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"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational" - George Couros

Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents and Families


By parents, for parents: A growing collection of short, clearly written guidebooks that demystify apps, services and platforms popular with kids and teens.

Family Online Safety Institute

The Family Online Safety Institute brings a unique, international perspective to the potential risks, harms as well as the rewards of our online lives.

Family Link by Google

Family Link can help you set certain ground rules about technology, but it’s up to you which apps and services your child can use.


Learn about digital citizenship, Internet safety, security, privacy, cyberbullying, sexting, reputation management and more so you can help kids embrace technology safely and wisely.

Family Resources - Safety Center - Google

Google and their partners have compiled a short list of helpful resources for getting to know the web.

A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

A guide for parents from Wizcase that includes resources to help prevent cyberbulling.

Indian Prairie School District's 1 to 1 Resources

Information and resources connected to the district's 1 to 1 plan.

Google Privacy and Security

This webpage explains Google's privacy and security commitments in plain language.

Chromebook Essentials Website

A site is designed to help teachers, parents, & students explore the essential characteristics of Chromebooks and the Chrome OS.

Google Essentials Website

A site that connects learners to different resources and tutorials connected G Suite for Education.