It was a polished performance from all the students who participated. It was attended by a high parent audience and we are very grateful for their support.

Happy Easter and Holiday wishes

We wish all families a Happy Easter and hope they have an enjoyable time with their children over the break. We return to school on Monday 16th April to begin Term 2. Thank you to all staff for their dedicated work over the term. Thank you to all the children for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Farewell Mr Beer

Farewell Mr Beer ! We hope you have a wonderful retirement filled with good health, happiness and adventures that will be worthy of sending us an update from time to time!

Take care and thank you for your teaching, friendship, leadership and many contributions – too numerous to mention to this school for the past 17 years.