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1st to 5th June

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6th June

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11th June

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26th June

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Walking to School

It is pleasing to see so many children walking to and from school or at least walking some of the way. The cooler weather makes this an easy thing to be doing.

Sunsmart Update

No hats are required Term 2 and Term 3 under the Sunsmart Accreditation for Schools Guidelines. This allows for sun exposure and maintenance of healthy Vitamin D levels over winter. If you wish your child to wear a hat we are fully Ok with this as well.

Pre-School to Prep Transition

Over the past few years as Mildura has grown the school zones or boundaries have changed to accommodate this growth. One only has to look around the school boundaries for examples of this growth. The houses are closing in quickly and the outlook for our school numbers is likely to be very positive.

This has left some parents wondering which school is their neighbourhood school. It is possible that some prospective parents are unsure as to what to do – or who to ask about it. If you come across an undecided parent ask them to ring the school and we can assist them with their inquiries. All schools have up- to- date zoning maps and are more than happy to assist with inquiries. Some private schools have commenced Prep enrolments for 2019, but State School enrolments as previously advised commence now - during May so inquiries are always welcome from this time. Whilst every school needs firm numbers for Prep enrolments as early as possible after this date, all schools expect to have some new students and students from parents who change their minds over the Christmas holidays. If you know of any prospective Prep students please refer them to me and I am more than happy to speak with them personally. If you know someone who needs an information package, please refer them to the front office.

We have already had our Prep ‘Open Morning’ to enable prospective parents and children to have a look around the school. It was lovely to meet the new families and to show them all of our classrooms in operation on the day. Our current students were very welcoming.

NAPLAN testing for 2018 has been completed this week.

National Literacy and Numeracy testing took place this past week across Australia. Thanks to the sound preparation and general classroom teaching the students were give every chance to do their best. It is just a snapshot in time and gives some valuable information to work on in our planning teams. Results are not delivered to the school or parents until late July/Early August this year. This year’s question asked the students to write to persuade another person that one thing was better than another or the reverse. Example included:

Question from the NAPLAN Writing paper.


Write a persuasive text about an idea that would improve your classroom school or community.

Give reasons why it is a good idea by explaining how it might be useful and what its benefits are.”

Early Bus Protocols

A number of our students catch the early bus to Irymple Secondary College and change buses or meet their siblings and parent/s and continue their journey home. Recently the high school has reported that some students are moving away from the designated area or causing unnecessary disruptions. They are required t stay in the bus shelter area. We would like to remind bus travellers that the same rules that apply at school apply while in transit on a bus or waiting to change buses. The schools and bus companies can both stop a student from using the bus or buses if behaviour endangers them, endangers others or damages public or school property. We liaise regularly with the high school and neither school will tolerate the behaviour that has been evident from a few students this year. The majority of students do the right thing all the time but we do not want one or two students to ruin the travel comfort of other students or to cause the staff at Irymple Secondary College to have to speak to any student regarding any inappropriate conduct. This week several students were seen to be interfering with a Fire Hydrant and this is totally unacceptable. Such actions can attract a school suspension and a possible warning for travelling on school buses.

Pie Drive

Pie Drive notes and order forms went home this week and we look forward to it being a great winter fund raiser for the Parent’s Club. I know I will be ordering a few for myself.

Lost Property

Please remind your child to check the area outside the library as once again there are a few unclaimed items and unfortunately without names so hard to track down the rightful owner. Once lunch boxes and drink items have been left for some time we dispose of them for health reasons. Nothing with a name on it will be thrown out at any time. With the colder mornings there are always an increased number of misplaced items.

NAPLAN testing in Week 5 (15th, 16th and 17th May, 2018)

It is important with the testing going on for Years 3 and 5 children that a few small things can go a long way to assist them. With the children having to concentrate for long uninterrupted periods of time, we recommend that they have a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast and have plenty of time before school to play and go to the toilet on the testing days. The best thing is to look at it as another school day with a purpose slightly different to normal days. The children have been well prepared and they only have to know what they have been taught previously. Tell them if they are concerned, to relax and enjoy showing what they can do. They can only do their best and that is all anyone can ask. If your child will be away please let the classroom teacher know. It is important that all children are on time and have a full drink bottle to use during the testing.

Update of Telephone and all Medical Records

Please advise us of any telephone or address changes that may have occurred over the term break. It is also important to notify if your child/ren has/have had any changes to his/her medical records. The updated and signed records need to be returned to the school as soon as possible.

Scooter Rack

When leaving scooters in the rack it is important that they be straight and not left in a manner that others can trip over them.

Head Lice Checks

We ask that all parents check their child’s hair at least every two weeks in order to keep ‘Head Lice’ under complete control in our school. Early detection and treatment by everyone is the best way to ensure that minimal issues occur. It is a health issue that never completely goes away in the population so vigilance is the key.

When a parent notifies us or we detect a case we always send a letter home that day to inform all children in that class. This allows for a quick check of the children who have been in the closest proximity. Coming into winter there is a population spike in head lice, so we thought it timely to do a quick reminder.

Prep Open Morning on Tuesday

We had a warm and friendly open morning on Tuesday where some of our new Preps for 2019 came along to have a school tour. It included a walk through all classrooms and a chance to see Prep classes doing their normal program. Some people were unable to make the day and have arranged for a personal tour at a later date. If anyone knows of any prospective Preps for 2019 please encourage them to come and collect an information pack and to have a look around the school and speak to the staff. We are happy to have visitors any day to view our school in operation and that is reassuring to new families who know that nothing then is especially prepared - it is just a normal day at school and something we are all immensely proud of.

Star Lab

This week students had the opportunity to participate in an interactive show which was in a mobile Planetarium that visited our school. This gave them an insight into space, constellations, day and night, astronauts, planets etc.

Age appropriate information was presented to the students and at the end of the show they had the opportunity to ask questions. This performance was part of our Science program with our Grade 3-4 students currently working on a Space topic. Presenters Lyn and Peter commented on how well behaved our students were which is a credit to our school. Feedback from students and teachers was positive with students enjoying the experience immensely.