Neuqua Student Technology Resources

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did." - Sarah Caldwell

Logins and Passwords

If a student is in school, they should visit the LMC or their Class House with their ID to recover their password. Passwords will not be shared over the phone or through email for security purposes.

If a student is not in school and they do not know their password they can reset their password at home using the instructions on this IPSD Support Center Page.

Neuqua staff cannot change student passwords, but if a student knows their existing password they can change the password through on SSO following these instructions.

Chromebook Printing

The LMC printers are available for students to print from their Chromebooks. If you need to print documents using your Chromebook on a district printer, follow the steps on this LMC page.

Technology Help and Support

District Technology Resources

Visit the Technology Services Home Page to access support, resources, and downloads.

Login and Password Help

Visit the IPSD Support Center - Password Resets to learn how to reset a district password. If students are unable to reset a password using the reset password information in the IPSD Support Center, students or a parent / guardian can email the IPSD Technology Services Department for additional help:

Chromebook Support

If students need help with Chromebooks, this Chromebook Troubleshooting Page is the place to start. Students can also explore the How to Chromebook Resource Website for additional resources and tips connected to using a Chromebook.

IPSD Technology Services Support Center

If you have a question about your technology or need additional help with your Chromebook, please visit the Library Media Center when school is open or submit a request on the IPSD Online Support Center Page from home.

Chromebook Troubleshooting 101

1. Sign out and sign in - If you are on the login screen, click on the Sign out button on the bottom left. If you are already signed in, click on the status bar and then click on sign out. Then sign back in using your school Google account.

2. Shut down and restart - Hold down the power button for more than 3 seconds or power down using the shot down button in the Chromebook status window. Restart.

3. Check the web filter login. Try to go in the Chrome Browser. If you are able to access the site then you have already been enabled by the District's required Lightspeed web filter. If the blue screen requesting login credentials appears sign in using your school credentials.

4. Remove users and add user again - Sometimes removing users from a Chromebook and then adding a user back onto the Chromebook can reset the Chromebook.

5. Update Chrome OS - A Chromebook automatically checks for updates, but it is also possible to check for and install updates manually.

6. Clear browsing data - Press the Ctrl + H key at the same time. This will open the history menu. Click on "Clear browsing data", choose what to clear, and clear the data. It is recommended that students check all three of the basic data options when clearing browsing data.

7. Collaborate with another student or teacher to find a solution.

8. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please bring your Chromebook to the LMC when school is in session for additional support. During remote learning, please "Submit a Support Request" on the IPSD Support Center Page to access additional help with a school issued Chromebook.

Google Essentials - Self Paced Online Tutorials

Learn how Chromebooks support learning experiences.

Learn how Google Classroom supports learning experiences.

Learn how Google Drive supports learning experiences.

Learn how Google Keep supports learning experiences.

Additional Chromebook and Google Resources

Develop and practice these collaboration and productivity skills using G Suite, a suite of collaboration tools that help students connect and create. Learn how to use G Suite to make life easier as a student. Lessons demonstrate how to simplify assignments, bring the fun back to group projects, and organize busy schedules.

Get essential digital training with free video lessons

A site that connects learners to different resources and tutorials connected G Suite for Education.

A site that connects learners to different resources and tutorials connected G Suite for Education.