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19th-23rd November

Gr 6 Melbourne camp

21st November

2019 Prep Orientation morning (9:30-12:30)

Assembly 2:30pm

28th November

2019 Prep Orientation morning (9:30-12:30)

3rd - 7th December

Grade 5 Cullulleraine Camp

11th December (Tuesday)

School Concert 6:00 PM

125th Year Open Day

Last Friday we would have had over 200 people look through the school and the photos in the General Purpose room. There were many very proud past teachers and students and their parents with so many stories to tell. Many took snapshots of our photographs and have sent these on to their friends.

It was such a pleasure to see our Year 6 leaders take people around the school all day and some remained until 6:00 PM to assist with tours. The positive reports of their tours was indicative of the good work the children do in their leadership roles.

A special thank you to Mrs Baird, Mrs Muller and Mrs Humphrey for their huge amount of time that they put in to the preparation for our Open Day and on the day itself. They had assistance from a number of staff who had any spare time during the set up day and actual day.

Thank you to Mrs Dea and Mrs Humphrey who remained in the office till late on Friday.

Also a thank you to Sue Rogers, Nerissa Giddings, Stacey Ablett-Wishart, Carolyn Bateman and others who assisted in the canteen for the duration of Friday and once again till late. The selection of slices and biscuits for our guests was a special addition to the day. Thank you also to Adrian Baird, John and Fiona Carra, Nerrisa Giddings, Rita Valentich, Sasha McClure, and Narissa Spain for cooking and serving the BBQ items.

Bunnings BBQ

Thank you to all the parents listed below that gave up their time to assist with the BBQ on Saturday on behalf of all parents. Once again they cleared over a thousand dollars. A mighty effort by everyone and so very much appreciated on behalf of all our students. After costs were taken out the total was $1,006.81. Many thanks again to the following parents - Maria-Louise Wilmore, Matthew Baker, Ben Stevenson, Matt Leslie, Geraldine Stewart, Brad & Desri Hollis, Joyce Schwarzbauer, Stam Panaretos, Rita Valentich, Narissa, Evan & Abbey Spain, Sasha, Mitch and Charlee McClure.

Melbourne Camp Next Week

We wish all the Year 6 students the very best for their week in Melbourne. Many hours of preparation are required for such a big camp with 5 days of activities, food, safety and accommodation to consider. The children have worked to have the privilege to attend and we know they will make us proud as always.

State Literacy Strategy Training

Today Mrs Baird and Miss Melsen will have completed 5 days of Intensive Literacy Training in the main areas of:

  • Reading,
  • The Reader’s Notebook,
  • Writing,
  • The Writer’s Notebook,
  • Vocabulary,
  • Speaking and Listening,
  • Substantive Talk and
  • Professional Learning Co-ordination

From this work they will, alongside the remainder of the leadership team pass on the professional learning to all members of staff in 2019.

Snake Alert

Another brown snake was seen last Thursday at school near the pick- up area. Snakes are very active and alert at this time of the year and we ask all students to take care at and around the school as we always have several visitors. Please talk to your children about moving away and getting a teacher on duty if they should see a snake at school.

Concert Plans Underway

Teachers will send home a brief note indicating if any particular items that are required for this year’s concert.

Parents’ Club Raffle

Keep in mind some saving of change for the Parents’ Club Christmas raffles to be drawn on our Concert night. They are always a sought after item and raise much needed funds for the Parents’ Club.

T20 Cricket

Well done to all our students who played in the T20 Blast competition on Wednesday. We had two boys teams and two girls teams who all experienced success on the day. Our Girl’s 2 team played off in the grand final and lost a close game. All our students played in great spirits and did an excellent job representing Irymple Primary School at the event.


Existing families are encouraged to enrol their Prep children this week as we received several names from the kinder who have stated that they are coming to Irymple Primary, but are yet to hand in their child’s enrolment form. All enrolment forms must be accompanied by a ‘Birth Certificate and an Immunization Record’.

2019 School Requisite Payments

The Department of Education has clear guidelines as to what parents can be asked to pay for to support their child in education. In accordance with DET guidelines we are advising parents in advance of the payments due in 2019 and suggest that all parents avail themselves of the information on our website and the information on the explanatory note for 2019 School Requisite Payments. In 2019 parents will notify us of their preferred method of payment so that they can negotiate a payment plan that best suits the family circumstances. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me in person or to call into the office and speak to Mrs Dea, our Business Manager.

Victorian Department of Education Excellence Wards.

On Friday night in Melbourne Mrs Muller, Mrs Baird, Mrs Midgley and I were present to represent our whole staff to be presented with a finalist award in the State Education Excellence Awards in the category ‘Excellence in Inclusive Education Practices’ on behalf of Irymple Primary school.

Prep Information Evening

Thank you to Ms Chislett and Mrs Floramo for preparing and presenting the Prep Information Evening last Wednesday and for co-ordinating the transition process for 2018 in readiness for our new Preps in 2019.

Thank you also to Mrs Baird, Mrs Birch and Ms Melsen for assisting on the night and with babysitting, so that the parents could attend the session. It is always so nice to see the new and returning parents feeling the excitement of sending another one of their children to school. Two of our current Prep children, Domenico and Hannah, came in dressed in their school uniform to talk about their Prep experience in 2018. Each student certainly did themselves, their teachers and their parents proud. We thank their parents for bringing them along to the night.

125th Birthday Open Day

Next Friday 9th November we are having an open day from 9:30am - 6:pm to celebrate our 125th Birthday. Former staff, family and students are invited to come along to have a look through our school. There will be a display of past photos and memorabilia in the GP room. For a gold coin donation you can have a tea or coffee throughout the day and Parents’ Club will have a sausage sizzle from 4:00pm - 6pm. All funds raised from gold coin donations will be put towards new play equipment for the students.

Special Requests Information for 2019 Preps

Whilst the placement of new students may seem like an easy process the placement of Prep students into classes are based on such factors as:

  • A spread of boys and girls as equal as possible.
  • A spread of general abilities
  • Transition recommendations from each Kindergarten or Long Day Care Centres

Spreading observable skills such as:

  • Ability to write their own name without assistance
  • Pencil grip
  • Sitting ability
  • Attention to instructions
  • Ability to manage their food and clothing
  • Drawing ability
  • Academic potential e.g. any evidence of counting, reading or writing
  • Ability to ask to go to the toilet.
  • Ability to separate from parents
  • Ability to make eye contact and interact with other children and teachers

Children come to our school from at least four or more Kindergartens each year and the children who are the only one or two from some Kindergartens do just as well settling in as those that have often been together for three and four year old kindergarten groups. Being able to mix with new faces and make new friends is a lifelong experience. We do not anticipate any children at this stage having any difficulties with the transition process. In addition to this we have a very high number of children starting in 2019 that have older siblings at school and are already familiar with the school and the teachers they see when they visit. The Prep teachers plan together so the program for each classroom is the same.

Enrolment Numbers for 2019

We will have at this point in time plans for two Prep classes. This is an ideal number for Prep classes and gives the best possible opportunity for learning and socialisation that could be offered in any school in the Mildura area. If you know of anyone still to enrol please remind them to collect an enrolment form immediately as class numbers need to be finalised as a matter of urgency.

Use of School Netbooks

We monitor the school computers and are able to look up browsing history and all emails sent as they are all meant to be of an educational nature and suitable for staff and parents to read. Students with a school Netbook have signed an agreement that it will only be used in the appropriate way for educational purposes. Most students do the right thing all the time and make our Netbook program one of the best in the State of Victoria.

Monitoring the Use of the Internet in the Bedroom

Education and child safety experts recommend your child doesn't use the internet in their bedroom. Former Victorian police officer and cyber-safety consultant Susan McLean says the internet can give the bully direct access to your child's bedroom; "the one place that they should be safe".

However, if for some reason the only place your child can study and access the computer is their bedroom, consider options such as:

  • Leave the bedroom door open, with agreed random visits by parents
  • Create a technology curfew. Disable the computer, and remove the mobile phone from the bedroom at a certain time each night.

Lack of Sleep Can Be a Nightmare for the Whole Family

Another compelling reason to make your child's bedroom technology-free is to allow adequate rest. Jennifer Hudson, a professor of psychology at Macquarie University, says, "As soon as adolescents start to take an extra half-hour off their sleep to check their emails in bed, or just texting someone (and that's often happening throughout the night), that can lead to an accumulated sleep debt for the week," Dr Hudson says.

"We know when kids don't get enough sleep that impacts on their mental health, their functioning at school and their relationships."



Please let us know if you are having any difficulties with providing a school uniform for your child/ren. We have a number of options available to us and a small range of second hand items if needed. Our Parents’ Club provides a quality uniform at a very reasonable price and the majority of our students wear it with such pride each day. A price list is available on a yellow form at the Front Office. Week after week you can walk into rooms and see every class member in full school uniform. Such parent support is an indication of how valued our comfortable and smart uniform is.

New and Departing Students

If you know of any new students who have not yet enrolled please remind them to finalise their details as the transition process is well underway. Also if you are leaving the area and relocating please let us know if you have not already done so. This helps us enormously with class placements and student numbers in each class if we have as much information as possible.

Parent Opinion Survey

We have received our Parent Opinion Survey summary results and overall they are well in line with like schools and other State schools in 2018. We are delighted with the number and nature of complementary parent comments. We thank everyone who contributed so positively to the survey and for providing us with some terrific suggestions for school improvement and community engagement. We are grateful for several suggestions and we are in the process of allocating budget money in the forward planner to them. One item mentioned by many is the need for more junior play equipment. We are well underway to getting quotes and making a decision before the end of the year. Play equipment in schools requires at least three quotes as the cost is in excess of $20,000.00. It also has to meet strict compliance issues to be suitable for a school. Another area mentioned is our school toilets. For these to be upgraded they have to be nominated by DET in their capital works update. At this point they are seen as being in too good of condition to be rebuilt or updated. We have however renewed seats and locks on toilets to improve this area slightly. We share your frustration on behalf of the students.

Water Bottles

All students are to have their own drink bottle filled, ready for school each day. Many of the students bring a water bottle that has been partly frozen each day and add water as they need to. All water bottles need to be washed and filled each day.

School Requisite Payment REMINDER

We still have nearly half of parents that have yet to pay their requisite payments for 2018. If you have overlooked this (which is easy with the business of work and school) please pay at your earliest convenience. Your child/children have been using the equipment and learning facilities all year and it would be greatly appreciated if obligations could be fulfilled. If we do not have a high level of payment it means that pressure is put on the entire school budget and money that should have come in via requisite payments has to be replaced with school money allocated to providing other vital school resources.

Prep Information Night

Thank you to all the staff that assisted on the evening. It was lovely to see all our new families getting the background information ready for their child’s start to school in 2019. We had two Prep students (Domenico Marciano and Hanna Chapman) present to the parents and it was such a pleasure to see them talk about their year. We look forward to having our 2019 Preps coming soon for their first orientation day.

Mini Show Thank You

Congratulations to all the children that contributed to our Mini Show. The wide selection of entries was excellent. Thank you to Ms Melsen and Ms Scholz for organising the event this year. Thank you to all the staff that assisted and all the parents that assisted their children with the participation.

Transition Meeting Hosted at Irymple Primary School

On Wednesday afternoon we hosted a meeting for Special Needs co-coordinators in local schools. A Secondary and Primary perspective was shared and Mrs Denise Connors from DET talked about the formal process for children with additional needs. It was a pleasure to host other schools at our school and to conduct such a valuable and rich conversation.