IndiAn river presents:

THE 1 Million Pennies Project


Unite the entire district and community while providing an opportunity for educational enrichment K-12 through the collection of 1 million pennies.

Current Penny Count: 1,136,908

In the box: 999,989 *We are waiting for our return to add the millionth penny!

We can't thank the students, faculty, and community enough for helping this project be a success! We have exceeded our goal of 1 Million Pennies and we can't wait for us to return for everyone to see it. We plan on live streaming the last remaining 11 pennies being placed into the box when we return! We will provide a link so you can watch us officially reach the goal!

We will also be displaying the following amounts separately:

1 penny

10 pennies

100 pennies

1,000 pennies

10,0000 pennies

100,000 pennies

1 Million Pennies Success.mp4
Update 2/13 Done.mp4
Penny Video Final w Boost.mp4