New Students

How to Set Up Your Learning Coach OLS Account from the Registration Email


Learning Coach Accounts (Public and Private):
The Learning Coach (LC) will receive an email from titled: Welcome Setup Your K12 School Accounts. This email contains instructions to create the OLS LC Account. If you don't get the email within 24-48 hours after your first student’s registration has been approved, please check your SPAM folder.

Note: Best practice is to copy/paste the Registration ID into the Account Setup page. If manually entering the ID, be sure to enter all capital letters and a series of letters followed by a number.

Note: You can select the system's auto-generated username or create your own. For a self-created username, adhere to these guidelines:

Note: Be sure to select a Security Question and provide the corresponding Security Question Answer. Opt for a question-answer pair that is both memorable and known only to you. Note that teachers, school administration, and K12 Customer Support may request the Security Question to verify your identity.

A Confirmation page will be displayed letting you know that the LC account has been created.

6. Check your email to verify the account.

From the Confirmation page, you may sign up for a student account by clicking the Sign Up Student Accounts button.

Click here for the Student Online School Account Setup Process