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Welcome to the Indian River Central School District Technology site. The Technical Services and Instructional Technology departments are committed to successful integration of technology into all phases of the educational process to enhance teaching and empower learning.
The 2019-2020 academic year may have come to an end, but the IRCSD Technology department continues to work diligently to address the challenges and uncertainty that the new school year will bring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter whether we return to on-site instruction in the fall, continue remote learning, or engage in a hybrid approach, rest assured the Technology department is standing by to offer support and ensure that our students receive the best instructional experience available during these troubled times.
Tech Tuesday Newsletter 2020-2021


The main Technology office, where our Help Desk, Tech Coordinator, Network Administrators, and upper-level technicians are headquartered, is at the High School. We have a satellite office for our three Instructional Technology Specialists at the Middle School. Each school in the district is also serviced by a dedicated or shared Computer Systems Operator.


Technology Coordinator:Tom Turgeon
Network Administrators:Shelly SiebelsChristopher Forte
Microcomputer Technicians:Justin Crandall Danielle Mitchell
Microcomputer Repair Technician:Sheree Cook
Instructional Technology Specialists:Cheryl Smith Jeff Wekar Paul Hughes
Help Desk Operator:Michelle Titus
Computer Systems Operators:Lionel BatuyongShawn Graham Amber HuttCrystal LaClair

Technology Department, Indian River Central School District

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