Indian River CSD

Online Classroom Toolkit for Students and Families

To the degree possible, we will create and share opportunities for the retention of key academic skills and provide enrichment for students.

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This site is designed to provide our students and their families with a step-by-step guide to utilize online resources available to IRCSD during this unprecedented closure. With WarriorNET, Google Classroom, and Google Meet, students can maintain the daily flow of class activities and assignments. Students can participate in class activities from devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, or Chromebooks in a hybrid model combining live and recorded elements.

Our School District is prepared to ensure that learning experiences are available to our students in and out of the school setting, with direct focus on the retention of existing skills and opportunities for at-home enrichment.

In addition to traditional examples of learning activities that include take-home books, texts, and supplemental instructional materials and pre-prepared packets, projects, and extended/family-learning opportunities, this Toolkit will better prepare students to utilize online digital resources through existing programs as well as expanded opportunities, created or shared by instructional staff and learning resource banks shared through the District website or direct contact from teachers.

Given the great uncertainty of access to hands-on materials and technology outside of school during a crisis, it is not expected that any out-of-school instruction will fully replicate traditional teaching/learning opportunities. Even so, IRCSD will strive to provide opportunities for educational experiences, even when away from school.

Student Expectations: Students will engage with traditional paper and/or digital materials to the degree possible in their own setting. Reading, good communication, and problem-solving should be a regular part of a student’s daily routine.

Staff Expectations: IRCSD Instructional Staff will create, share, and to the degree possible, manage opportunities for student/class skill development and enrichment. Reasonable flexibility will be provided with both the type of content shared and the accountability of student involvement/engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is WarriorNET, and how can it be used for external access?

A: WarriorNET is our District's implementation of the Classlink Single Sign-On solution. A single sign-on (SSO) is a user authentication service that allows users to use one set of login credentials (username/password) to access multiple applications. By signing in to WarriorNET, our students and faculty can have access to a variety of applications used by our District without having to sign in to each of those applications individually.

While at home or away from the District, students and faculty can always access WarriorNET from at and sign in to utilize the same applications used while at school.

Q. Why can't I sign in with the Google button on WarriorNET?

A. You may not be signed in to Google Chrome, or your account has not yet been set up to utilize the Google button. Click here for a student tutorial for signing in to WarriorNET.

Q. Where can I go for help with any additional questions I may have about Google Classroom or Google Meet?

A. Google offers a wealth of documentation and support materials at the following links: Google Classroom and Google Meet (Hangouts). In addition, Google has recently created a series of "First Day" welcome guides as a direct response to current events.