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Tech Toolkit for Teachers

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The IRCSD Tech Toolkit for Teachers is designed to provide our educators with a guide for creating online classrooms using a variety of resources available to IRCSD. With WarriorNET, ParentSquare, Google Classroom, and Google Meet, teachers can maintain the daily flow of class activities and assignments during at-home instruction days. Students can participate in class activities from devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, or Chromebooks in a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous activities.

This site will be updated often as new resources and tools become available. Please check periodically for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is WarriorNET, and how can it be used for external access?

A: WarriorNET is our District's implementation of the Classlink Single Sign-On solution. A single sign-on (SSO) is a user authentication service that allows users to use one set of login credentials (username/password) to access multiple applications. By signing in to WarriorNET, our students and faculty can have access to a variety of applications used by our District without having to sign in to each of those applications individually.

While at home or away from the District, students and faculty can always access WarriorNET from at and sign in to utilize the same applications used while at school.

Q. Why can't my students sign in with the Google button on WarriorNET?

A. The student may not be signed in to Google Chrome, or their account has not yet been set up to utilize the Google button. Click here for a student tutorial for signing in to WarriorNET.

Q. Where can I go for help with any additional questions I may have about Google Classroom or Google Meet?

A. Google offers a wealth of documentation and support materials at the following links: Google Classroom and Google Meet (Hangouts). In addition, Google has recently created a series of "First Day" welcome guides as a direct response to current events.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of participants who can view a Google Meet session at the same time?

A. There is usually a limit, but Google is offering free access to their advanced capabilities (including higher participant numbers) at this time. More information about these updates is available here.

How do I view my class roster when we are not in session?

How do I email all of my students or all of their parents at once?

Why are parents asked to sign in to Google to view my Google Site?

This occurs most often when the share permissions for your Google Site are set to "Anyone at Indian River Central School District can find and view". This means that only people signed in to accounts can view your site. To adjust the share permissions for your site, please refer to this tutorial video: Google Sites Permission Adjustment Tutorial

How do I record a Google Meet?

We have recently enabled the ability to record Google Meet sessions for our faculty and staff. To access a tutorial video on how to record your Meets, please view this video: Google Meet Recording Tutorial

How do I get my Google Meet session to appear in a Grid view (like Zoom)?

Tyler Brown located a Chrome Extension that adds this functionality to Google Meet, and Vicki McCullouch wrote up a handy tutorial for using it: Google Meet with Grid Extension

How do I set up student or parent email groups in Gmail?

To use Google Contacts and Gmail to set up email groups for your students or parents, please watch this tutorial: How to Set Up Email Groups in Gmail.

How do I connect to my home Wifi with my IRCSD Windows 10 device?

How do I enable or disable WiFi on my IRCSD Windows 10 device?

Click here for directions for how to enable/disable WiFi using keystrokes on your IRCSC laptop:

How do I submit a website link or YouTube video for unblocking?

If you or your students are experiencing blocked sites or YouTube videos, there is a new procedure for determining if that resource can be unblocked.

Teachers can go to, enter the URL (link) of the site or video, and will know instantly how it's classified. If the Category is "Unknown", they can submit the request to have it re-categorized. If Lightspeed approves it, the site or video will then be accessible to students. If they deny the request or the Category shows "Mature", we can then add it to our Custom Allow List if there is sufficient justification. The user who submits the request will receive an email update.