FirstView Bus Tracking

Indian River Central School District is pleased to announce that you are now able to track your child's bus on the way to and from the bus stop and opt in to notifications about delays.

What is FirstView?

FirstView is an app (downloadable from the Apple app store or Google Play store) that allows you to track your student's bus and receive alerts when the bus is running behind schedule.

What does FirstView do?

The FirstView app offers notifications when the bus is running significantly ahead of or behind schedule. Please keep in mind that FirstView tracks the bus, not your individual child.

How does FirstView work?

FirstView relies on GPS tracking on each bus. The app works with your student's regularly scheduled bus route. This does not include bus passes, field trips, BOCES, or extra curricular bus trips.

How accurate is the tracking?

The app updates with data from the busses every 30 seconds. Users have reported that the stop time can be off by a minute or two, but that it is usually consistent. Keep in mind the IR School District encompasses 284 square miles. You may find that there are areas where the GPS does not work. The tracking is only as good as the networks are. Please continue to be at your bus stop 10 minutes before the originally scheduled time.

What if I transport my student to school?

If indicated at the beginning of the year that you will be transporting your student(s) to school and you student has not ridden a bus this year, they do not have a bus assigned to them in our system and you will not have a FirstView student code in your SchoolTool parent portal.

Who can track my student's bus?

When you add a student to your app, you will be prompted for your child's student ID (a 9 digit number starting with 580) and security code. You can find both pieces of information in SchoolTool.

What about weather delays?

The system pulls data for route information on a regular schedule. As weather delays happen with little notice, scheduled times will likely not be accurate on days when the weather impacts our busses.

What if I have problems?

If you have an emergency issue involving your student, please call the IRCSD Transportation Department at (315) 642-0331 or First Student (315) 642-3242.

For app related issues (including timing/notification issues), please contact FirstView's dedicated customer service team:

  • Contact FirstView® Monday – Friday (Support provided in English only) by:

    • Calling the toll-free phone number 888-889-8920 from 7:00 a.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST

    • Emailing Customer Support at

    • Using the in-app “✉” button to provide feedback