Second Grade

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Let Your Colors Run – Spirit Week

Next week, leading up to the Color Run (October 2-6), each day will have a color theme! Students are invited to wear their colors or their May Watts t-shirts each day! Get creative and have fun participating in the suggested challenges as we prepare for our big event!

Monday: Are you “READY” to run?! Wear red and do some stretches with friends at recess to get ready for the run!

Tuesday: Go “GREEN”! Wear green and bring reusable lunch containers for snack and lunch, instead of paper or plastic baggies that wind up in the trash!

Wednesday: Chase away the “BLUES”! Wear blue and make it your goal to find someone who looks sad and cheer them up!

Thursday: “ORANGE” you excited?! Wear orange and see if you can convince mom or dad to walk /run around the block or neighborhood with you to prepare for the race!

Friday: “COLOR THE SCHOOL”! Wear as many colors as you can, tye-dyed, mismatched, rainbow, it’s all good, just show off those colors, and get ready for tomorrow’s big run!